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  1. Another week, another ban. This time Veil of Summer took the hit. It's been extremely powerful since it was printed, being a 1-mana counterspell of sorts that also draws a card if it's "countering" a blue/black spell, making it one of the most powerful "counterspells" in the game. In Green... Full article:
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  3. I haven't been selling paper cards, but I've been raking in some cash on Magic online. I cashed in about $70+ worth of cards that I paid mere pennies for while building budget decks. So that's pretty cool. I won't have to worry about loading money onto my account to build decks for the channel for awhile, that's for sure.
  4. First round of bans are in! Copycat and Mono Green Devotion got hit. I didn't know Green Devotion was so powerful until I watched a paper Pioneer tournament on Twitch over the weekend. It was pretty insane! Full article: Banned cards:
  5. We're one step closer to wrapping up this series. Here is Bant Humans, the tribal Humans deck that won the championship in 2016. The ironic thing is it only played 1 tribal human card, mostly it was a collection of REALLY GOOD CARDS that just so happened to have the human creature type.
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  7. WOTC announced on Twitter that bans for Pioneer will be happening every Monday. We knew there were going to off-cycle bans, but it looks like it's going to be weekly. Honestly, the format feel pretty stable at the moment, I don't know if any bans are even necessary right now, but it might be because everyone is brewing their own decks. I'm sure once the metagame starts to settle we'll see what actually needs to be banned. The only thing that comes to mind at the moment is the Copy Cat combo with Saheeli and Felidar Guardian. That's just as obnoxious now as it was in Standard, and of course Oko and Teferi are pretty dominant - like they are in pretty much every format under the sun. We'll see if they get the axe right away or if the Pioneer metagame is strong enough to compete with that nonsense.
  8. Yeah, this is something I'm struggling with. A lot of the good budget cards for Modern are no longer budget-friendly. I'm hoping it's just the hype causes the prices to spike and that they'll come down, but I'm betting Paper hasn't even seen the worst of it yet. I bet it spikes again when paper tournaments get underway and REAL demand starts to rise. Here are some of the modern decks I've played on my channel, comparing the price of the deck when I played it compared to what it is right now. It's pretty crazy. 4-Color Zombies Then: 9.31 tix Now: 24.86 tix Frenzied Affinty Then: 12.43 tix Now: 18.66 tix Budget Eldrazi and Taxes: Then: 13.88 tix Now: 34.24 tix Blast Affinity: Then: 8.43 tix Now: 14.00 tix So yeah, I'm hoping it settles down a bit. If not, this new demand for Pioneer cards means budget decks in Modern are going to either be much more expensive or much less powerful.
  9. I don't play Commander, but WOW that's a lot of products. I can understand 1 product per quarter, which is still excessive but at least it's somewhat logical, but this seems like a bit much. I honestly think this is a new business tactic WOTC has been employing over the last couple of years. They producing a larger number of products but they're printing less of them, ultimately the total sales will be about the same but it will limit the amount quantity of every individual product - thus ensuring it holds value over time for investors. They seem to want more products, and more limited print runs.
  10. Yeah, the Walgreens story is a little farfetched.
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  12. Welp, Eldraine hasn't been out long and we have months to go before Theros: Beyond Death is released, but already there have been leaks. APPARENTLY a Walgreens was selling packs ahead of schedule and someone bought some of them. The story is a bit dubious, and other people think it was an intentional leak driven by the negativity over Oko. I'm not going to post the images in case people don't want to see them, but if you aren't offended by leaks you can find them here: This site has a few more images, including the opened booster packaging.
  13. So far it looks like the format is going well There is definitely some broken stuff that needs to be banned, but I really don't think this is going to be a flash-in-the-pan format. I can definitely see this replacing modern as the best non-rotating format. Not that it will fully replace modern, of course, but at this point I can see Modern becoming more like Legacy where it TECHNICALLY exists but isn't nearly as popular as pioneer. Unfortunately the format isn't as cheap as I hoped, a lot of cards are being bought out and the prices are going up. I think it's still too early to tell though and we should probably give it a few weeks to see where the prices ultimately settle at. Right now I think we're just dealing with lots of hype and too many people are speculating and buying out cards that aren't even that competitive in the format.
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