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  1. I haven't posted here in awhile. A lot of things going on with me right now. I'm a mess. I need to get my life in order, so I'm taking some time away from MTG and social media. I still love magic and everyone here. Thank you.
  2. Someone on the Wizards site screwed up and released the whole map of Ixalan.
  3. I want a thousand copies of Unclaimed Territory. I love tribal decks and this will be much cheaper than Cavern of Souls. djnry
  4. "Please complete this form to request a Magic: The Gathering Treasure Piece trackable. Once the form closes, we will randomly choose 1,500 people globally from all eligible requests to receive a trackable. Filling out this form does not guarantee that you will receive a trackable. " Here is the link https://www.geocaching.com/promotions/promo/magic/ Maybe one of us can get a piece and get some Ixalan previews early.
  5. Combo for commander. 1. Get both cards on battlefield. 2. Kill everything. 3. Profit.
  6. I got bored and made a video showing all my dice.
  7. Glad you could join us.
  8. I also found this site which has a ton of just the art from cards. http://www.artofmtg.com/
  9. I have been playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 50 hours into it and maybe half way done. There is so much to do and I like to compete everything. The open world elements are perfect in the game. I've loved this series since the first one on NES.
  10. All entries done. Those are some awesome prizes.