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  2. Rakdos aggro/board-control is one of my favorite styles. There are a lot of ways to build something like that, but some general tips. -Pretty much NEVER play a creature that has less power than it's mana-cost. If you're paying 3 mana for a 2-power creature, you're doing it wrong. -Card advantage is hard to come by in these colors, so anything that lets you 2-for-1 your opponent is good. Outright card draw is the best. That's why Bomat Courier is so good in the Standard RB Aggro deck right now. -Your life is a resource, and Rakdos exploits it the best. You're looking to kill your opponent faster than they can kill you, so feel free to spend your own life to get more powerful creatures/spells. -In modern, you don't want your removal spells to cost more than 2, and you probably don't want many creatures that cost more than 3, unless you play 1 or 2 big beaters at the top end. -You will lose probably lose to competitive decks that don't run a lot of creatures. I've never actually built a Rakdos aggro/control deck in Modern, but off the top of my head, if I was going to, and if I didn't have a budget, it'd probably start looking something like this.
  3. If you think you can get to 40+ life every game, then you are definitely going to want to play Serra Ascendant, as it becomes a 6/6 flying lifelinker for 1 white mana and can actually just outright kill your opponent.
  4. 8-Snakes combines GB Constrictor with Panharmonicon, giving us....well, 8 snakes! The idea is to double up on doubling-effects by doubling Enters-the-battlefield triggers with Panharmonicon and then getting bonus counters from Winding Constrictor. It's pretty janky, but also kind of ridiculous! -------------------------------------------- 8-Snakes Playlist: Subscribe: Twitter: Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner -------------------------------------------- This video is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.
  5. And now the card has been spoiled and I can't take it seriously.
  6. Text decklist:
  7. Check this deck out! It's a jankified G/B Constrictor list by adding Panharmonicon to the mix. Constrictor looks to get extra value out of counter placement by adding extra counters, and Panharmonicon doubles the triggers, so we get even MORE counters.
  8. New deck! We're taking G/B Constrictor in standard and adding...PANHARMONICON! There are actually a ton of cool overlapping synergies and I'm surprised no one else has tried it. At least, none that I have seen. Anyway, check it out! 8-Snakes Deck Tech 8-Snakes Playlist
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  10. Knight of Autumn is pretty sweet. It's either a 3-mana 2/1 that blows up an artifact/enchantment and gains 4 life (better than Reclamation Sage) and if that's not relevant, then it's a 3-mana 4/3, which seems just fine! I also love the flavor of Runaway Steam-Kin, it either builds up steam and gets bigger or bigger, or dumps it all to power something like a steam engine.
  11. Some of the more interesting cards previewed over the past couple days.
  12. It works like Amazon, in that anyone can sell through the website. Now, the catch is you can't spend less than $2.00 at a single store (imagine having to spend money on shipping to ship a single bulk common.) This was always a MAJOR issue because it was really inconvenient to actually buy a bunch of cheap cards at once. Now, you just add all the cards you want to buy to your card, and then use the "cart optimizer" and it'll search the entire site to give you the best deal possible. Do note that when you add cards to your cart it'll be way cheaper than when you do the cart optimizer, because you'll be adding the cheapest editions on the entire site, but the final cart will still be cheaper than pretty much any other major retailer online.
  13. The Standard Showdown Packs handed out at Standard Showdown are AMAZING! Really good, in every way possible! Except for 1 little thing...the fact that so many of the cards contained in them are rotating out of Standard. Do you think Wizard's of the Coast should have removed Kaladesh and Amonkhet cards from the Core Set 2019 Standard Showdown packs? -------------------------------------------- My opinions on the updated Gift Packs: Spoils of War playlist: Subscribe: Twitter: Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner -------------------------------------------- This video is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.
  14. I never liked TCG player until recently, when I discovered their handy-dandy Cart Optimizer thing. It's AMAZING!
  15. My order of preference: Local Gaming Store whenever possible TCGPlayer: Has the lowest prices online and supports OTHER gaming stores not local to me. CardKingdom: Their prices are obscenely high and this is a last resort, but I'll add a few cards if I'm buying other, non-card things like boxes or sleeves.