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  1. Like Elo, I have reservations at the least. I feel Star Trek is done, or rather that it should be done and let other sci-fi franchises step in. It has wandered so far from what it was with TNG, pretty much violating it's own ethos it originally tried to espouse, and now sits like a cancer stifling anything new. However, like Pasanda I liked both TNG and Patrick Stewart, and this looks like it could be a return to the TNG era of Star Trek, or at least a return to the TNG timeline which all the other new Star Treks have been avoiding. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst for me.
  2. I spaffed.
  3. Cheers buying it.
  4. Fucking called it! Suck on my precognitive dick ya'll!
  5. Omigod that made me laugh my tits off so much! I don't even know why its so funny but it is, ah thank you! Made my day.
  6. So are they going with Danny is becoming a monster? I always thought she was and was hoping it would all come back on her at the end. I actually thought she might be the real BBEG, bitch was evil from the get go.
  7. Sounds like you have a plan in place there! Crowdfund it maybe? "Get Elo's mast erect"
  8. I saw this on sale for free. Trying to work out how them giving the game away for free in any way benefits Notre Dame. Are they putting a portion of the profits to rebuilding Notre Dame? No because there are no money. It does eff all for Notre Dame and just capitalises on a disaster to gain publicity. Fuck 'em, next it will be "get Bully the game for free to commemorate that school shooting!"
  9. Anakin was a slave forced into podraces that had people dying in them.
  10. Yep definitely. Keeping people under control while giving them the freedom to do what they want can be hard to pull off. I still struggle with it myself.
  11. Yep, just letting you know the normal process if you didn't already and to clarify that I was reading it right about how they were making characters. Yeah, doesn't sound like a well run game and it gets annoying when you get "one of them" type of players who need to derail the game and make it all about them. The card deck sounds like the Deck of Many Things, which is a magical item though I don't know if they were running it right or not.
  12. Can't see the character without logging in, do need to create an account there but have not yet. Just wanted to ask though you do know that the cost doubles for each point above 13 right? So up to 13 is 5 points, then its 7 for 14 and 9 for 15. And you can't go above 15 before your racial stats add to them (so a gnome can have Intelligence 17 for instance because they have a +2 to Intelligence). Apologies if you already knew this and had already taken it into account, as I can't actually see your character to check what you have done.
  13. I always do....
  14. It's me isn't it?
  15. Only problem is that a coworker was notorious for getting things sent to work, which may be why I didn't think of it. He would get all his dresses and skimpy clothing sent there...