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  1. Comparing prices of Hearthstone, Hex, and Pokemon TCG with MTGO. Phantom events allow WOTC to compete with these other games, so why aren't they utilizing it?
  2. That sounds pretty awesome! I'm super jealous.
  3. Hey guys, this is just a list of every deck I've played on Affinity for MTG. I will edit this post as I add decks to the channel, so even though it's a little barren now it will be a comprehensive (and easy to navigate) list of all the decks, ever! These are links to the deck techs, but each video should have a link to the playlist in its descriptions. Standard: Courier Aggro (Aether Revolt Standard) Modern: Restore Balance Pauper: Shadow Black Deckbuilding Challenges: Random Card Challenge (Modern)
  4. The intro to the current on-going series on my channel.
  5. Welcome!
  6. Yeah, doesn't seem that impressive...I guess that is MSRP though, if local gaming stores sell them in the $15 range it's not completely terrible, but still probably wouldn't buy one.
  7. Since they are dealing mostly with just playtesting though, I would imagine they would have an impact on the blocks right after Ixalan. That is to say, whatever comes after Ixalan might be late in its development cycle, but I highly doubt it has been printed yet, so I wouldn't think there would be an issue with them getting straight to work on that and re-balancing the set if needed. Speaking purely hypothetical of course, who knows what goes on behind closed doors at Wizards of the Coast.
  8. I have no words.
  9. I'm not a huge standard player, but having lived through the Mirrodin fiasco I think people will get over it eventually. It definitely sucks, and it's a REALLY bad time to be a competitive standard player, but it's not the first time things have gotten out of hand and it won't be the last. Beyond that, I don't see much point in complaining. I'm just happy I'm a budget player so having cards banned doesn't affect me much.
  10. I like pretty much everything. If I have anything to criticize, it's the Mark/WOTC seems to be missing the point that the reason Masterpieces declined in popularity wasn't because people were losing interesting in masterpieces but that the masterpieces themselves were declining in desirability. Print VALUABLE cards at Masterpieces level, they are so rare that they won't cause too much harm to the secondary market and it means the premium masterpiece version will be guaranteed to be worth something. Still, that's a tiny criticism, everything else sounds fantastic. Bigger blocks are fine, I like that it means humans won't be 100 percent necessary to drive a conflict-driven plot, it means we could explore more primitive (or even humanless) worlds and just have sets with lots of cool non-human creatures. Core sets are so important and I'm glad they are coming back in some form. People will whine that the cards are too simplistic and that they serve no purpose once they are released, but they are invaluable for new players so I'm glad to see them. Now all I want is for the stories to be printed in book form now. AND IT'S TOTALLY POSSIBLE NOW WITH NO BLOCKS SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEE!
  11. For me, Detention Sphere. The potential for 2-for1 is too strong. It's why I personally still play Bile Blight in modern.
  12. Yeah, most looking forward to Rosewater's announcement. I've been planning on doing a standard rotation video for awhile and I'm glad I kept putting it off, we'll see if anything changes with his announcement!
  13. I don't know man, I guess we have different opinions where that is concerned. If MMOs charged $10 per hour I'm pretty sure I'd play a different MMO. Now, if it was a 10 ticket monthly subscription fee for unlimited phantom events (with no prizes), I'd probably consider it.
  14. Huh, I didn't even notice that. Well if they were going to do things like that for the sake of balance, I really wish they had replaced Onslaught for Odyssey block. Onslaught and Time Spiral do not mesh well, unless you can get a Sliver deck going.