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  1. Unsanctioned cards have been previewed. It looks like Timmy, Power Gamer is being reprinted with new art and I think this is absolutely the most PERFECT depiction ever. 10 out of 10.
  2. Hey look, it appears as though we have some overlap between the 2 groups who visit this forum. A Magic: the Gathering video game. It's an isometric action RPG set in the MTG multiverse. The gameplay, in my opinion, looks pretty solid, though I'm not sure how I feel about the deckbuilding aspect of the game. Instead of creating a character and grinding levels, you build a deck and then get fed abilities randomly as if you were drawing cards. I feel like that could be a serious pain in the ass, and I also imagine playing the game will involve staring are you ability buttons to see which card is going to be cast with each button. You see, after you use an ability (or cast a card) that ability disappears and is replaced by the next card/ability. I get they are trying to make the game feel like you're drawing cards from a Magic deck...but I personally would much prefer a more traditional RPG skill tree where the skills are based on Magic cards. I feel like people outside the Magic community would appreciate it more, and it wouldn't less my own enjoyment when I create a Rakdos mage and fling Lightning Bolts and Dreadbores.
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  7. Yeah, but I think the sheer value of how many creatures you can take out with a single card is going to be really good for GB midrange decks in Standard.
  8. It only took me 2 years, but the series is done! Or, well, as done as it can be, I'll have to do deck techs for any future World Championships, but for not the playlist is completely up-to-date!
  10. I haven't seen many people talking about this but my god does this look absolutely dumb in control decks. An opponent drawing cards off their counterspells is a losing battle, for sure. New Polukranos also seems insane. 4-mana 6/6 that Escapes as a 12/12 and it can continuously fight creatures without dying since it prevents damage to itself. It's either a serious beatdown threat or a value engine.
  13. Titan Quest is one of my favorite games of all time - I've easily sunk 250+ hours into it, and I've been itching to play Grim Dawn for years, but didn't quite have a computer powerful enough to play it when it was first released a few years ago. Anyway, I finally downloaded it a few days ago and it's basically everything I wanted in a Titan Quest-esque isometric RPG. The dual-class system is what hooked me on the original and I can already tell I'm going to be eaten alive by building every possible combination available in this game as well. I knew immediately I wanted to play as an Occultist, but had a tough time deciding what my 2nd class should be. By the time I reached the level required to pick a 2nd class I just went with whatever I thought sounded cool, which ended up being Demolition. You don't often get to wield guns in these types of games so I thought a gun-toting eldritch-horring-spewing Pox Machine sounded pretty cool! So I'm currently I level 24 Pyromancer, I'm exceptionally good at crowd control and can make masses of enemies melt before my eyes but I'm finding tanky bosses a bit difficult. Still having fun though! Also, the whole gun-toting thing never really came to fruition since I'm using the acid spell from Occultist (Eye of something or other) and it makes more sense to have a hard-hitting melee weapon for when enemies get too close.
  14. Also, it looks like we're getting these Titans mentioned earlier in The Binding of the Titans, and they're CRAZY.