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  1. I've seen some pack opening videos but no one has mentioned card quality, though I did see that Tolarian Community College released an "is it worth it?" video earlier today. Might have to check that out later. At this point though, I don't have a lot of confidence. I thought for sure it would be fixed with Ixalan after all the bad press...but now, MULTIPLE sets later, I just expect the worst with each release.
  2. I am! Well, sort of. I really want to record it but I don't know if my aging laptop can handle the game and a screen recorder at the same time. They also announced that Amonkhet is going to be released with the update, which is nice because Ixalan-block constructed is super narrow. Looking forward to some more variety in the games!
  3. It seems like the rest of the boxes he opened were okay, but it still seems odd that the boosters were not only the same, but in the same order. I wasn't aware this comes up regularly as @MTGandME mentioned, but that doesn't make me any more confident that mass-retailers online can't search the packs to some degree if identical boxes are popping up with each set.
  4. Hey guys, this is unconfirmed and we're going off the anecdotal evidence of a single person's box opening on Youtube, but Rudy over at Alpha Investments opened 2 boxes of Masters 25 and opened 2 identical boxes. I know I just linked to one of his videos recently but if this holds up then it could be really, REALLY bad. Here it is:
  5. Well, I made a video summarizing my thoughts on the downshifts. Ironically I brushed over Crimson Mage/Frenzied Goblin but I've seen a lot of hype over those cards since I recorded it. Frenzied Goblin was very playable when it was in standard so maybe it can play the same role in red aggro in Pauper.
  6. As usual, new Masters set means new powerful cards for Pauper, and this one is looking interesting! You can check out the full list here: Some of the spicier new additions is Relentless Rats. It's problematic because pauper is so control-heavy, but on the flip side there are no good board sweepers in the format so if the deck can keep a couple rats in play they could get out of hand quickly. I think Court Hussar is pretty sweet too. Comparable to Sea Gate Oracle, a format staple, and it's pretty much strictly better in UW decks.
  7. It reminds me of the "robots replacing human workers" discussion. It makes sense for a single business to eliminate human workers because it drastically increases their profit margins, but if every business in existence removed human workers then the system would collapse, as the majority of the population wouldn't be employed, and thus wouldn't be able to purchase the product/service being provided by the business. It's important that human workers are still employed, yet every business is driven to eliminate them. The same is true for the MTG Finance community, as you mentioned. At the end of the day, the system will collapse if there aren't players. The player community needs to be fostered first and foremost, and the rest will take care of itself. That's not a swipe at investors, my opinion about the MTG Finance community is that they will do what they do regardless, I can appreciate the hustle and respect anyone who tries to make a living doing what they love. But it is my opinion that if the player base is healthy, then everything else will pretty much take care of itself. More players means more buyers for MTG Finance and more customers for store owners. The worst case scenario is that investors will be making less per sale but will be selling more volume because there are more buyers. The finance community will figure itself out, WOTC just needs to focus on the game and its players and let the rest fall into place.
  8. I know not everyone is a fan of the guy, but this seems to capture my own opinion fairly well and thought I'd share it here.
  9. I'm going to avoid the spoilers the same way I did with the major Ixalan leak, but I must say it's getting ridiculous. I think it's safe to say WOTC seems incapable of learning from its mistakes.
  10. Game 3 against a totally-fair deck, UR Breach. I'm sure I will be patient and hold up counterspells when I have them, right? Because...y'know, that'd be the smart thing to do... -------------------------------------------- Budget Affinity Playlist: Subscribe: Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner
  11. Good point! This seems to be an ongoing issue with WOTC, not really understanding who the consumers are for specific prodcuts. As The Professor has put it, by making their products "good for everybody" do they make them "good for nobody." Their most successful products seem to be the ones built for a specific audience, like Commander decks, Unstable, and I'm going to assume Challenger decks as well. You'd think they learn that if they want to sell Masters sets the best way to cram them with format staples.
  12. Welp, here's another one. This deck won the 2003 World Championship, and uses my beloved Odyssey/Onslaught blocks that I learned to play Magic with. Check it out!