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  1. You love it really!
  2. You can clog my pub up anytime.
  3. How hot do you reckon its been running?
  4. Not for growing that in!
  5. *holds X to pay respect*
  6. When it comes to marketing and screwing their customers, EA shows a level of intelligent malevolence. In fact, I think they spend more on marketing than on developing many of their games.
  7. Honestly, it would not surprise me if it is a marketing method. I have been suspecting that they knew this would cause an uproar and deliberately set the price so high so that when they then knocked it down to the real price they intended people would be more likely to accept the price since "Its 75% off" even though the price is still sucky. I mean, imagine that they tried to sell you a banana for $20. You complain, so they go "Okay, we'll knock 75% off then!" Sounds great, I mean 75% off right? Until you realise that you are still paying $5 for a banana...
  8. Yeah I completely failed my reading comprehension it seems. My fault!
  9. Yes others are doing it, and I consider having an ingame store in a game that is not free to play to be that line. Unfortunately, I know I'm not going to be the majority, and people will buy this crap and then I will have to deal with it being in every game released afterwards since everyone will be wanting a piece of the pie. If that happens, I might actually be done with gaming, at least with new big name games. My PC may wind up being just a porn machine.
  10. Yeah, its EA, what do you expect? To be blunt, if I have to pay to play the game then I expect there to be no ingame store to buy skins and crap like that. You only have the store when its a free to play game, as thats how they make their money. When I see a game has both, its a no-go for me and I mark it against the company doing it as it clearly indicates they are a seriously money-grubbing bunch of tosswankers.
  11. You challenge me? YOU challenge ME?! And why, may I ask, should I accept this challenge? What is in it for me if I win?
  12. Yeah but the quality of the sound system is usually wasted on me.
  13. I'm tone deaf and have been threatened with torture and death for my singing, that should establish my position on the matter.
  14. You'd be surprised.
  15. Well, didn't we establish earlier that in Alaska you just have sex and crime there? Because of the STDs?