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  1. Welcome to the sports bar at the center of the multiverse! I was wondering who was going to provide coverage!
  2. We are going to play some games on a video soon for the channel but it does look super impressive to play anyway!
  3. EDH scorpion god + undying creatures with enough mana = draw your library by placing -1 counters on creatures!
  4. Actually if this Bolas is a 7 loyalty for 8 mana you can ultimate him with having 4 dark intimations in the bin already?
  5. This seems very sweet for an intro walker not to mention their will be a tutor in their for him too.... I like it!
  6. YES!!!! Quick someone speak to Maro about this!
  7. Pirates vs Dinosaurs..... ok I can get on board with that looks like a lot of humans I hope some goblins turn up on Ixalan!
  8. I wonder if eternalize is exile from graveyard creatures you control gain doublestrike until the end of turn?
  9. Trying to sell yourself for the job eh?
  10. Yeah I like the thought of doing this competition as it give us all a chance to network and have a giggle too!
  11. Can't wait to show off my first video!
  12. think having sets be a range of 1 set or 3 sets could be sweet but also thank god for the return of core! Get us answers back in standard!
  13. Firstly YES I would love to go to Kamigawa but they would need to not use any previous mechanics well apart from Ninjitsu! Secondly Rhino has hit it on the head cores to return some ppl have been saying about going back to 3 block sets but I think its been more enjoyable having it at 2 personally!