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  1. More Godzilla-themed cards:
  2. Another new mechanic is Companion: So you can completely ignore the Companion text and just play these as normal, however Companions give you the added bonus of using them as pseudo-commanders in regular Constructed. If you decide you want Lutri as your companion, you can start the game with it in exile and cast it like you would a Commander. The drawback is you have severe deckbuilding constraints, like you see above. The card doesn't count towards your 60 cards, so you can't play 59+Companion, and it will actually take a slot in your Sideboard, so you lose sideboard slots as well. It also doesn't have a Command Zone or a tax, once you cast it, it behaves like any other card. The restrictions are pretty severe, but if any of these are playable the amount of consistency you get from always having your build-around card in constructed could be pretty crazy. Not to mention, as I saw MTG Goldfish mention on Twitter, Keruga is just straight-up playable in Jeskai Fires without making any changes to the deck, which is pretty insane.
  3. Ikoria previews begin today, and since preview season is shortened to just 1 week we are getting a TON of information. However, none of that matters, because Godzilla. These are indeed real cards, however they are unique in that they aren't part of the main set. WOTC teamed up with Toho to bring us the "Godzilla" series, which is like a Masterpiece series, and if you look below the titles of these cards, you'll see their ACTUAL names. Here's an example: And here is Luminous Broodmothra, which is converted to Mothra for the Godzilla series.
  4. It's official, Enemy fetch lands are FINALLY being reprinted. Unfortunately, they're being printed as a Secret Lair, which probably isn't going to add enough supply to the market to meet demand, but on the positive side they're selling them through local game stores, so that's cool. The article also mentions that fetch lands will see print in another product later in the year, so while the Secret Lair might not impact the price TOO much, we'll have another round of them soon. The article hints that they'll be in a Commander product, but it should be noted that they don't technically say it's ENEMY fetches that will be reprinted, so it could be the lower-cost allied fetches that get printed instead. Interesting note: Each fetch land features a different plane. Verdant Catacombs: Innistrad Scalding Tarn: Dominaria Misty Rainforest: Ixalan Marsh Flats: Lorwyn Arid Mesa: Amonkhet
  5. I'm a little bit fuzzy on the details, but the descriptions makes it look like the packs will have themes. Here's the quote from the article: So let's say you get a Phyrexian-themed booster. Not every booster is going to have the exact same cards - otherwise that would spoil the randomness. So you're going to pick a Phyrexian pack, but who knows what variation of the Phyrexian pack you'll get. I don't know, it's a little confusing at the moment, but perhaps that's part of the fun. At the end of the day, the idea is to open packs of random cards and play them against other random packs, we'll have to wait for more details on how the themes work.