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  1. You will have to look deep within your own soul and answer that question for yourself. Then tell me what you think and whether worth a buy.
  2. What Elo said. Plus, the creator of Stardew Valley outright admits that he took all the bits he liked from Harvest Moon to make Stardew Valley, so wasn't exactly original to begin with. I'd say though, that I don't think the target audience was youngsters, or at least not just them. Most of the people I know who play it are adults, and not really known many kids who seem to know it. I think the unicorn approach actually appeals to many adults and makes it stand out against the more 'adult' style games.
  3. Okay that looks interesting. Keep me up to date on the sitch dude and I'll start taking a look myself!
  4. Thanks! Heard of this but was before my time I guess (being 4 to 5 in 1985). As much as I am not a graphics whore, I do have some limits so glad to see they are remastering it so I can give it a real go.
  5. Seen this as well. Not sure on it, won't be pre-ordering either, guessing it may be a point'n'click style game (Monkey Island type) but don't really know and not seen anything that really says. Be interested to see what you find out about it.
  6. Went to host a game and found my save didn't show up as an option. Loaded up my save as normal and saw that I can build huts for visitors. Since I built one I can now host that save in multiplayer, so you need to have a other player hut built beforehand. You also can't touch the stuff in the other player hut, only whoever gets assigned to it gets to do stuff and it may be permanently logged to another person and can be built up like the normal house too. Supposedly supports up to 4 player multiplayer, not found anything more out yet.
  7. Yeah, saw that, and built a hut for visitors (dunno if that is how it works or if its dedicated to one person but its there just in case). Also found that they had released other updates as well like community projects where you can build a home for Pam if you feel like it and stuff. Been having a play of it again, dunno if my current save can be run multiplayer or if gog and steam can play together but will try and see.
  8. A friend bought me Superhot as a present. Its fun and entertaining, it has a survival mode for those who want to play it continuously but I was done with the game once I had finished the campaign, which I completed over a few evenings. I dunno how much it is going for so cannot suggest whether it is a good price, but as I finished it so quickly I wouldn't spend too much. Campaign was amusing.
  9. I played them, finished them too. They are fun and amusing but not sure I could recommend them to anyone. If you try and unlock everything then there will be some more backtracking nad going back to previous areas in order to use new minion types and powers to acquire stuff you couldn't get earlier. There is also some grind if you want maximum evil ending, as you have to kill a certain number of peasants and burn a certain number of houses in each town in order to achieve 100% corruption. Overlord 2 is a bit better, and instead of the good-evil axis you have the Domination-Destruction axis instead (do you seek to destroy or dominate everyone), but again that requires some grinding to get the max in whichever one you want, and usually boils down to whether you use the spell to kill people or to control them. Oh, and in Overlord 2 you get to bang all 3 mistresses at once, which is what gaming is all about after all.
  10. ELR I enjoyed at first, but channel 4 here plays it every fucking morning to the point that I have become sick of it and would like to slap Raymond's face clean off. Didn't help that they seemed to cancel other comedies in favour of it, or put them at stupid o'clock like 3rd Rock from the Sun rather than move the 300th repeat of ELR. Archer is awesome, hope they carry it on. Rick and Morte is wrong in good ways. Loved Soap when it was on, that was fantastic. Never got into Cheers but Frasier I enjoy, well written comedy. Seinfeld never took off over here, people being arseholes to their friends may be novel for you guys but it is normal operating procedure over it so it just seemed pedestrian. Actually, worse than that, it seemed like they were trying too hard and failing miserably. If you haven't already, watch Red Dwarf. British sci-fi comedy, loved by Patrick Stewart. Series 7 and 8 unfortunately sucked (series 7 didn't even have Rimmer in most of it, so was bound to suck), but the rest was fantastic and they have started it up again too, last series was series 11 I think.
  11. This makes me think this is actually an important conversation we need to be having: even though games themselves may not be addictive the companies are clearly using ethically questionable practices to make them addictive for fun and profit.
  12. I never knew people referred to it as the pound key, thought it was an age gap thing for a moment there.
  13. I haven't seen Solo yet simply because my leg is still out of action, literally only just got the cast off today and now in a boot instead so going to the cinema is not feasible for me at the moment. Everything I have heard about Solo makes me think I will enjoy it though, and I feel like the Star Wars Stories was going to be more enjoyable for me personally especially with how awesome Rogue One was, so I would have gone seen it if I could have. I suspect the big issue was TLJ, while it was better than TFA it didn't have the excuse of being the first of the new films and so its flaws were not as easily forgiven for some and it had been released not that long ago. The fact that it still made Disney millions and yet that is not good enough... well it says a lot about the industry and our society in general, and the problems therein.
  14. Seemed actually rather thought out and measured. The knee jerk reaction to it is to declare it all bollocks by people who don't understand gaming as before, but I think we need to be open to other possibilities too and acknowledge that there are people who do tend to get addicted to pretty much anything.
  15. No game footage but talk on how the game will play. I noticed that while you can choose male or female I noticed the game developer kept referring to them as a woman ("Her", "She"), which coupled with the original teaser trailer they released in 2013 and the name V made me wonder if they were originally going to go with a female protagonist until they confirmed they could do both. Just theorycrafting from me.