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  1. Calling it now, Jonah dies.
  2. That would be perfect for a VR set up room.
  3. I only asked because I originally had it on GOG but refunded it and got it on Steam when they couldn't confirm whether it would be cross-client or whatever the fuck you call GOG and Steam, and didn't want to take the risk since I had already suffered that issue with Grim Dawn (GOG and Steam versions cannot do multiplayer together and wound up having to buy the game again to play with people).
  4. Does the mulitplayer allow Steam and GOG players to play with each other?
  5. The obsession with watching YouTube, especially to watch other people play games you could be playing yourself, confuses me. I'd rather actually play something and only watch a video to get a clue about something than sit there watching a guy I don't know play the game, and yet they seem more focused on the guy playing than the game itself! Something about it strikes me as not quite right.
  6. That's what puts me off ARPGs. Dunno why they insist on that grind. Still think best Diablo was first Diablo.
  7. Are you required to make bastard choices to survive or can you actually get by without enslaving children and eating old people?
  8. I been wondering about this one. Looked good but wasn't sure on it.
  9. I'm pretty sure anything with electronics in doesn't like me. And people, but the feeling is mutual there.
  10. One weird thing I found with my older computer was that if I had anything plugged into the front USB ports then the computer would seem to suddenly cut out, I'd be left with a blank screen, no sound, no activity, but the computer still running and I'd have to restart the computer. If I knocked the USB cables this would happen too. As long as nothing was plugged into the front ports then it was all fine.
  11. Yeah its still the case it seems. And yeah I don't think they don't either. Though you can manage it with 2x2gb pair with a 2x4gb pair I guess though I am not sure if that is also sub-optimal as well as I heard its best to have the same memory across all channels but that may have just been brand rather than size. I wouldn't bother aiming for 12GB, I would just jump (and did jump) to 16GB, I was just thinking what is required more rather than what is optimal build. I find that most games utilise up to or more than 8GB and then OS and other stuff on top brings up to about there, but not yet enough to utilise the full 16GB is my impression. Won't be long before they are using the full 16GB though I reckon, especially as developers like to abuse the full memory of the average machine.
  12. Yeah I'm thinking 12MB is the absolute minimum new rigs should be built with and you are looking to cut corners, 16GB standard and comfortable.
  13. Apparently according to one review on that IMDB link says that it gets better after the first few episodes but not got that far enough myself to know if true. Yeah, I do think Dr Who has actually been a detriment in many regards to British sci-fi which is a shame since we apparently used to do a lot of good sci-fi (Quatermass for instance). Original Dr Who at least had the excuse that they lacked the funding and special effects to do anything better, and behind the wobbly cardboard sets there was often a decent storyline hidden there. New Who though seemed to think the cheese was somehow a part of it and went all out on it, while neglecting the plot, and is one of the reasons I just stopped watching it. It seems to have stifled British sci-fi the same way Star Trek apparently ended up stifling sci-fi on US TV (at least the space exploration sci-fi). AIs are always hot so that you don't mind when they rise up and take over. Hot dominatrix AI seems to get away with a lot more things.
  14. Wasn't there a British version of The Orville? Not Red Dwarf, one that was based on Star Trek style. I remember now, Hyperdrive! Had the guy Nick Frost (from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) in it. Oh my god they made two seasons of it... https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0481449/
  15. Sorry to hear that. I haven't experienced any suicides at New Year's but have had a grandparent pass away around that time and a colleague at work yesterday told me one of his grandparents had just passed away. Suicides at New Year is a thing I believe, it can be a hard time of year for those struggling with personal demons, apparently Mondays are also a peak point for suicides due to the start of the working week. And sometimes they just seem to choose big events to do the deed. My sister went to a wedding where I think the sister of either the bride or groom killed herself in the hotel after the reception. Apparently she'd had a 'car accident' a few months before that they then realised wasn't accidental.