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  1. Another bonus game with Restore Balance, against a deck that can counter our things. Fun.
  2. It was basically the same questions on each page but re-worded. They do that because some people can hinge their answer on a single word in a question, so if you rephrase it and re-ask it multiple times people's answers can change. I know my answers were different on each page despite the fact that I noticed they were basically the same, so I think that helps getting a more grounded, less-erratic result. *shrug* I agree though, I answered all the "how important is it to feel like you are playing a character" questions fairly low. I wonder if that is an attempt to gauge enthusiasm for the MMORPG that's supposed to be in the works.
  3. Okay, but only if we can create another thread to complain about the positive-comment-only thread.
  4. I do not buy a ton of paper cards. Before creating my channel, the last time I had opened paper product was during Theros. When I opened Kaladesh boosters for the first time, my very first thought was "wow, these feel really flimsy" as I was flipping through them, and I had NO KNOWLEDGE that his was something people were talking about. Maybe people didn't notice because it was a slow progression, but because I went from Theros to Kaladesh, it was HUGELY noticeable. They don't just feel flimsy either, they feel grainy/sandy. When handling older cards, they feel like they have a clear-coat on them, something to make them glossy smooth. Newer cards actually feel kind of scratchy as you flip through them.
  5. My thoughts on negativity on the internet in general, even outside of the MTG community, is founded on the principle that people are simply driven by negativity to begin with. When things are going our way, we don't tend to be vocal about it, but as soon as something goes bad we feel we need to voice our concern. For example, most companies and products have a way to contact them for complaints, but most people don't go out of their way to contact a business if they enjoy their product. They voice that thought by continuing the purchase the product. Another way to look at this is the like/dislike ratios. A Youtube video might have 1,000 likes and 100 dislikes, but then it'll have 50 negative comments to 10-15 positive ones. It means that people ultimately received the video positively, but the negative group were more likely to take the time to post. As for the MTG community specifically, it does seem to be more negative when people are hyped up about something.
  6. Not only would I consider it playable in pauper, but I'm tinkering with a mono-green aggro deck in MODERN that uses it.
  7. The final match with our sub-optimal Boros token deck in Pauper. Can we pull this series out of the gutter and finish with a winning record, against mono-black control??
  8. Yeah, most sites are listing this as just "affinity," but I didn't know if the name altered with this current build. For example, there was a white/blue version on MTGgoldfish that they named "Tempered Steel," which was the signal pest/affinity shell with Tempered Steel and Etched Champion, so I was expecting some kind of "Pest Affinity" title. Welp, I'll be titling "Affinity" in the title if I ever get around to editing this game.
  9. I got matched up against death shadow with a budget jank deck recently and went 1-1 against it. Unfortunately my opponent quit before we could go to game 3 but the deck was far from unbeatable, especially since I was playing with a pretty bad deck. It's a good deck I suppose, but not remotely ban-worthy at all.
  10. So, to start things off, is there an official name for the "Signal Pest aggro/affinity" thing? I came across a deck recently that used Signal Pest with things like Etherium Sculptor and Master of Etherium to create this weird mono-blue aggro beatdown thing. It was very similar to affinity, but with a heavy focus on aggro. Is this just considered "affinity," which is what I intend to call it, or does it have a specific name? Some of the stuff I saw:
  11. Hey guys, as an MTGO player, I occasionally come across decks that I recognize but I'm not 100 percent sure if it has an exact name. Usually they are fringe decks that appeared on channels like MTGgoldfish and the like, decks that are popular and are played by lots of people but won't appear on a list of "established" decks. I thought it would be nice for myself and other MTGO content creators to have a place where they can say "Hey, I just played against a deck that used these cards, does it have a name?" Naturally sometimes you just play against a homebrew and there IS no name, but it'd be nice to be able to just toss the cards up on a thread and see if anyone else recognizes it. Also, if there is a website that makes these irrelevant, let me know! There are a lot of sites that track tournament data, but it's the fringe decks that get to me.
  12. 1. "Technically" they have to search their library, however I don't think there are any clear rules about what "searching" means. So, if you are playing a physical game in paper, presumably a player could look over at their deck on the table and say "There, I searched." Technically, that's searching. 2. Yep, technically they have "searched." Also, they have to shuffle regardless, too. The "Then that player shuffles their library" is it's own rules text, so in paper, even if someone glances at their deck and says "I searched" they still have to pick it up and shuffle it.
  13. I have a very similar deck, actually! My biggest issue with 3+ color decks in pauper is that the duals are slow and clunky, so you always feel behind with your lands coming into play tapped constantly. I haven't played it in awhile though, maybe I should give it a 2nd look.
  14. Why is this video so long? Because blue control.