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  1. Throne of Eldraine Gift Edition on Amazon: Today I just want to briefly talk about the Throne of Eldraine Gift Edition and why it doesn't suck. But you probably guessed that from the title of the video.
  2. I guess we'll have to see how the metagame adjusts. Unfortunately I haven't had time to play/watch the format since the last ban, but taking a quick look at MTGgoldfish's metagame page it looks like Teferi and Nexus of Fate decks are starting to claim the top spot. Like I said, I haven't been playing, but it certainly LOOKS miserable. XD
  3. Another round of bans yesterday. This time Once Upon a Time, Field of the Dead, and Smuggler's Copter got the axe. Once Upon a Time is starting to feel like Treasure Cruise, it seems like it's going to get banned in every format ever. Field of the Dead has also proven to be obnoxious, now having been banned in both Standard and Pioneer and Copter was getting downright toxic. Literally any deck that played creatures ran Smuggler's Copter, because it was one of the best creatures in the format and the fact that's it's an artifact meant every deck could play it. Full article: Full banlist to date: Felidar Guardian Field of the Dead Leyline of Abundance Oath of Nissa Once Upon a Time Smuggler’s Copter Veil of Summer +Fetch lands
  4. Remember when War of the Spark was released, and there were all those planeswalkers with Stained Glass art? A lot of people complained that they weren't released in paper, but it turns out, each Secret Lair will come with a random one. I guess it makes sense to put it in an product like this, since the whole point is to showcase experimental art.
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  6. I hope this video was helpful! Here are all the links as promised! Booster Packs: It's hard to find single packs on Amazon - I recommend visiting a local game store or Walmart/Target/Gamestop if you just want loose packs! ----BUNDLES---- THRONE OF ELDRAINE: CORE 2020: WAR OF THE SPARK: RAVNICA ALLEGIANCE: GUILDS OF RAVNICA: ----BOOSTER BOXES---- THRONE OF ELDRAINE: CORE 2020: WAR OF THE SPARK: RAVNICA ALLEGIANCE: GUILDS OF RAVNICA: Throne of Eldraine COLLECTOR Booster Box: Throne of Eldraine COLLECTOR Booster Pack: Throne of Eldraine GIFT EDITION: Magic Game Night (2018): Magic Game Night (2019): I didn't mention these in the video, but if you are shopping for a Magic-Playing book lover, these are some really cool coffee table books featuring art from the game. They are beautiful and most people are unaware of them. The Art of Magic - Zendikar: The Art of Magic - Innistrad: The Art of Magic - Kaladesh: The Art of Magic - Amonkhet: The Art of Magic - Ixalan: The Art of Magic - Dominaria: The Art of Magic - Ravnica:
  7. Yeah, I recorded a video about this yesterday and talked about how it's exploiting FOMO a little bit. I don't see it any more or less wasteful than foils. Some people spend copious amounts foiling out their decks, and even though I would never spend that much, it's really no harm that they exist. An considering Bitterblossom is cheaper than any secondary market printing, it's actually more budget-friendly.
  8. Another interesting thing: The Bitterblossom drop is selling for $29.99. The cheapest Bitterblossom on the market is the Ultimate Masters edition, which sells for $37. So WOTC is printing Bitterblossom and selling it directly to consumers for less than the secondary market price, plus it's a fancy full-art edition. Also, here are some larger/clearer images of some of the drops:
  9. Welp, they've done it again. WOTC is selling direct to customers, bypassing Local Game Stores with this new product - Secret Lairs. They're basically like the Spellbooks, a small collection of cards (3 to 7) in a box, but what's unique about these is WOTC is using them to explore more stylized art forms. I actually think this is a cool idea, because it allows WOTC to do weird, unique art without people whining too much about it since the cards won't appear in packs. Naturally, since the art is more stylized, people are going to have more extreme opinions about it. For example, I LOVE the Dredge cards but don't find the "OMG Kittens" batch to be all that appealing. But it's purely optional - if you don't like an art style, you can just pass on it, so basically WOTC gets to be more experimental with art without people being to offended by it. Here are all the drop, and the full article: Edit: Actually, Scryfall already has hi-res scans of most of the cards, so you can see those here:
  10. Welp, this one might trigger some people's PTSD. We have the broken Temur Energy deck from a couple years ago. Sorry, don't shoot the messenger!
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  12. Haha, maybe. No Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile, or Ancient Stirrings. If only Thoughtseize hadn't been printed in Theros, all those staple 1-cmc powerhouses would be out of the format.
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  14. This is one of the bigger Banned and Restricted announcements in awhile, affecting Standard, Brawl, Legacy, and Vintage. Standard: Oko, Thief of Crowns is banned. Once Upon a Time is banned. Veil of Summer is banned. Brawl: Oko, Thief of Crowns is banned. Legacy: Wrenn and Six is banned. Vintage: Narset, Parter of Veils is Restricted. Full article:
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