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  1. I suspect the number of service dogs here will increase assuming things stay the same. My sister is looking to get one for my disabled nephew and it seems to be quite popular to look into getting one in those circles now, think we are just lagging behind the US as usual.
  2. That is damning. And unfortunate, as it looked interesting. How could they screw up such a premise as graveyard keeping??!
  3. My suspicion is under the patio. Oh wait, we're talking about the Lego, nevermind.
  4. Snooker ball in a sock? What is that supposed to... wait hang, don't tell me I don't wanna know!
  5. In an open plan office with people all around me, don't think a VPN will help me there. And admit it, you're a GILF-lover!
  6. I would post pictures to help jog your memory, but am at work and they seem to frown on that sort of thing...
  7. Didn't the viking woman you could bang after beating her with your sword get nekkid? And don't you get to at least view Ciri nekkid too in the steam bath? Assuming you don't choose to wear the towel of course. Sadly no banging, though being her adoptive father that would be a bit weird. She is old enough that in the books she has a lesbian love affair.
  8. So what you are saying is that it just needs a field of flowers for you to go gamboling in to enjoy it?
  9. And in regards to it being too intense, I'm sure you'll love it! It'll be like Witcher 3 probably, overwhelming start but once it gets going you'll be hooked! Plus, you're a graphics whore, look at those pretty pictures!
  10. Yeah, they are not going to make any more changes from what I understand, just sit on it until it ages like a fine wine and bring it out when it will be retro.
  11. Game footage! This is apparently really early production stuff, so early they weren't going to show it to the public because of fear of how people will take the unfinished work and how many features are not even finalised yet. In fact, let me just quote what their email said:
  12. Wait, that's why? I thought my sexiness was enough!
  13. Awww! Normally I would have said you should get a cat, but he's lovely!
  14. Gonna give season 2 an 8/10. I am not fussed that it didn't do anything new, it built on what the first one did which is what I wanted. I am deducting for not feeling so wrapped together so to speak, the first season felt like a coherent whole whereas this one felt like it was wandering in places. The bit with Eight I felt was either unnecessary or should have been built on more, maybe have linked Billy and Maxine or something (I thought they were up to something at first, and when it became apparent they weren't already involved with the research facility they kinda felt superfluous). His actions afterwards were really quite despicable too, if we were meant to despise him then they succeeded but I don't think that was the intention. It was a bit too upsetting and close to home for me and kinda put a dampener on the series, but maybe I am just overly sensitive.
  15. I know some guys who brew their own beers. They give them names like Massive Cock. Named for a massive cockerel naturally, not at all because they like to say that you are swallowing their massive cock...