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  1. He retired and the contract was too big for the bears, they had just drafted the future QB. I think Jay will win down there, even though your predictions come true. I'm rooting for the guy, not because I want to vindicate any opinions I have of his talent, but because he was a Bear for 8 years. He sacrificed his body for 8 years behind some of the worst Olines and incompetent coordinators. Yet not once do I ever remember him calling out teammates/coaches or throwing any of them under the bus when things went wrong. Even when some of them take their jabs, he was always the bigger person and never played the media game. I was looking forward to seeing him in the booth this year, but will gladly cheer for him on the Dolphins.
  2. You will have to let us know how things are in the later stages. Exploring is quite fun in that game.
  3. There is so much smoke and mirrors. Every economic indicator says things are improving. Trump is a master at keeping the liberals distracted. Trump is doing what is best for the country as a whole, and distracting the entire democratic party with twitter. I think it is hilarious.
  4. Chasing the dragon that was DAOC. Me too. I keep gravitating back to League of Legends.
  5. I am not quite ready to give it another start up. Too many games, not enough time to suck at them.
  6. ESO is a great game. The pvp was touted to be the successor to DAOC. When it fell flat, I lost interest. I do remember it being quite fun though.
  7. Has there been a new update?
  8. I have watched a lot of Bears games. I would take Cutler over a lot of other qbs. The media hates him because he won't pander. Injuries have killed the bears every year it seems like forever. I think Jay will be just fine.
  9. The show is really losing its magic for me. I feel like the storytelling is falling apart as they try to cram all the best parts into just a few episodes. I am sure there is going to be a lot of action next week, then followed by everyone porting all over the place. I do like the whole magnificent 7 thing they got going at the end of the last one. That should be fun next week.
  10. They have made and keep making so much progress. I can't wait to see how developed the game looks when they finally drop the price down to 30$ so I can get 2 copies. I won't bite until then.
  11. Hmm. Will this affect the new desktop I was planning on? Maybe wait a few months and add in one of these fancy 8th gen chips?
  12. They call it a soul patch...but it really should be called a Toothbrush pubestash. A true soul patch would be on the taint. With a Toothbrush Pubestash you could properly refer to your nether region as Little Hitler. Or in Pasanda's case 10% African Little Hitler.
  13. Who is the greatest video game villain of all time?
  14. A hug.