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  1. My birthday is in the first half of October. Coincidence? I think not! Bow down before your new god!
  2. I want to get it, I never finished the first one but that was partly because I wanted to play through with a friend and it was getting the time together. This one looks better too.
  3. Make it your now on your que.
  4. I have not seen it. I wil now have to track this skit down and view it myself.
  5. Ah! It was rather amusing. I reckon they are going to make a Witcher 4 where you create your own Witcher next time...
  6. Which one?
  7. And then this came up after and was fucking hilarious, thought I would post this too. Should maybe rename this thread the Witcher video thread heh.
  8. CD Projekt RED put out this video celebrating 10 years. Hints at what to come?
  9. Holden doesn't bother me, but for some strange reason I really like Amos...
  10. For those who need it, there's a recat of the first series.
  11. For us Brits, we finally get season 2 of The Expanse on Netflix today. The first season was such my perfect sci-fi that I have been chomping at the bit for this, the only reason why I haven't pirated it is because I want to make sure they get the ratings they deserve. I'm already at half-mast, and when I get home I am sure I will be flying full-mast and be ready. Honestly, season 1 set itself up to be like the best sci-fi I have seen in decades, and everything I have heard about season 2 just confirms that they are truly putting in the effort to wine and dine me first before bending me over and having their way with me. Just in case you haven't realised, I am really looking forward to this.
  12. I been thinking about this and kept see-sawing a bit over whether films have gotten worse or that our standards are just higher now, and I kinda hit a realisation: it doesn't if our standards have gone up or not, its up to the film industry to meet our standards whatever they are. So film X is getting bad reviews despite being as good as Film A that came out 20 years ago? Well you know what, damn right it should get bad reviews! It's had 20 years worth of experience on the older film, it no doubt has a bigger budget and better special effects, it SHOULD be better than the older film especially if they want to charge us the price for a new film which is higher than the price of a new film back then as it is. People are becoming more savvy at the bollocks Hollywood shovels out, and Hollywood tries to blame us for having standards? Fuck that shit. Take the Star Wars prequels: many people have said that they 'weren't that bad' and that it was just nostalgia that made the original trilogy so good and that kids seeing them for the first time would be wowed by them etc. Fuck that, the prequels should be better, they should have learned from them and pushed themselves to do better. They should have looked at the audience and realised that many of them had grown up but still wanted Star Wars just with something more. Rogue One did that, that was like my dream Star Wars, so it can be done. If they want us to pay out more for the cinema then they are going to need to start giving us more, give us fine dining instead of a bacon roll we have been shovelled down our throats for the past decades.
  13. Now you're just making shit up!
  14. You monster...