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  1. In 2011, a G/R Ramp deck won the World Championship by beating face with Inferno Titan and Primeval Titan. Assuming it didn't just kill you with it's lands...which it could totally do! Check it out!
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  4. I had a much my cynical reaction. I figured they chose to ban Bridge because banning Hogaak would hurt Modern Horizons sales.
  5. Hogaak Bridgevine has been tearing up the Modern metagame and it looks like WOTC has decided to put a stop to it.
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  8. Mark Rosewater has hinted in multiple places that the next set after Core 2020 is going to be a new world. We've spent so much time revisiting old planes lately that this actually constitutes as news, I guess! Unfortunately there is no guarantee it won't be just another world based on a real-world location, and with the snow theme in Modern Horizons a lot of people are predicting it'll be a Scandinavian/Viking theme. It makes a lot of sense. The theme has been very trendy the past few years and I'm sure WOTC would love to get in on it. Plus WOTC doesn't really create "new" worlds anymore, if we aren't visiting and old world then surely we'll be heavily rooted in a real-world location. Only time will tell! I believe the details are going to be revealed at SDCC, which is July 18-21. We'll know then!
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  13. Watch me play this game on Magic Online here: Youtube Playlist
  14. I haven't played pauper in a VERY long time on the channel but I've got a new deck tech and MTGO series with a weird combination of Ninjas and Faeries! It's basically looking to use the evasion (and ETB triggers) on Faeries to jam some Ninjas into play with value. Check out the deck tech and playlist! Ninjas and Faeries Deck Tech Ninjas and Faeries Playlist
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