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    Playing Ninja's with my 2 y/o, helping people, MTG (of course I think that's why we're all here), art (I love creating things), chill vibes, Pigeon, music of nearly all kinds, RPG's, fighting games, FPS (particularly ones I may use a sniper in), board games (of any kind really), avid home brewer, and cooking!!

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  1. Thank ya kindly sir! We appreciate ya!
  2. I definitely cancelled my WoW sub when I learned how to play MTG...... So, okay WoTC I'm listening...
  3. HEY!! I think I faintly remember telling you no in our games (I got blue jokes)? haha Welcome my other half!
  4. I am sir!
  5. XD Thanks for the warm welcome! Same kind of response I get everytime I udder the color..... Might consider a change, nah CANCEL that idea; once blue always blue
  6. umm ( I was pretty little so the names are a tad difficult to recollect don't judge me!) Legend of Zelda Super Mario RPG The Lion King Earthworm Jim Zombies Ate my Neighbors Mortal Kombat Bust-a-Move Battle Toads Double Dragon I cant think of the others, a lot of these I couldn't quite grasp how to do it XD I was a video game noob pretty much 'til Ocarina of Time & FF7
  7. Fellow Lady walker here & fairly new to MTG. Been playing for about a year and a half! Glad to see so many here! Learning formats still, play modern, commander. and standard. I have a love of all things blue!
  8. Haha she starts with better gear than we have XD it's exciting!
  9. *facepalm* Ive been tweeting this on fridays and I still haven't done this part XD how may we be added or is there openingsfor us to join in?
  10. Thank you all for showing interest in the cause! After learning more of this young planeswalker I'm so excited we were able to help her. She has been in America for 2 years, adopted from Israel. Which makes me even more stoked to say she is now loaded and I can no longer receive more for the young walker. Everyone went above and beyond what I could've hoped or dreamed, so thank you for sharing it in the forum as well guys! I would love to do this again! So if anyone meets a new planeswalker lacking funds or supplies to start into the game or even an existing walker that had a rough time with Mother Nature (natural disaster, home fire, etc) please shoot them our way we want to make sure they get to join us in the multiverse ^.^ We are awaiting 2 more packages still for her! So soon the game of Tetris to a single box for her will ensue! Thanks again!
  11. I'd be stoked to see core sets make a comeback! It does make me feel for the standard players but the meta would experience such a healthy change with the broad scope of abilities returning, dare I say we may level a playing field for that format? If returned does anyone else see a reduction in the need for bans/restricted?