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  1. I think they choose to represent me. Does that mean I'm part of the WotC too political?
  2. It's a mobile app. It's like a cross between twitter and a blog???? I post my stuff on there and people chat about topics and other posts.
  3. Does that really confirm? It looks like he's saying that there are different ways to estimate players. Not saying that there are less players now. Did you watch Travis Woo's response to Rudy?
  4. I'm working on my Geocaching merit badge. We went out last Sunday. It's easier to do after the leaves have fallen. I need to setup a geocaching game with 4 waypoints. I'm going to do that next weekend on a camping trip.
  5. That's correct. Generally if someone is going to cancel a pledge, it's right before the 1st.
  6. Papa Mage here - I've spent a lot of time going through all of this nonsense, not because I want to, but as a filter or shield for Rhino. I hate to say it, but at the moment Twitter is a necessary component to the marketing of Young Mage content to the MTG community. That is changing. After spending over an hour muting tweets on Rhino's feed on Friday, I gave up and just told him we would do this together. Fortunately none of this really affects us, so ignoring it works for us. It is also fortunate that it didn't affect the Epilepsy Foundation Fundraiser we had been working on for a couple of months. I'm an information hog at heart, which is why I'm so horrible in arguments face-to-face. I actually want to understand everyone's point of view. So this is part of what I dug up trying to understand. An Interesting Correlation I Found - Keep in mind this is a correlation and not a causation. But it could explain why tempers are high and the muck flinging is strong. If you look at the major MTG YouTubers Pateron trends on Grapheon it shows the ones flinging muck have had a steady downward turn. One could assume that this is just normal right now. Standard hasn't been strong, so not as many viewers, not as much money. If you look at the YouTubers not involved you see a steady upward trend: So maybe the ones with an upward trend are providing better and more useful content. That would seem reasonable. A limited audience, does also mean limited resources and limited funds for Patreon overall. And then there's this one: Christine Sprankle. If you just look at the trend before Friday it was going down as well. Financial stress on Christine's part could be the primary catalyst for her leaving. The harassment could have been an excuse. That still doesn't mean that Jeremy should keep doing his mean rants. But he knows that drama gets clicks and that's how he makes money. Opening packs on video just doesn't do it for him anymore. So the correlation I want to put out is the ones in the drama have had a steady downturn of funding over the past 6 months. This may not be the cause, but I do know that in any family, if there is financial stress, tempers do rise. These are just the most vocal MTG YouTubers and have the most followers.
  7. We can always use the Amino App. I still don't really understand it, but the MTG community there seems good.
  8. What does that mean? I'm not that big.