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  1. Regarding the spoiler, damn I'm amazed I was wrong. Unless its been revealed Lara is a lesbian now? Because I can totally see them doing that because it seems to be the cool thing to do now.
  2. Okay now that is cool. So its literally what you said it is, robots! And actual proper robotics competitions instead of smash 'em up ones! I wish we had that at school...
  3. Yep! Charged for the phonecall to arrange it all with them in the first place too! If I don't hear back from their email I am going to have to call them again too. Bloody should be paying me to call tehm! Tell it comrade!
  4. Got it all arranged to get it sent back and a replacement sent, they were supposed to pick it up today and even sent a timeframe for their arrival yet no one came so having to chase them up about it.
  5. The whole family is in mourning. :'( Definitely, it was just that it was the weekend that got me lol. And going back to the old monitor after getting used to that new one.... Contacted Scan and sent them the picture below showing the fault, and they will hopefully replace it with a working one.
  6. Well, it looks like I won't be enjoying it this weekend. Got to run Witcher 3 at ultra settings and everything was fine, got online with a couple of friends and was just starting another game up when it just suddenly went all dim except for a thin strip down the middle. Suspect the backlight has gone. Bollocks.
  7. Yeah, I was surprised at how close they seemed in size to be honest, I had a 28" years ago and that seemed massive whereas this just feels like a single step up in terms of size, not that much bigger. It does have higher resolution though, plus USB ports and other stuff like speakers and the stand is completely adjustable whereas the old one you can't adjust at all. I think they are! They are definitely Corsair and are H something or other I recall. I can't tell the difference in sound stuff myself, and I got them because they were going (relatively) cheap as a refurbished pair, which I have had no problem with though maybe I just got lucky and got a headset whose previous owner didn't have lice! Just checked my order history and yes they are the H1500 7.1! Going to try playing without the headset now I have speakers again though, just so that I don't feel so tied to the seat as much.
  8. Trying to work out where best to put the computer. The shelf at the bottom is too thin to hold it facing out, would have to put it sideways.
  9. Set it up last night and took photos, but had to go out most of last night and I can't seem to upload pics from work here (just got loading below for attachments). I did try it out on Monster Hunter World and surprisingly found that it ran at highest settings fine. Feel this needs further testing, good thing I got the weekend continue testing over... Will get pictures up shortly and, hmm editing a post gives the option... Before.. . After..
  10. Once they invent the haptic codpiece, humanity is over. In other news, my monitor has arrived at house apparently!
  11. Yeah I am suspecting he was thinking of the Go, which isn't what I would want (I have a decent PC...). I know one guy at work who isn't interested in VR until they get sensory feedback especially for porn...
  12. Yeah, how well my GPU performs with the new monitor will determine whether my next big purchase will be a new graphics card or finally go for a VR headset (got told to hold off on VR until this year as something big was coming, whether they knew something or were just talking out their arse I am still waiting to see). The monitor is ordered and on its way, should be here by tomorrow apparently. Hopefully I will get a chance to set things up before I have to go out tomorrow night for my weekly D&Ding and try things out.
  13. I ain't that much of a graphics whore, or at least I'll find out how much of one I am once I get this monitor (which is now ordered). The real estate definitely is something I would appreciate I think, not really thought about it before but I am always struggling with screen space and not having enough space for everything I run. This should make things like the Roll20 games I run a lot easier actually with all the character sheets and such like currently cluttering up screens.
  14. I'm so proud of my influence in this forum. I've played these Shoot and Loots like Borderlands 2 and others, other than the looting mechanics I don't consider them related, and am sure they have been doing similar looting mechanics across all games for some time now, but could be wrong.
  15. Cheers for checking! Currently a GTX 970, depending on how well it performs with the monitor will determine how soon I will be upgrading it seems heh.