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  1. Price of these cards before release, this might be fun to look back on and see how much the printing impacts the price: Grim Tutor: $216 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon: $63 Containment Priest: $4.50 Azusa, Lost but Seeking: $35 Fabled Passage: $12 Heroic Intervention: $18 Massacre Wurm: $19 Scavenging Ooze: $5.50 (M14 edition) Baneslayer Angel: $9 (M11 edition)
  2. Core 2021 is mostly spoiled and I have to say, this Core set is packed with value. Here are some of the high-priced reprints we're getting. Most of these cards are worth more than $10USD, with Grim Tutor being a $200+ card.
  3. Yeah, the one positive thing I took from the video is he said he gets so much fake information that he doesn't know what's true or what isn't until after the fact. So in this case, he didn't know it was true until i twas announced, and we still don't know if the list is true. So that's good I guess. However, if a content creator or trader made a connection with a reliable source, they'd have a constant stream of inside information. And considering we see these mass buyouts and sellouts days before announcements all the time, there is definitely some shady stuff happening behind the scenes.
  4. Oh yeah, I read that article, there is definitely a lot of bullshit happening behind the scenes. Rudy also posted a video recently about people emailing him leaks for Double Masters in February. He even lists some cards in the set that haven't been spoiled yet. I guess we can't confirm that the cards he shows will be in the set, but if they are, yikes!