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  1. Six of us or thereabouts. I actually wasn't the youngest in there, though the youngest guy was not talking much, not sure what was wrong with them but they seemed real out of it. And that's after they actually fixed it a bit! It's actually somewhat a relief to see someone else notice that, I was asking people if it looked off for years and most of the time they seemed to not notice or say "Well its gonna be not right after the accident..." Having other people notice that, yeah, its bent is a relief!
  2. Pictures that I got... Got the blue cast on Wednesday when they checked it over, gonna get stitches out next week.
  3. Thanks all for the kind words. They did put something in my leg that meant for over a day I didn't feel any pain there whatsoever, inserted in the the back of the knee apparently. Now though the pain is there, and the twinges... ChuckWagon, that sounds intense! I just got the ankle and even that seems hard enough, can completely understand not wanting to go back through it all again! My ankle was apparently sliding to the left and arthritis had set in, so it was gonna get worse if left alone which is why I went ahead and did it as soon as I could. Taking the chance to catch up with gaming when I can get myself in front of a screen.
  4. I'm alive and back home after a successful operation. Will post pictures later when more rested but essentially they did a bonegraft and put support in to try to straighten it. Have to keep off it for 8 weeks, and be careful after that. Will still have arthritis in it still though.
  5. Ankle op, broke my ankle about 7 years ago and its still broken heh.
  6. I always find that too large a group is detriment to players' enjoyment, even if the DM/GM thinks they can handle loads of people I find they invariably can't they just don't realise half their players are being left out. Anything over 6 players plus DM and you should look at cutting back on players or splitting into multiple groups. 12 players and its just people shouting while others sit chatting doing their own thing.
  7. Final weekend...
  8. Enjoying my last days on earth before my operation on Monday.
  9. 5th. 4th would be a bad introduction to tabletop roleplaying as it was almost universally panned for pretty much not being a roleplay game and instead being a MMO in tabletop form. 4th will probably introduce bad habits and false expectations as well. Some of the best roleplay sessions I've had is when no one understands the rules and we just bumble our way through. Hilarity ensues.
  10. I am reminded of a meme I once saw that had various 'types' of people who believed they were doing one thing but were actually another. One of them was the "Tells it how it is guy" who goes around saying that they just "tell it how it is" and that if people have a problem with it then they are just being "honest" when in actuality they were just being arseholes to people, using 'honesty' as an excuse to be rude to people while trying to avoid the repercussions of what they were saying, veiling insults in "criticism", and gets offended when you do it back to them. Thinks shoving their unsolicited opinions at people is just speaking truth (and equates their opinions with truth). Just something that pops into my head when people talk about 'blunt honesty' and the like.
  11. This is why I refuse to use the Facebook app, when it asks for all those privileges I automatically uninstall it.
  12. The bestiality is a reference to the privately educated secret society elitists in British society such as David Cameron our last Prime Minister who fucked the head of a dead pig while at university. Most of our judges are from the same fold, from Eton or similar schools and they cut out anyone from other backgrounds that they can from getting a head while being very cut off from real life.
  13. Careful! Scotland will be coming for you!
  14. Its definitely a game I would want to get immersed in and wanted to get into with the earlier games. Will definitely give at least the older ones a go if not this one of yours a go.
  15. Only heard about this yesterday when Jonathan Pie publicised it with one of his videos on it. They had kept it very quiet before then over here, no one seemed to know about it until after his conviction. Whether the guy was right to do it or not, whether the sentance was right or not, what worries me is that not only was it done quietly, but there was no jury involved. Just the judge who decided whether he was guilty or not. For something like this I would have expected, even demanded, a jury to be the ones to make the choice, not some Eton-educated toff who probably only had his job because he fucked some pig and is probably corrupt.