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  1. They'll call anything an RPG these days. RPG should refer to games with a heavy emphasis on character stats and customisation, sometimes with meaningful choice and consequence including character interaction. Baldur's Gate trilogy, Fallout 1 & 2, Avernum, Divinity, etc are RPGs. Borderlands (as much as I like it), Fallout 3 onwards, this Farcry, etc are not RPGs. You can say they have RPG elements, but only if you think selecting an ability from a tree is exclusively RPGs only and not something that has been done in multiple game types for a long time. And you don't even really get to actually "role play" in those games: as much as I love Borderlands 2 at no point did I feel like I was playing a character, you ran around shooting things and occasionally got to watch other characters yabber at you in cutscenes and the entire party could be comprised of the same "character". So no, Farcry is not an RPG, sadly its just become a buzzword publishers throw around to make their games sound like they are more than what they actually are.
  2. Yeah, I was just pointing out that the reason the meme gives why people were arguing against it isn't actually their argument. I don't think I know a single person who has said that Luke wouldn't go into hiding, it was the reasons for hiding and what he was up to there that they have the issue with.
  3. It wasn't that he went and hid that people had issues with, its that he went there with the sole plan of just dying, to let everything fall apart. Obi-Wan and Yoda went into hiding in order to train Luke when he was old enough, they had a long term plan at least, and they were expecting Luke to do the same, not just be drinking Blue Milk out of animal tits.
  4. Aye! One reason why my gf was very insistent that I only have them in planters! Even then I found runners trying to shoot off and start mini-plants elsewhere. Day of the fricking Triffids!
  5. Yeah I thought I was doing something wrong the first year I had them due to how little we got off them, but found out later that it takes a year for them to settle in. Just worried that them being drowned for so long has set them back quite a way. Should also look into getting feed for them this year too. Don't want to spend 3 years getting them to fully mature only to have them die on me!
  6. It's not the right shark? I dunno either, but sharks scare me. All those mofo teeth!
  7. Yeah, I did put a lot in them. Garlic I didn't expect that many cloves, but thought sod it see how it goes. The pea plants I think the biggest problem was not setting up the support before putting them in the planter. They kinda stuck to each other and I think that caused some of them to wither and die. Also, not got photos of them yet, but the strawberry plants I had growing I found drowning in water quite a few times. It didn't use to be a problem and I actually thought the planters had holes in them due to that but apparently not, so I had to cut some holes in them over the weekend to let the water out. Hopefully they will recover, they weren't looking too great unfortunately but then it is the winter months.
  8. I didn't mean to grow so much garlic! It just... kinda happened! Next time I think I'll grow onions instead, they can apparently get out of hand but since I have to use planters I can keep them contained. These are dwarf pea plants but are supposed to grow quite tall still (18"). They are hardy though, hence planting them so early. Not sure how I am going to get them out of the greenhouse... Elephant vampires are a known scourge. The last outbreak of elephants with vampirism occured in London Zoo when the elephants rampaged through the exhibits showering all in blood before sucking it back up again. You know how elephants often shoot water through their trunks? That, but with blood.
  9. The elephant garlic (the pots with a single garlic in) seems to have also grown well, hopefully they will have split up into multiple gloves at least and not still the monobulbs they started off as.
  10. Okay, here's the photos I took back in January that I only just got round to putting up. The pea plants I didn't put the support in until after I put them in the planter, not having the right stuff at the time and thinking it was more important to just get them in there. Realised for the next time that I should have it all set up beforehand really, no cutting corners or slacking off. Hope some of them make it.... The garlic I have about two groups. One I have grown outside from the get go. The other I started growing in the greenhouse then moved one of them outside while keeping the other in to see if much difference occured. As an experiment, it showed that starting them off in the greenhouse definitely made a difference, it gave them quite a good headstart on the others while the one inside the greenhouse kept growing faster though not much more than the one I took outside after starting it off in there. Will be getting ready to move the pea plant planter outside soon and start a second batch of pea plants in the greenhouse. Overall, it has definitely been a learning experience I feel, and I do think I have come a lot farther from where I started off from (not having gardened much at all before last year).
  11. Obviously they won't ban people for not choosing characters others demand them to play, just because someone reports another doesn't mean they will assume it was justified (and false reporting can get you banned too). They will obviously target bullying and inappropriate language, which can be clearly toxic regardless of your viewpoint. As to private social media accounts, sorry but social media is NOT private, hence the term 'social'. Never put anything you want to keep private on them as they are not designed to be private. Employers now will look over your social media profiles nowadays when hiring and while you work for them, even going as far as demanding you add them to get the job to ensure there is nothing they view as bad on there, and I've had to take things down due to work complaining. Anyway, I got the Black Cat skin for D.Va so I don't care any more.
  12. Everyone fantasises about me, tis true.
  13. It occured midday for us, so seeing it was difficult.
  14. Teens used as drugs.