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  1. 4 videos submitted for round 1 are now available! Check them out, leave a like, let me know what you think are strong points of each video and remember to comment on the videos for your chance to win some boosters! #teammtgcanuck #teammtgme #teamorcshead #teamjakejoel
  2. I should also add that I'm the creator and host of the creaYTors series, challenging some of our fellow youtubers to create some specific MTG videos. Series 1 has just kicked off, but I've already been thinking up ideas for season 2. If you're a youtubers that might be interested in trying it out, get in touch! Otherwise check out the series on the creaYTors subforum!
  3. Check out the first challenge and initial thoughts of our competitors. Also see the giveaways you can be involved in! Which creaYTors do you think have the edge in this one? Who are you cheering for? Submission videos will be out on June 19th
  4. Hey gang! creaYTors is a new series that I've put together. In the series, I've found 4 smaller Youtubers and will be challenging them to create some specific types of videos. These videos will be open to feedback from myself and a fellow YouTuber who has agreed to join as a series Judge! Here's our introduction video: Would love to hear any feedback, comments, suggestions, etc! There will be new videos each Wednesday on the creaYTors channel documenting the challenges and the videos created, so make sure to subscribe, and follow on twitter! Don't forget to tweet @creaYTors and your favourite team with your teams hashtag to show your support **(SO MANY) Links** creaYTors Twitter: YouTube: MPNumbers - Host: Twitter: Youtube: Orc's Head Magic Twitter: YouTube: #TeamOrcsHead MTG Canuck Twitter: YouTube: #TeamCanuck Jake and Joel Are Magic Twitter: YouTube: #TeamJakeJoel MTG & Me Twitter: YouTube: #TeamMTGme
  5. G'day everyone, Thought I'd actually post here rather than just lurking. I'm MPNumbers, I'm a casual twitch streamer and have a Youtube channel which is mostly just my streams exported and edited! Love playing magic, mostly draft, and try to educate people as I go - even though I don't often make the best plays!