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  1. Make sure to comment on the video and be a subscriber to the channel.
  2. Make sure to comment and subscribe.
  3. I'm at 87 subscribers on @Youtube Thank you to everyone who's already subscribed. When I reach the 100 sub goal I have decided to do a giveaway. Video and details how to enter will follow after I reach 100. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSkCpzh0XEgWnpUu2FuT3cA
  4. A few of the MTG presents I got for my birthday May 21st.
  5. I probably spend more time choosing lands for my decks than anything else. The art is the biggest point of decision. Also the card frame. I prefer pre M15, and if I can find them the old school pre 8th edition.
  6. Can they do an Unstable run that is just a booster pack that contains 15 basic lands.
  7. My friend doesn't like my shenanigans.
  8. My friend has no patience.