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  1. My kids B-day is the 12th. So I am hauling a crowd of his 14 year old friends out to see it.
  2. I gave in. Your project looked so much fun, I splurged for our own. I have finished the construction, mine seemed to go a bit quicker than yours has. I got a better deal on it too. Pretty epic!
  3. I was happy to see a different Bears team. I hope none of this saves Fox.
  4. Got tickets for Friday. The reviews are giving the movie a lot of love. That is quite encouraging. I have not been this excited to see a movie in a long time.
  5. Get this one! The Titan V. Only 3k and new today. https://nvidianews.nvidia.com/news/nvidia-titan-v-transforms-the-pc-into-ai-supercomputer Seriously though. This thing is a game changer. 9x more powerful than anything else they make.
  6. The kid wants to try STO. Meh. Anyone played recently? Have you Lifetimers (300$ was it?) played at all recently? Any of you lifetimers want to lend said account for a short time? (just pm me) It was quite a hassle, but I was able to get my old account (they changed owners) linked. I played for 5 minutes to make a new guy, and the ground part of the game is still circa 1995. I imagine the game being really fun for a couple weeks before the monotone space combat and klunky ground combat reassert themselves. I do remember having a lot of fun at the beginning with a steep boredom fall off at level 30 or so. I think 36 was my most advanced guy. So, does anyone have any recent impressions?
  7. Memory needs fancy cooling attached now.
  8. Pretty cool stuff!
  9. It is simple. All this drama but the owners still make billions. If it ain't broke... He gets 6 mil from every team. So not the highest paid on any team, just gets to play for all of them.
  10. Piss off you cheeky wanker. Bloodsport 10/10.
  11. Fire that idiot his OC. I like the DC. I want Harbaugh, but I don't think he would leave Michigan.
  12. I am not as critical about my entertainment as you guys. I actually liked the Punisher.
  13. I thought the lyrics were "I BLESS the rains."
  14. France and the UK just approved Viagra to go OTC. Just be sure to understand the dangers of priapism. More is not always better.
  15. The father figure lives in Pattaya so we will spend limited time in Bangkok, but I will certainly take your advice if we stay there a night.