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  1. I didn't play the first one but I watched a lot of it on twitch, I'm so excited for this one on PS4
  2. How does one get added to this list? I will gladly participate in the hashtag!
  3. I personally think core sets were a vital piece to how standard worked. Sure they take a break from the lore that is currently going on, but they also allow for a bit of a guideline for rotation. Now we have sets that come in and come out (I think a little too fast since the most recent change) and it's expansion after expansion. That does lead to a more versatile way for R&D to move forward, but core sets you could always count on to be an additional supporter. They always provided a few key cards (back in the day you could always count on birds of paradise), it wasn't as strong as the other expansions but still gave what you needed in terms of additional removal or counterspells or mana dorks, they were ALWAYS fun to draft, it gave an excuse to have additional evergreen keywords come back (cycling totally could have fit in a core set - but it does well in AKH), etc... Sure there are downsides... such as always counting on mana dorks to fix and doom blade (or an equivalent) showing up. I think core sets could make a great comeback, but they would need a design modification to move forward. WotC has set up a story line that attempts to flow forwards from set to set now and core sets could mess that up, as well as they are trying new design techniques and if you have to put certain cards into a core set that changes how you move forward. Core sets need a plethora of legit reasons to be put back into rotation.
  4. Thank's y'all!
  5. Thank you all!
  6. Hi folks, Pat here from DVMTG... I started making YouTube videos and discovered this forum from reddit. Stop in and say hi!