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  1. Samut seems pretty weak TBH, and Bolas is too cost heavy for modern... The wrath seems pretty nice to me, especially in Elves/Abzan Coco when cast with mana dorks.
  2. modern

    Top end? I don't understand?
  3. Welcome!
  4. What is Friday MTG?
  5. just realized imageshack is not free i'll need a new hosting site any recommendations (not imgur preferably)?
  6. So far, I've just altered just for fun or trade bait at the LGS. I do have an imageshack account with some of my work, although it's backlogged at the moment - I'll link that in a minute. Thanks for the warm welcome! Oh, and how do I change the thingy at the bottom of the message?
  7. Modern player - FATAL PUSH YES PLZ. Secondarily, Saheelicat brought a new archetype to Modern. Scrap Trawler, Chandra ToD, Aether Hub, Enemy Fastlands - by far the best block for modern we've had in a long time. (BFZ block doesn't count, eldrazi are not good for modern).
  8. I'm new to the Forum so here we go... I make bad alters through foil/nonfoil peels (don't have enough foils). I love modern and play random decks that I can't afford in real life on Splinter Twin should be unbanned. Ummm.... that's it.
  9. modern

    Yes, definitely unban. It would not be overpowered, Death's Shadow variants would trample on it, and oh look! Temur Tempo is still not a thing. I'm new here, would it be acceptable for me to post a link to a discord to keep twin updated to the current meta? Currently just recruiting members, not working on the deck yet.