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  1. Hello People, Welcome back to the MtG podcast Ugins Insight hosted by Team Orcs Head. This month me and Chris sit down and talk about Iconic Masters and the previews of Unstable! Crack a Pack: Iconic Masters! Episode is available to download here and through iTunes! View the full article
  2. Howdy Magic Fans, Apologies for us being muppets and missing doing a podcast episode it will not happen in future... we PROMISE! So we are recording live from GP Liverpool in this short episode we discuss MTG Arena, Ban & Restricted Update and the general nonsense we usually prattle on about! Episode is available to download here and through iTunes! View the full article
  3. Also a sneak peek i am working on doing some MTG related parody songs once i got them written out i will just need to find some vocal talent...
  4. Hello Everyone, Apologies for being quiet on the forums lately i have started a new job and not getting much free time like i use to but once my probation is out of the way i can return with vengeance. If you want to chat direct to me best go through twitter!
  5. So wow August flew by! In this episode we are recapping what we thought of GP Birmingham, Commander 17 products, Ixalan Spoilers and what Team Orcs Head are up to for September! If you want to direct download the episode its here otherwise you can find us on Itunes also! View the full article
  6. VLOG IT!!!! Dying to see what its like!
  7. If you do trip 1 you will be very tired when getting to Rome so i would suggest doing a Roman Bath/Spa afternoon to chill out but the eurostar is great from London to Paris and you can relax in comfort etc.