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  1. Brewers minute is a sweet series I enjoy Seths take on deck building
  2. they are my favourite chapter by far! Have some many models with Forge world upgrade kits attached its not even funny.... I don't want to add up how much I spent over the years I did the hobby.
  3. I am glad he backed tracked when I was being trained there was a huge emphasis on selling the starter set which is useful for small rule book etc. and yes you can paint the mini's to be space wolves etc. but I wasn't a fan of having to force it down peoples throat so instead I just up big numbers will selling whole armies to people and having them come back as returning customers instead. Space wolves are good but Salamanders for the win boyo! Any time GW have changed the rules it messes with peoples armies my friend who has played Eldar from the start of the entire hobby has so many models his attic is the carry case..... TItans, Tanks, Soliders everything but he has had to adjust the army playing style so many times. He agrees it sucks but its not just GW that do it other gaming companies do it too its just that GW is the oldest most established game so they get a lot of the Flak for it!
  4. I am waiting for my wife to discover how many dice there are scattered around the spare room and the ensuing telling off to either get rid or tidy them up!
  5. They will obviously try and sell you stuff but what I used to do with my customers is firstly encourage them to buy the rules and army book, go home read and write a list of what they want to build then I would advise them the quickest/cheapest way to build the army. I.E. Army bundles, starter sets etc.
  6. Well all space marines are now in one book which is a vast improvement in my opinion. Primarks are allowed to be played too I believe... don't quote me on that just what the lads in Orcs Head Studios tell me who still play.
  7. only thing I would say is you may need more basics land as a lot of other decks may run effects for you to get basic lands etc. So run at least 1 plains and 1 swamp so your basic is fixed at least.