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  1. I think this is super important. I was reading about how long, long ago, Wizards used to sell alternative-backed versions of the top 8 decks from the world championship. I used to wonder what the value of these decks would be, since they were basically overpriced proxies, then I realized that they could be easily used for playtesting when brewing something yourself with the cards you DO own. Now I want to do something like that myself.
  2. I never really played during the core set heydey, but part of what I really like about the 2-set-block format as a new player is how the cards fit together thematically and mechanically. It means that (ideally) with each rotation we get to see a pretty drastic change in how the game is played by virtue of the mechanics that are left in the legal pool of cards. I would think that core sets would make standard too "samey" from generation to generation. Does anyone agree with that? Or even if you do, is that necessarily a bad thing?
  3. What about Trespasser's Curse as a copycat answer? I'm not much of a brewer, but it looks like it'd be fun anyway in a Black control deck.
  4. I wrote up my experiences here: I didn't even think of taking a picture of the deck! That would have looked so nice in the blog post!
  5. I'm going to do a sealed event first thing each day, and then I'll give standard a go after lunch. Not sure what deck I'll bring though.
  6. Hey peeps - anyone else going to Grand Prix Richmond? I'm planning on taking part in the 3-day unlimited challenge (one sealed side event each day and unlimited constructed side events thereafter).
  7. If I read this correctly, would Gideon's emblem supercede the lose condition here? Or would this card supercede the "you can't lose" clause in Gideon's emblem? Because I really want extra turns at three mana.
  8. I'd be down to buy a pauper deck and play in MTGO with ya'll. It's still probably cheaper than the entry fee to FNM.
  9. isharacomix, as you might have guessed.
  10. Welcome aboard!
  11. Congratulations! Welcome to the big time! I hope we'll still get to see the gameplay video for the Duel Decks, because I'm curious to see how well that will turn out from a production standpoint.
  12. This. Draft is super stressful for me due to the opportunity cost of every pick. Pack 1 Pick 1's are popular, but seem to be targeted at more experienced drafters. I get a lot of value from things like Marshall's Draft Stream from Limited Resources, where he'll talk through which cards he's deciding between and comment on the signals he's getting from other players.
  13. This is disgusting and I want four of them
  14. My in-laws are arriving from overseas this weekend, so I'll be entertaining them for the next few weeks.
  15. Hi everybody! I'm visiting after a referral from @Mark_LifeBeginsAt20 in his latest #FridayMTG video. I started playing Magic a few months ago, so I'm still trying to find which aspects of the game I like the most. Given the extensive history of the game, many of the pro-level, mainstream content sources go right over my head, so seeing a community like this is very encouraging. I'm looking forward to learning with all of you! So far, most of my games have taken place at my own kitchen table. I got myself a collection of cards that I use to simulate booster drafts and sealed decks between me and my friends. I call it a "cube", but it's really a collection of 4 of each common, 2 of each uncommon, and 1 of each rare and mythic from a set. This lets me practice Limited games with the official rarity distribution, which I think is an important skill to learn at this phase in the hobby. I've also gotten plenty of hours of play from the preconstructed duel decks and Planeswalker decks when I'm a hurry or don't feel like shuffling my "cube", and I've recently been inspired to give standard a try, so I'll just have to see how it all shakes out.