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  1. I never knew people referred to it as the pound key, thought it was an age gap thing for a moment there.
  2. I haven't seen Solo yet simply because my leg is still out of action, literally only just got the cast off today and now in a boot instead so going to the cinema is not feasible for me at the moment. Everything I have heard about Solo makes me think I will enjoy it though, and I feel like the Star Wars Stories was going to be more enjoyable for me personally especially with how awesome Rogue One was, so I would have gone seen it if I could have. I suspect the big issue was TLJ, while it was better than TFA it didn't have the excuse of being the first of the new films and so its flaws were not as easily forgiven for some and it had been released not that long ago. The fact that it still made Disney millions and yet that is not good enough... well it says a lot about the industry and our society in general, and the problems therein.
  3. Seemed actually rather thought out and measured. The knee jerk reaction to it is to declare it all bollocks by people who don't understand gaming as before, but I think we need to be open to other possibilities too and acknowledge that there are people who do tend to get addicted to pretty much anything.
  4. No game footage but talk on how the game will play. I noticed that while you can choose male or female I noticed the game developer kept referring to them as a woman ("Her", "She"), which coupled with the original teaser trailer they released in 2013 and the name V made me wonder if they were originally going to go with a female protagonist until they confirmed they could do both. Just theorycrafting from me.
  5. But anyway, this is pretty much the only thing that has really caught my attention from E3. Mainly because I know the tabletop RPG its based on and that its being made by CD Projekt RED. Apparently there's a secret message in the trailer where they reveal that it will be singleplayer, will be an RPG, and that you will be able to full customise your character in this one.
  6. He just speaks the truth though.
  7. Yeah there are zero actual gameplay mechanics shown, so no idea how the game is actually gonna be played. Very eighties in style I thought, which is cool.
  8. From the guys who brought you Witcher 3, comes something not Witcher-related! Based on the old tabletop game Cyberpunk 2020 (hey, 2020 was long in the future when it came out!), while its only a short trailer (though supposedly using the in-game engine) it looks to be absolutely fantastic!
  9. I've been using Roll20 to run a D&D game, but that made me drool.
  10. Remember, we are the UK not England! You don't want a mad Scotsman coming to get ya! Its like called calling the Netherlands Holland for them.
  11. Apparently its the Royal Wedding! Everyone's talking about it on the news and... ZZZZZzzzzzzz
  12. I kinda feel that is an insult to Beavis and Butthead. I'm sure he phrased it deliberately to cause people to think that. Hey, lots of time to do lots of rubbing! Its cleaning up after that is the problem.
  13. Give 'em a rub. Heh, rub one out the night before. I'm such a child.
  14. Anyway, new trailer!
  15. I can completely understand that, if I wasn't such a fanboy over these types of games I'd probably do the same. If it helps, this one feels a lot less railroaded, more free-form at the moment, and importing a Pillars 1 savegame makes very big changes to the world I feel, particularly in regard to companions and has a feature that lets you create a new game import with the choices you want without having to play Pillars 1 again!