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  1. Original Ravnica was SO cool, because the guilds were such a unique concept. I'm a little less excited this time around because it feels like we were JUST there, plus the guilds are kind of old news at this point. Still, it's kind of fun when people start identifying with the guilds and building their decks more thematically. Here's hoping Rakdos doesn't have lame mechanics this time around!
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  3. Yeah, because it's still in beta, you never know when the system is going to be overhauled. They do profile-wipes from time to time as well so they can test new versions of the economy. But, of course, the point of all of this is to get the economy nailed down for when it is officially released.
  4. The economy is constantly changing, so I can't speak for the final product, but currently you CAN grind for free drafts. Drafts cost 5,000 gold/coins/whatever and daily quests usually give 350-750ish coins, so you can get 2,500-5,250 just on dailies, and you also get 100 gold/coins/whatever for winning ranked games, which maxes out at 5 wins daily I believe, and there is a running weekly-win reward as well, but I'm pretty sure that's just boosters? Sorry, I'm sketchy on the details because I haven't played a ton since the current economy reset, but the point is, you can grind for free drafts and I assume that's going to be something that stays in the game, it's just the reward sizes/cost of entry might change with time.
  5. Yeah, it's really going to vary store-by-store. At my LGS, there are a few people who play card-for-card Tier 1 decks (currently they have things like Mardu Pyromancer, Grixis Delver, UW Control, 5c Humans, etc) The rest of the store still pretty much plays tier decks, but they're a little on the budget side or their just not-quite-tier-1, like Merfolk or 8-Whack. On the other hand, I see people post "FNM-winning" decklists on social media that are pretty janky. I assume they just have a more casual environment where no one is playing tier decks. *shrug* My best advice is to spend 5 bucks (or whatever) and try it once to see how it goes. If it goes poorly, then at least it's not a ton of money, and you can opt out in the future. Though I must say, I keep getting crushed at my LGS with a really bad budget version of Affinity (1-4 week 1 and 1-3 week 2) and I still look forward to going. I just enjoy playing the game.
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  7. I'm not sure if you misunderstand how Bestow works or if I'm interpreting your post wrong, so let's go over everything. First off, you can't pay the bestow cost when the creature is already in play. You can either play it as a creature (in this case a W 1/1 with lifelink) or you can pay 3W to get an aura. You can't pay the bestow cost to make it a creature, the only way it can become a creature is if the thing it is enchanting dies. So, if they play it as an aura, it doesn't trigger Blood Seeker, because it doesn't count as a creature, it's an Aura Spell. If they play it as an aura and then the creature it is enchanting dies, it "becomes a creature" while on the battlefield, so it doesn't trigger "enter the battlefield" effects at that point either. So the simple answer is "No." On the other hand, if they play it as an enchantment targeting a creature, then you kill that creature in response while it's on the stack, THEN it would enter the battlefield as a creature and trigger Blood Seeker.
  8. I still have my "first" deck ever, tribal zombies from Onslaught, in a box and sleeved. The deck is terrible and unplayable, but it's still together!
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  11. The first match with GB Monsters and we're up against a hyper aggressive mono red deck. We just need to survive long enough to start casting our monsters and we should be good...right? -------------------------------------------- GB Monsters playlist: Subscribe: Twitter: Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner -------------------------------------------- This video is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.
  12. Definitely! And as it happens, there is a perfectly even 50-50 distribution of new/old cards "leaked." Not shown above are Disperse, Goblin Instigator, and Loxodon Line Breaker, so 9 reprints and 9 new cards.
  13. Text list: Here.
  14. Extreme budget pauper time! For 1,5 tickets, I've built "G/B Monsters," a Golgari deck looking to slam down threat after threat and constantly pressure the opponent with large, aggressive creatures. Check it out! GB Monsters Deck Tech GB Monsters Playlist