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  1. Lets dust off the first deck I played on this channel and take it to the Tournament Practice room for the first time in months!
  2. Haha, I guess it's because those cards are so out of my price range that I didn't really consider them. Mostly I just want my budget modern decks to be better with utility cards like Path to Exile and whatnot, which currently aren't doable because just a playset of them breaks the budget of the whole deck.
  3. Yeah, I'll just do one for each color. I personally would like to see those common/uncommon staples that are overpriced be reprinted. Y'know, the ones that are so good that everyone needs 20+ copies so they can add them to all of their decks. White: Path to Exile Blue: Preordain Black: Inquisition of Kozilek Red: Lightning Bolt Green: What @JesGolbez said.
  4. Game 3 with Oars against Bogles. I know what you're thinking. "Oh look, another aggro deck, and another short video." Okay fine, I admit I got my butt kicked in the last game, but c'mon, have some faith! ------------------------------- Oars Playlist: Subscribe: Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner
  5. Being able to fill the time with banter is pretty important, and that's what terrifies me about the idea of speaking during extended pack openings. That's just not in my wheelhouse, but the people who CAN do it are pretty awesome. Even though I frequently disagree with Jeremy at Unsleeved Media and don't like the direction his channel has taken, I always thought he was great and making a lengthy pack openings interesting. The same is true for MTG Magpie, she breaks her box openings into 3 vidoes but I'm pretty confident I could watch a 30+ minute box opening without a problem. I also usually watch The Professors box openings, and I think what makes those so watchable is he tries to make enough money to buy another box. I mean, a lot of people keep a running total of the value of their openings, but knowing there is actually going to be another box adds to the anticipation, for sure.
  6. You see, the problem with that is the browns have been going 0-16 (or nearly so) for the past 10 years and that whole "rebuilding year" thing hasn't worked out so well. Literally the last time they had a winning record was 2007. Heck, they've only had 3 winning seasons since 1990! It's funny though, despite being so bad, Ohio is FILLED with Browns fans. I'd be curious how their merchandise sales compare to more successful teams, actually...
  7. There are a lot of decks that use Squadron Hawk, and even though I don't think this is as good, Legion Conquistador is an option some people might consider. Not sure if paying an extra one for a 2/2 without flying, but hey, who says you have to choose? If you're just looking for Enters the Battlefield triggers, why not play 4 copies of both? Also, if Merfolk ever become a thing in Pauper (we'll see with Rivals of Ixalan, I guess) then for sure this should be a staple in it:
  8. If you guys saw that map back on Page 2, I just saw @Temporal Magic post on Twitter (so credit to them, this is their screenshot) that it's going to be a playmat for winning the in-store championship thing. It looks awesome!
  9. I did end up doing a video on this. It's basically what I said two posts above, but if you want to hear me mumble about it for 17 minutes, you're in luck!
  10. Here is a list of every uncommon and rare that was downshifted into common with Iconic Masters. Masters sets tend to make a bit of a splash in pauper because the common slot is filled with a lot more power than your average release, so lets see what goodies we get to build with this time around! For those who are impatient, here are time codes for specific colors: Rebound spells: 1:00 Blue: 2:22 White: 5:11 Green: 6:59 Red: 9:35 Black: 11:25 Colorless: 13:43 --------------------------------------- Subscribe: Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner
  11. I haven't watched the video yet, but I wouldn't mind 1 free mulligan. Drawing no-land hands is basically the worst thing ever. However, you have to look at the flip-side of the coin, if we were more liberal with mulligans then it paves the way for more toxic turn-1-win combo decks. It's always a delicate balance, and if fun/enjoyment is the ultimate goal then you have to be careful about swinging things in the opposite direction, where free-win decks become too powerful. Of course, you COULD change the mulligan rule, and then ban those decks, but that would probably be a PR disaster. What would DesolatorMagic and Unsleeved Media say!?
  12. If you are having trouble game 2 against control, the best option is to fight fire with fire. 4x Negate/Disallow in the sideboard can function as a shield against control spells. Just make sure to always hold them and only use them when your key pieces are targeted. I saw someone mention in the comments that you should remove Chart a Course for Opt. I'm playing 4x Opt/Chart a Course in a standard blue aggro deck I'm playtesting in standard and I have to say, Chart a Course is pretty damn awesome. Drawing 2 cards for 2 is nice! The two cards that stick out to me are River Sneak and Tishana's Wayfinder. How does River Sneak play? It seems amazing on turn 2 but pretty bad at any other time ever. Is it working for you when you top-deck it in the late game, when your hand is empty?
  13. In this video, we teach you how to properly concede a game of Magic: the Gathering like a proper gentleman. I hope you find it helpful. Original video: Boogie2998's channel: Boogie2998's other channel: My channel: Brian David-Marshall meme: "To be continued" original song (Yes - Roundabout):
  14. I'm a huge fan of these forums, the community is great, and so are the discussions! It's honestly the only place right now where I feel comfortable just venting out a big opinionated post without feeling like it's going to turn into a heated battle to the death. Y'know, like on Twitter and stuff.
  15. This week we are playing against a hyper-aggressive budget Affinity deck, also known as Tempered Steel. I know what you're thinking, "you're playing an aggro deck and this is a short video, so that must mean you got your butt kicked, right?" Nonsense! Maybe we hammered away with Master of the Feast 2 games in a row. You didn't think of that, did you? ... -------------------------- Oars Playlist: Subscribe: Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner