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  1. ... Would it be wrong to like this???!
  2. Yeah I was like wha??! Had not realised until now it had gone.
  3. This is Echo-Two calling Echo-One, two tangos are a go, repeat two tangos are a go. Good luck Charlie-Boy, recommence communications when the flamingoes smell the tangerines!
  4. The one you were going "Please-don't-let-it-suck" over
  5. Going to be watching the second series of Cobra Kai hopefully, now that a friend has sent me them on disc. EDIT: Oh, and started watching Emergence on tele, going retro me. Seems good so far but only two episodes in and not sure where they are going with it yet.
  6. First series was clearly trying to get through all the short stories as fast as possible to get to the actual main plot of the first books. Hopefully be more coherent from there now, but was good regardless I thought.
  7. Does it suck?
  8. Yeah I could never get myself to buy this game because of the title. Yeah I am that sad.
  9. You still got golf courses open? My dad has been complaining because they closed them over here.
  10. I second this request...
  11. Oh publicly yes, nerds all of us. Filthy filthy nerds!
  12. Your lack of faith disturbs me... You totally would love it, I know it.
  13. I told people at work my larping was "Wizarding" since that was about the level they could get. I explained it as kind of like re-enactment. I still don't think they understand it.
  14. My fault!
  15. Liked this for the detailed response, not for the bad stuff in it.