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  1. This deck is really a lot of fun. For some reason people get excited when I play Hour of Revelation. You really can hide all of your power in the flip lands.
  2. I build Magic the Gathering decks....mostly for standard. Then I put them on my blog. Then I try to get people to talk about Magic the Gathering decks.
  3. Legion's Landing is a good add as well. If your cats get fried before they become indestructible it offers a nice backup for lifeline. That way you can keep the horse production up.
  4. I think this is really cool. It's nice to have a collective list of all of these resources. I'll start working my way through everybody's sites. I've got a blog that I mostly argue with myself on. I'm on youtube and twitter (MTG_Strategist).
  5. I'm Texan...that's sort of Scottish. Instead of kilts and bagpipes, we have guitars and wranglers. Greetings everybody. Just a small time blogger currently living in San Diego, California.