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  1. Saw that on the way into work. Played it in the 90's. Very funny. Lego the Hobbit is free as well with Humble Bundle.
  2. Not specifically, but my wife makes Christmas cake, no special recipe; just what looks good. She made it in November, then we feed it with alcohol every week until Christmas. We only have Christmas pudding after Christmas day lunch. Not sure if you guys have it over the pond. Aside from that, my absolute favourite food is Christmas Dinner Bubble and Squeak. you basically chop up all the leftovers, ensuring there is bacon, potatoes and some green leaf (usually Brussel sprouts) in the mix. Then fry it until it's really brown. you essentially get a mouthtfull of the whole Christmas dinner in every bite. you can also add stuff like Worcestershire sauce, and you yanks would probably put cheese on it. I would not be offended if rejected, but could you share that cookie recipe please?
  3. ...regardless of whether your beliefs allow you to celebrate the festival.
  4. I wrote about it earlier, and it's clearly too late now. If you are aiming for temporary weight loss, you're doing the right thing. If you're aiming for a new weight for life, what you're doing now won't give you that. IF you revert to eating differently at any point in the rest of your life, your weight will adjust to whatever that new eating regime will dictate. It is my opinion that the healthier approach is to work towards that way of eating that will determine how you are for the rest of your life. What you're doing now is a fad. That doesn't mean it will fail. But you will still need to find another new diet that will sustain your ideal weight for the rest of your life, at the end of this fad. And if you did that from the beginning, you would still manage to achieve that ideal weight without the fad.
  5. So it was supposed to be us 3, my Wife's Mum and her Uncle, but MIL has decided not to come over this year. So whilst they are a pleasure to have here, it will be nice to have 2 less to worry about. I also go on leave from the 20th. It's our office party from lunchtime on the 20th, I have taken a few extra days and don't return until the 7th. It's been a tough term and i'm really looking forward to the break.
  6. Chips (fries) with Mayo, and eating from a wall.
  7. He hasn't been in contact recently, but i suspect that every time he got on here, he ended up having strong arguments, and got a bit fed up of it. It's the second or third time that cycle has happened. So it's possible he might have given up. Following in submerged footsteps, one might say.
  8. "Blue Passportses". Cracked me up. UK passports used to be royal blue. EU standardised on red.
  9. My thoughts went to Avatar and the connectedness of the planet. In spite of our arrogance, it would be so great to learn that we're all connected above and below ground.
  10. I've had my PSU over 10 years now. It's my oldest component. I bought an Antec TruPower 650. Although there was a point where GPU's were starting to rocket upwards in power consumption, that trend died off, and, if anything, it's been going down ever since. So, yeah. Good PSU is a good idea.
  11. This sums it up for most people, i'd say. It's also brilliant.
  12. I'm going to regret this (some of you live in Alaska), but i thought it might be nice to have a Tree-off. Let's post pictures of our Christmas trees. I'd like to get the ball rolling, but i can't. Turns out we're short on lights and can't get decorating until at least tomorrow. While waiting for the lights on the tree in the lounge, we have a smaller artificial tree in the kitchen. My wife started working on this on Sunday, and here is a picture of her efforts with the lights. Aren't i lucky she's a nice person. Because she can't dress trees for shit.
  13. They really are. Monitor Audio Gold GX300 Connected to Cambridge Audio Azure 851N Network Player/DAC and 851A amp. Fed from my music server, through the amazing and totally inexpensive Google Chromecast Audio, using an optical connector. I wanted a player that would take an unadulterated digital source, of high quality, and keep it digital all the way through to the DAC in the CA Azure (which is a really good DAC). No naughty analogue along the way. The Chromecast lets me do that for £35.
  14. I built my current gaming rig with 16gb, about 4 years ago. I got a lot of stick for it at the time, but have never regretted it.
  15. Oddly, i share most of what you wrote (aside from the love of sport), until you got to the bit about being bored. I long for boredom. There are not enough hours in the day or days in the week to do all the things i want to do. I have a good decade of things to do lined up if i ever stop working. I've started lots of those things, but can only touch the tip of them with a family and life to live. So, and with roughly the same levels of achievement in life, why i am struggling for the time to do all the things i want, and you are bored shitless? I'd always suspected that my poor upbringing stopped me from ever taking these privileges for granted. But it sounds like you had a rough time too. Does rough = poor?
  16. OK. She has redeemed herself with the main tree. I did the lights though.
  17. Finish dishonoured II, Death of the Outsider. Not bad, but you could tell they hadn't put the same polish into it as their main game. Also, quite short, but i was ready for the ending. Just started Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I've been warned not to expect greatness.
  18. Slut
  19. I'm sold. Thanks for sharing. I'm surprised anyone is promoting themselves through their association with Fallout right now.
  20. Yeah. Sweet. But $340 more. That's also a big jump. The difference in price for the desktop version of those cards is around $50. Seems a lot more money, but you are getting 8Gb more DDR4 (£65), and what appears to be a better screen, as well as that GPU jump from 1050ti to 1060. From that cursory glance, the 1060 is around 25-33% faster across those sample games. What's that worth to him as a gamer, and you as a payer. There's a couple of free gaming bundles down the page, include COD BLOPS 4. Cheaper, bigger screen. Has SSD AND a 1TB HDD. Does not have go-faster design.
  21. You have a wonky star Sir. How art imitates life!
  22. Of the comparable list that Amazon present, it certainly the best of offer. Had a quick look at Dell too, and they are more expensive for lesser models. CamelCC says it's the cheapest it's ever been. Aside from building your own, without a single vendor warranty, it looks decent enough. Without going into it further, the 1060 seems to have a decent step-up in terms of gaming performance. The only other potential issue is the size of the SSD. It will fly for sure, but some games starting to get up to 100Gb. I've been using a mix in my gaming PC, and have concluded that most games have no issue with being copied around from drive to drive on mass. So if you're happy to use a fuck-off external HDD, and shift games around on the SSD, problem solved. I have a laptop (not for games) with a 120gb SSD and after Lego <something> and minecraft, it's full.
  23. Made in LOL IRL.
  24. I originally posted this on Furiant, but i finished season 1 recently. The Expanse. Must say, i loved this series, apart from the ending, which gave about as much closure as any of the other 10 episodes - i had to double check as i couldn't believe it was the last in the series. It has been picked up for a second season, but still, it wasn't a cliff hanger, it just didn't finish. Really solid sci-fi with a decent plot (from a fairly well know sci fi novel series), decent actors, decent effects and a nice ambience. I would heartily recommend it for any fan of space opera, or sci fi in general.
  25. Anyone watched a series recently where they thought "Wow, that was amazing". I'm hunting for the next great thing. Just finished the Haunting of Hill House. That was a "Wow".