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  1. I lurk. You are not alone.
  2. It was a fun and interesting story with great sets and average acting. Felt like a high fantasy Sherlock Holmes type of show.
  3. It's an inside joke kinda. You have to know the players last name. It's Clinton-Dix. He made an interception so this is a Clinton-Dix Pick.
  4. Oh Monica...not again
  5. I don't think it's there yet Dun. We have 3...one upstairs in one each in the kid's rooms. They use it for music, books on tape, alarm, and we use it as an intercom. In short, we use it a lot, but it gets old asking Alexa for everything and feels a bit clunky. Has trouble hearing sometimes and the app can be a mess. Even the 5-year-old has learned to use an angry voice so the bitch will respond. I think it's just trolling us. Wonder where it learned that?
  6. HAHA! Nice try with that last one. I don't see any gun emplacements though. Looks Canadian.
  7. Draw on 4th and 9. Who doesn't LOVE CLEVLAND!? Bills 3 and 0! I predict a 6-10 finish. Just like the last time they were 3 and 0 If the Bears don't beat the Skins tonight...then they aren't who we thought they were. I am hoping the O can pull it together. I love that Defense!
  8. We ride all the time too. Looks great.
  9. The part open for beta is.
  10. I have 4 kids haha. Not much changes after the 1st. Although the 4th was interesting because it was in my last year of school 6 years after the last kid. It kinda felt like I was drowning. I reached out in desperation to take hold of anything, and then someone handed me a baby.
  11. Multiplayer Beta keys are floating around.
  12. I was expecting something kind of crazy, but Homelander has me confused now. I am not sure he is entirely stable.
  13. I would have posted more last weak, but I was feeling pretty week and spent most of the last weak doing something more interesting.