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  1. Pics to prove it happened. Good times were had, will write more when I can get home and access a computer where this forum isn't blocked by the proxy for being a danger to humanity.
  2. Well I'm all packed and boarding pass printed off ready for trip to Iceland tomorrow. Getting up at 4am to catch the train to the airport, hoping I got everything right and... Wait what? Bloody hell you work quick!
  3. Yeah you guys need to work on your aim more. Guessing losing your aim is a sign of old age? Well la-de-da to those who think things that they get to see all the time is passe! Yeah I'm going by the "It would be great to see them but if I don't at least I get a good holiday regardless and its a bonus" mindset about it all. Blimey, seems like you have me beat for life changes! Hope you adjust well, and that it was something you wanted as opposed to something forced on you. Will do, very curious myself to see how it plays out. I too find it hard to find people to travel with as well. Decided that I had to go do it by myself or else I would never get to travel at all if I waited for someone to go with.
  4. Haven't been round much I know, sorry about that guys. Not that you have missed me, got some peace and quiet. Anyway, I am going to Iceland myself, just for a weekend break. First time traveling alone, saw an offer and thought fuck it, lets do it. What could possibly go wrong eh? Going on the 8th and coming back on the 11th, and includes a trip to see the Northern Lights and the Golden Circle. Packed some warm clothes! I'll let you know if I survive!
  5. I don't recall that it does, which made it even more annoying. I apologise for the confusion, I do like a good rant now and again.
  6. I got Technomancer too. I had played Mars War Logs previously and I have to admit that almost put me off buying it, to the point that it was the discount that persuaded me to give it a chance. Technomancer is definitely starting off better than Mars, which I really wanted to like due to the setting but the gameplay in that coupled with the bait and switch at the beginning on the main character where the intro sequence is told by someone that could have been a interesting character only to immediately be presented with Bland Obnoxious Twatface as your main character whose introduction tries to make him look cool but just makes you really regret buying the game.
  7. That is cool. Thanks for sharing that! I've cracked out my old bike, fixed it up and been cycling a bit myself, though mainly just on streets and the park so far to get the hang of it all. That kind of mountain biking is something I've wanted to do, planned on going up to somewhere like Cannock Chase (a forest near here with loads of cycle paths) but it is starting to get cold and wet here now so may have missed the best time of year to do it. May still be able to cram it in during Autumn though.
  8. I know people who have never even heard of the Alien films.
  9. Like Elo, I have reservations at the least. I feel Star Trek is done, or rather that it should be done and let other sci-fi franchises step in. It has wandered so far from what it was with TNG, pretty much violating it's own ethos it originally tried to espouse, and now sits like a cancer stifling anything new. However, like Pasanda I liked both TNG and Patrick Stewart, and this looks like it could be a return to the TNG era of Star Trek, or at least a return to the TNG timeline which all the other new Star Treks have been avoiding. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst for me.
  10. I spaffed.
  11. Cheers buying it.
  12. Fucking called it! Suck on my precognitive dick ya'll!
  13. Omigod that made me laugh my tits off so much! I don't even know why its so funny but it is, ah thank you! Made my day.
  14. So are they going with Danny is becoming a monster? I always thought she was and was hoping it would all come back on her at the end. I actually thought she might be the real BBEG, bitch was evil from the get go.
  15. Sounds like you have a plan in place there! Crowdfund it maybe? "Get Elo's mast erect"