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  4. I think there will always be people who want to play Magic in paper. I mean, D&D is pretty antiquated and absolutely should have failed by now yet people still want to meet face-to-face to play it. I mean, heck, people thought paper magic would die when MTGO was originally released, and that didn't happen. If WOTC plays their cards right, they could even encourage more people to play (or at least buy) paper cards. If they push digital players to buy paper cards (with promo codes and whatnot) you could get new people in LGS's, if only to buy packs. And from an LGS owner's perspective, it's probably not a bad thing to suddenly have a wave of people asking to buy those boosters that competitive players never buy. *Shrug*
  5. I actually think it's awesome that you can play competitively on Arena. The cost of playing competitively has always been the thing that has put me off of it (and also being terrible at Magic, of course) so the fact that there is a sort-of-free way to make a name for yourself is awesome! I also think this is exactly what Magic has needed. Competitive gaming is on the rise, and "gaming" is a real profession now (and not just as an entertainer on Youtube) so I'm glad to see WOTC is capitalizing on it. We could definitely see a massive influx of new players of competitive gamers take up Magic just because it's a popular competitive game like Rocket League/League of Legends/Madden/etc. I doubt Arena will reach those heights, but if it gets on the same level as Hearthstone that wouldn't be a bad thing. Anyway, overall I think the changes are positive. My only concern is for how Modern will work on Arena if it ever gets to that point. There is no way you are going to be able to build modern decks by opening packs. NO WAY. I've seen people complain about how hard it is to get a 4th mythic in Standard, imagine trying to build a modern deck full of mythics and having to open boosters from 60+ sets to get individual cards. If there is any plan on bringing Modern to Arena, they are going to have to find a new system for Modern cards. Maybe standard is free-to-play but after they rotate out of Standard they become purchasable with in-game currency, which would drive free-to-play microtransactions but allow people to effectively "buy" decks for modern. *Shrug* Seems viable. All assuming Modern ends up on Arena, of course. It might not happen, though it seems pretty likely in my opinion.
  6. I saw MTGGoldfish tweet out that this is actually intentional. I don't play competitively so I didn't know about it, but apparently WOTC has been flooding Treasure Chests with staple cards to lower the price. It's definitely a reaction to Arena, they want MTGO to be accessible and the only way to do that is hammer the prices down, but it does indeed suck for people who had a lot of money in it. It's GREAT for budget players though! I'm going to get to play all kinds of sweet decks on the channel in the future. Edit: Also, this deck is currently 6.07 tix, and Thought-Knots Seers are down to 4 tix each, so I actually could have played 2 of them had I recorded this series a couple weeks later than I did.
  7. The full list has been revealed. It is, indeed, 5 basics + Lightning Bolt. The mountain is still pretty weird!
  8. So prices on Magic Online have absolutely tanked! I won't speculate (but it's probably Magic Arena *ahem*) but regardless, we get to play one of the most powerful decks ever featured on the channel! Look at all this cool stuff we get to play for just 10 tickets! (The deck was priced at 13.88 tickets when I recorded the deck tech but it's currently 10.11 tix.) Budget Eldrazi and Taxes Deck Tech Budget Eldrazi and Taxes Playlist
  9. Text decklists TappedOut: MTGGoldfish:
  10. Eldrazi and Taxes is a black/white (and colorless) modern deck that does 2 things: Make the opponent's life difficult by making their deck less functional while fueling out giant Eldrazi with the help of Eldrazi Temple. Things like Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Leonin Arbiter, and Tidehollow Sculler make the opponents deck worse in every way, and while our opponent is on their heels trying to recover we overrun them with the likes of Reality Smasher. This is a budget version of the deck. If you've always wanted to play Eldrazi and Taxes for under 15 tickets, this is it! -------------------------------------------- Budget Eldrazi and Taxes Playlist: Subscribe: Twitter: Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner -------------------------------------------- Background music provided by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License This video is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.
  11. Welp, after browsing Twitter for a few minutes it looks like I was correct. Here is 001/006 which is the promo for entering the main event.
  12. It's either Wastes or it's the actual "big" promo that they usually give out. I think GP promos are typically 1 of 1, so in this case, 5 basic lands + usual Main Event promo would be the 6. But, who knows! *Shrug*
  13. So this image was released recently, it's a promo mountain that's going to be handed out at GPs. This isn't replacing GP promos, but rather seems to be a bonus promo for playing side events. Anyway, a lot of people are speculating about the art. Technically there is nothing to say that the promo art should be connected to future sets, but it's so WEIRD. Why put THIS THING in the middle of a basic mountain art for no reason? What do you guys think? Do you think it has any ties to whatever set will come after Ravnica?
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