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  1. New deck! Like jank? Fantastic! This is probably the jankiest deck on the channel so far. We're looking to cast a Combustible Gearhulk with a Panharmonicon in play to either combo off and get a Metalwork Colossus or 3 in play or just kill our opponent outright. Sound fun? Combustible Colossus Deck Tech Combustible Colossus Playlist
  2. Like jank? Fantastic! This is probably the jankiest deck on the channel so far. We're looking to cast a Combustible Gearhulk with a Panharmonicon in play to either combo off and get a Metalwork Colossus or 3 in play or just kill our opponent outright. Sound fun? -------------------------------------------- Combustible Colossus Playlist: Subscribe: Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner
  3. I thought this thread was purely speculative, but as @ChuckWagonMTG alluded to in the post above Channel Fireball IS going to be doing Pauper side events. Here's the tweet they put out about it.
  4. My thoughts are the same, I'd love to watch it but the price would probably go up, and there is a chance the format could be warped a bit. The great thing about it right now is that it's mostly a bunch of average plebs playing the format, and who knows what would happen if groups of pros took some serious time to "figure out" the format like they do with modern/standard. Still, I'd interested in watching!
  5. Just to offer up a counter-point since this discussion is fairly one-sided, let me say this: I like extreme music, particularly extreme forms of death metal, and I'm not talking about pop bands like Slipknot/Korn/whatever. This music that I listen to is horrifically violent, glamorizing and glorifying very dark aspects of humanity that I won't specify here in the event that our younger members happen upon the post. Suffice it to say the lyrics are incredibly offensive, alarming, and hateful, and despite all that the music has always held a certain appeal to me. So, with that said I am not in any way condemning someone for enjoying Jeremy's content. If someone were to tell me to my face that Unsleeved Media is there favorite channel, I'd likely just nod and say "Cool, I like MTGGoldfish." There is absolutely nothing wrong, in my opinion, for liking whatever content you want to consume in your free time. If you like the more emotional, outraged, and pessimistic nature his content, I understand! I like those very things in my music! It's just that, when it comes to this banning, the thing we all have to realize is that DCI membership is a privilege, not a right, and it's completely understandable that WOTC would revoke that privileged from someone who makes a living belittling the company and its fans. In the same way that death metal bands are frequently banned from venues with prudish owners who disapprove off their lyrics. It's kind of bull-crap as a fan, for sure, and so I can see why Jeremy's fans would be defensive. Still, the whole incident seems perfectly sensible to me.
  6. The MTG community is as divided as ever, and it's difficult to participate without getting sucked into the cesspit of hate, rage, and hypocrisy that runs rampant on the internet. Let's take a deep breath, take a step back, turn out emotions off for a second, and talk this out a bit. Alternatively you can leave mean commments and call me a poopy head. That works too.
  7. This is fantastic news for a budget player like myself. We've gone through a few "panic-sell" scenarios in the past and it's ALWAYS a great time to load up on staples before the market stabilizes. If 2018 is as bad as Roguedeckbuilder predicts, then BUY BUY BUY!
  8. The thing with Jeremy that many people forget is that when he lost his sponsorship with WOTC, he stated that WOTC had "made an enemy" and he would "make them pay for it." His agenda since losing his sponsorship was to degrade and belittle the company and everyone who works for it. I know he likes to play the victim and his fans buy into that, but he publicly stated he was going on the attack and he has done so for the past several months. I'll have to try to dig up the video, but I'm sure it's private/deleted by now.
  9. That's the best part, you absolutely can. I've been playing for 15 years unimpeded, it's great.
  10. Part of the reason I don't consider myself liberal/conservative is because of the rampant hypocrisies with both groups. Conservative MTG players were the ones saying NFL players should be fired for kneeling during the national anthem at football games. NFL players weren't technically doing anything illegal, but "they should be fired for disrespecting the flag" or whatever. Now those same people are arguing that Jeremy didn't technically do anything illegal, and that he shouldn't have been DCI banned. This seems terribly inconsistent. If NFL players should have been fired, then by all means Jeremy should be banned and that is something you should support. Likewise if you argued in favor of the protests because they weren't technically doing anything illegal, then perhaps the same is true for Jeremy. Not taking a side with this post, just stating that the blatant hypocrisy of both sides has always annoyed me. Anyway, apparently a lot of Jeremy's fans are threatening to quit Magic, so now seems like a great time to bring your friends to your LGS. Enjoy the peace and quiet, I say!
  11. Yeah, Travis Woo's group was intended to inspire that sort of content, if that happened here it wouldn't because you created the forums specifically to allow people to post hateful messages. *Shrug*
  12. In case you haven't heard, Jeremy aka MTG Headquarters aka Unsleeved Media has been permanently DCI banned after the recent drama that I'm sure we all know about by now. More surprisingly, to me anyway, is the fact that Travis Woo received a 12-month ban for his "Magic for Bad" group. He seemed to be genuinely trying to do the right thing to me, but at least it's only temporary.
  13. With Doubling Season it's insta-win on turn 6, because Vraska will enter the battlefield with 10 counters.
  14. Hey guys! Just thought I'd let everyone here know that I'm giving away an MTGO deck! I upgraded the Tezzeret, Master of Metal Planeswalker Deck, played a couple games with it on MTGO, and now it's up for grabs! Below are the 2 videos about the deck, and the giveaway can be found here: