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  1. Ironically, that's actually what the DM stands for. I originally used Seth Cross as my online handle/pen name and when my local gaming group started trying out DnD, we used Roll20 and I made my account DM Cross because I was the "experienced" player who was going to be the DM Thanks to everyone else for the warm welcome!
  2. Sure! You can DM me on twitter when you're free so we can iron out any details. Thanks ?
  3. If you have the time, I wouldn't mind actually getting my channel reviewed. Don't get me wrong, I plan on reading the other threads that are provided here, but I think focusing on someone may go longer than general advice sometimes. Plus it leaves less room for me to be a dummy and interpret your advice wrong Please let me know if this would be possible. I'd greatly appreciate it!
  4. Well, like the title says: Hey everyone! I'm DM! I've been running a video game Let's Play style channel for over a year with pretty mediocre success (40+ subs) before convincing my wife and best friend to start recording our Magic Online games for a brand new channel that we named Praetor Magic. Here's the link if anyone's interested: We're pretty exclusively Commander players and we play Online because my best friend John and I are military members who have been stationed in different parts of the world, but still want to enjoy gaming together. We also tend to play a lot of League of Legends as well I'm hoping to grow our channel as best we can. I don't plan on it being a main source of income but if we could manage to grow to a point where the channel pays for itself (produces enough revenue that we can increase our online collections to provide more interesting games with better cards and get new equipment to improve the quality, for instance) then I'm fine with breaking even. Always open to advice on ways to improve. Hoping to be more active here and get to know some other players and content creators! ~DM