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  1. You can never escape! Ever! Oh look, slivers.
  2. If a single player has multiple triggered abilities go on the stack, they go on in the order that player chooses. I was actually able to abuse that with Mono-Red Battlecry, which let me stack Battle Cry triggers with creature abilities that put tokens into play on attacking. HOWEVER, I think there is a special circumstance here. Technically Shrieking Affliction won't trigger at all if a player has 4 cards in hand according to The Gatherer. So, IF I'M READING IT CORRECTLY, which I might not be, Shrieking Affliction won't trigger at the beginning of upkeep if the opponent starts with 4 cards regardless. That certainly feels wrong, but it might be some intricacy in how it's worded or something, I don't know. *Shrug*
  3. The "Horizon Canopy" lands are pretty crazy, and Munitions Expert seems pretty good in 8-Whack.
  4. How to upgrade the Jace, Arcane Strategist Planeswalker Deck on a budget. Subscribe:
  5. I love watching GP coverage, but I primarily watch based on the deck match ups and less so for the actual players playing. I'll usually seek out GP coverage videos featuring decks I play to see the lines of play I should be considering when I play the deck myself. So yeah, I definitely enjoy watching the game being played at a high level, and I've learned a lot about the intricacies of gameplay by watching the pros. (Most of which I immediately forget when I actually play myself...) I've tried watching more casual tabletop videos, there is a local gaming store that records its Friday Night Magic tournaments and posts them on Youtube for example, but watching people make play mistake after play mistake gets a little grating. Which, I suppose, is probably why my own MTGO content does so poorly.
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  7. If you like Bant Spirits in Modern or UB Faeries in Pauper, this deck might be for you! Standard Faeries won the championship in 2008 by controlling the board and wailing away with pesky, evasive threats.
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  9. This sounds like a good plan in general.
  10. A couple weeks ago Wizard's of the Coast announced the next Signature Spellbook. The contents look pretty impressive, as are most products that WOTC has been putting out lately. With the exception of the 2018 Commander decks, WOTC has been putting more value in their sealed products and selling them for well below their Expected Value, and I'm very happy to see it! The question is - will the lack of MSRP cause retailers to jack the price up on what would otherwise be an amazing product? -------------------------------------------- Subscribe: Twitter: Outro: Jahoda by Djjaner -------------------------------------------- Background music provided by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License This video is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.
  11. A lot of people might think of Doran, the Siege Tower as a casual jank card, but did you know it won the World Championship in 2007? Check it out!
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  13. Haha, yeah, I've played the game for something like 17+ years, but I still have never been to a pre-release. From what I hear, the boardstates are pretty complex with all the planeswalkers. I haven't played with the set at all myself, but I can't wait to lose to my own buffoonery.
  14. I watched the episode just today, and didn't really get what everyone was complaining about in regard to the darkness. It was definitely an issue when the battle first started, at the start of the episode, but it was fine a few minutes after the battle started. My suspicion is that all that darkness drastically reduced the CGI budget, which might have been necessary considering how extreme the episode was. Anyway, the episode was AMAZING in my opinion. There were definitely some "action scene" tropes, like characters showing up out of nowhere to help someone in peril, or insurmountable numbers of Wights seeming to disappear between scenes. Those minor gripes aside, I thought it was fantastic!
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