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  1. I wouldn't have been surprised if it was both. They live in that amber-hazed section of my brain reserved for the late 70's early 80's.
  2. It's OK. My rep is still intact... Had a PS4 for around 3 years now. Got it on a deal that could not be missed. It gets turned on for about 10 hours per year on average. Bought an Xbox One S about 6 months ago. Just for it's Plex player, which is one of the best, and has native 7.1 audio and 4k. All for less than a dedicated 4k player. And it's an Xbox I still only play games on my PC though
  3. I put around 10 hours into NMS on the PS4 around 18 months ago. It's how i know i cannot play it with a controller. It might have been Carl Sagan as well. But i've only ever heard that quote from Douglas Adams in HGTTG part 1.
  4. Never say never, but i don't think he intended coming back. I have him on Steam so will send him that message.
  5. That's really helpful. Thanks. Also very encouraging to read that flight won't need a dozen fingers. Newtonian is lovely-n-all, but not having it is never going to put me off a game. I have the game now, but need to get Outer Worlds done first. I have 2 weeks off over Christmas. If RDR2 isn't installed by then, NMS will be my sweetheart.
  6. So, with the Rift, it's only really effective when you don't need to hit too many different keys. With Elite Dangerous, the controls are so complex, that even with a controller, you still needed to occasionally hit keys, and the only way to do that was to lift up and look under the rift at your keyboard sometimes several times every minute - depending on the manoeuvre. So annoying after a while, i gave up. I hope control of NMS will be simpler, as Elite is basically a space flight sim.
  7. Up to level 21 and really enjoying it now. It is super easy, but i don't mind that too much. Ultra Hunting rifle is slow to reload, but 1-shots pretty much everything, and my companions make short work of everything else. Only died twice in the whole game. Once was stupidity and the other was too many tough mobs in one encounter. All done with no buffs, no companion abilities used, and not much min-maxxing on armour either. Still happy to continue in "Normal". Just hit Byzantium, which i'm told is the last major planet.
  8. Started playing this a few weeks ago. Developed by Obsidian Studios (Fallout 4 etc.) and it plays very much like a Fallout game. The humour is right there, and not too stale, and the play style is very similar to FO4. The biggest difference i would say is that the open world isn't open enough. From that point of view, it's more like the recent Tomb Raider games - a series of medium sized zones, that you play through. This makes it feel quite a lot more on rails than FO4. Still, if you're happy to be led through an interesting plot. then it might be for you. They've tried to do more with companions, but having played Far Cry 5, it's not a touch on how they interact, and the character interplay dialogue, as seen in the likes of DA:I. I will continue though. Playing on Normal right now, and it's very difficult to die.
  9. It's an on rails walking with narrative That seriously describes it best. I think i'm on the last, or almost the last baddie in the game. I put it down about 4 months ago and haven't picked it up again since. The games i OK. Very atmospheric, delivering the feel of living in medieval France much as i would imagine it. It lacks population and centres around putting you against set pieces/puzzles to work through. When you run out of other games, this would be a decent distraction for 10-20 hours play. YMWNV
  10. Decided to get Synthesis on PC. The game looks like it'd be up my street, but i can't face playing any game like this with a controller. So i'm giving up on the PS4 version. I look forward to comparing notes. I just need to finish Outer Worlds.
  11. There is more than one way to obtain DRM-free.
  12. They're great. Very "Mad Max".
  13. I already hate myself for making this mistake. It's true i'm usually the first to pick up on anyone else doing this. So i take the slight full in the face.
  14. Also, sort of sorry to hear this... You're missus is hot. Does this mean she's on the market? Too soon?
  15. Hah. Great analogy.
  16. Great setting. 'Dishonored'-style steampunk, but with fantasy creatures instead of technology. Surprising performance with a passable Northern Irish accent from Cara Delevigne, scraping her acting chops off the floor following Valerian. A couple of producers with a good pedigree, including lots of star trek. On the down side, the chemistry between Cara DL and Bloom just isn't there. Could be interesting thought. I watch in hope. Anyone else?
  17. I'm more curious to know how they moved when incorrectly. Also, just started playing Outer Worlds. Too early to judge. Worse thing about it that the hard coded keys don't let lefties use their version of WASD. Veeeeery annoying. Also the FOV is too tight.
  18. Not heard of it. Only just starting out in the boardgame world, with my son being only 10. Played and really enjoyed Forbidden Island. It doesn't cause arguments so much as you play cooperatively to beat the game.
  19. Nice write up Elovia. Thanks for sharing. It looks really pretty. Some of the shadowing is first rate. From the video footage, it seems that this game is all about fighting. Would that be fair to say?
  20. That makes me want to play it now
  21. Gotta say, it looks like my kinda thing. Thanks for the steer. I've just dropped a year of both EA games pass and Xbox games pass. On top of the 178 unplayed games on Steam and several other big names on my gaming PC unplayed. So less buyin, more playin.
  22. Aside from the occasional text message, i use Whatsapp or MS Teams. Teams is more for chats with folk at work, whether social or professional. Whatsapp is great for communicating across small groups for me. We have groups for Fins sporting clubs, parents in his class, and a group for our immediate neighbours, which has proved very useful.
  23. "I swear i ain't been dropping no eaves". Bit of a long story, but the point is to ask whether you've had any clear experiences with tech "listening" to your business. About 4-6 weeks ago, i started getting very itchy bites all on my feet and lower calves - about 6-10. I knew they were insect bites, but mosquitoes don't tend to care which part of ones body they bite. They were also significantly itcheir than mossy bites. I started developing hypotheses about where they came from and quickly my favourite suspect was a sheeps-wool carpet in the lounge. I'm the only one who puts their feet on it, and no one else had any issues. About 3 weeks ago, my mate came over to watch a film and sat in my spot, with his feet on the same rug. 2 days later I asked him via Whatsapp if he'd had any itchy spots. And indeed he had the previous day; also on his feet and lower legs. I hadn't discussed this with anyone else, nor looked into it until he'd confirmed my fears. We've also not had any insect problems since my last dog had fleas about 5 years ago. As soon as he had responded, on the same device i nipped into Amazon uk to buy something to sort it out. The Amazon landing page included a full page advert for flea-repellant. I can think of no valid reason for Amazon trying to flog me that product unless it had access to whatsapp conversations. I hadn't even discussed it with my wife yet - i was waiting to get the story back from my mate, before giving it to her to worry about. So, 1) what do you think? and 2) do you have any similar stories?
  24. I'd say it's well integrated into our life. But slowly becoming moreso over time and without any cajoling. The most common use by far is my son using it to read books. Books we've bought on Audible. He listens to it morning and night as he's getting up and going to bed. He's only got about 5 books on it, but he's been listening to those same 5 for nearly a year. He also plays music quite a lot. There are innumerable comedy aspects to it coming out every week, but these are usually 1-2 shot uses, apart from the fart machine, which was my sons first ever online purchase with his own money. Probably the 2nd most common use, which is also every day, is room awakening. In the lounge i have 3 lights hanging off 3 wifi socket and my hifi hanging off one of them too. So whenever we want to use the lounge for TV/Xbox/PS4/Music, we need to ask Alex to "turn on the lounge". The cabin lights are also attached to another outlet, but we don't that very often. Alex-driven wifi sockets have been a bit hit and miss; i've had a batch that I just couldn't get up and running and even the simpler options require tech-familiarity - especially when they don't behave as they should. But being as low as a fiver a pop, they are great value for home automation. In all, i think Alexa is a good thing that we have used to enrichen our lives. But i am also starting to witness invasions into my privacy than can only be down to eavesdropping technology. And that is a little concerning.
  25. I mentioned Alexa in an earlier post. Just wondering if anyone else was using it, and how it was going - any tips or advice. Here's what we're doing: I've connected it to the Energenie Mi|home system of controller and main-electric sockets. I'm using that to switch on the cabin lights. We say good morning ans she gives us an interesting fact about each particular day. We use Alexa now as the default radio playing device. Mostly because she's controllable with a few words. Fin LOVES to ask her to tell a joke. We ask her the weather. We play specific artists or styles of music. She plays a mean range of dub-reggae. What do you do?