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  1. It's hard. If you live in the local area you'll have an understanding of the meta and can work around that. Otherwise, research which decks are doing well recent events because they're likely to be played. All you're really looking for is sideboard tech and which decks to prepare for. I'm guessing this is for GP? Watching the Friday grinders is always a good idea as well. As you said, mtgo is not viable as people will play random decks.
  2. All videos are available for our 'Dreams of the Evil Gods' deck techs. You can see all videos and vote for your favourite here: Let me know your thoughts!
  3. So just to double check, your preferred delivery would be in between? Displayed as a slideshow but with my vice behind to explain?
  4. Hey fans!!! The new challenge has been issued for our creaYTors! This challenge will be elimination and will determine the 2 competitors that remain to fight it out in the finals! Who do we think has the edge for deck techs? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new style of challenge delivery. Do we prefer having somebody dictating, or is the simple slideshow effective?
  5. creaYTors challenge 3 has wrapped up, we've given our feedback and a winner has been chosen! Find it all out here: Sorry in advance about my recorded parts, I'm away from home and only had my mobile. Love to hear your thoughts!
  6. G'day! Loved the pre release unboxing. Great to see another fellow Aussie throwing their hat in to the MTG YouTube world.
  7. Don't forget to vote for your favourite video this week! Polls open for around 2 hours
  8. Type 1 as you knew it is now called vintage, and encompasses all cards in Magic History minus some restrictions and banned cards. It's the most expensive of the formats and usually isn't worth playing unless you're playing one of the big archetypes. Alternatively there is legacy which is similar but with more cards banned, but most of the cards you have would still be legal I believe. Finally if you want to get creative with your cards, depending on how you play, you could look at commander, which uses similar lists to legacy/vintage but has a specific Highlander rule.
  9. Firstly I'd like to thank everyone for their patience. We haven't been quite able to hit our planned Wednesday videos due to some personal stuff and administrative delays. Challenge 3 is now up with a special guest host (you may recognise him) and a great new giveaway, thanks to my LGS. @MTGandME has taken out back to back challenges. Can he make it 3 from 3? Please check it out, share your thoughts and let's see who can take this one out.
  10. Thanks mate, will keep that in mind! Current judges have agreed to move forward with me for at least one more season
  11. Definitely welcoming creators of all levels of ability to apply. With that said, if you're thinking you might not be able to keep up, you should think about applying for season 3, which will be a non elimination series! Check out my future of creaytors post.
  12. We're having a lot of fun with creaYTors and can't wait to see who takes out season 1. But you might be wondering, what next? Well from my point of view, I'm going to keep running this game as long as I have judges that can put up with me, willing competitors and an internet connection! As you may have noticed, I've placed an application form up for series 2, so definitely check it out if you're interested. In series 2 we're going to be trying a few different things, including a larger competitor base, a tweaked scoring system and some more "political" play within the game! After the second series completes (roughly around the end of the year) we're going to be launching a THIRD series, focused on smaller youtubers, with NO elimination, just a continuous point accumulation. After that some team games! I've got so many ideas, and if you have any yourself, I'd love to hear them! Finally I'll always be running giveaways to support our creaYTors as long as I can afford stuff. I'm lookin at also doing a patreon in the near future (more on that another day) So please, if you enjoy magic or watching MTG on YouTube, check out the channel, drolnus ansub and get in on it!