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  1. They make it sound nice at least.
  2. Well, they also donated 500k Euros...They are French-based so it makes sense to me I guess. Having never been there myself, I did think it was pretty cool to crawl around and kill people in the replica. haha For sure its a PR move...but it's not like someone got hurt with this. It's hardly even a tragedy at all. Almost nothing was lost. No art, no windows. Just some stuff that had already been rebuilt in the 1900's.
  3. No, Arya did not use a body double, they gave her autonomy over the scene to show as much or as little as she wanted. "Everybody else has, so why not." was her quote. And she is 22 I checked. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. This game is actually really fun. Open world, lots of different ways to tackle objectives, the co-op is fun too. We spent a lot of time playing, let me know if you pick it up so I can get you added on the club. My uplay name is Disconinjas
  5. I felt like they finished some of the reunion stuff. Everything feels so telegraphed. I thought it was better than the 1st though. Glad it was slowed down a bit. I sure did hear a LOT of people talking about how safe the crypts are...I am going to guess they definitely are NOT. Grey Worm...haha...making plans for the future. Guaranteed to be dead. Tyrion is going to save the day, too much focus on his failures. That being said, the previews make it seem like Winterfell falls. I am super excited about the undead battle. And what the hell, Ghost just shows up in one of the scenes like he has been there the whole time, but we don't even get a good boy I missed ya. I think Theon is dead too, will most likely save Sansa again.
  6. She thinks the threat is over stated, she has wildfire, and a massive army. She doesn't really believe.
  7. I played a little bit this morning. It is pretty fun, just like I remember the old ones. It is free forever on Uplay until April 25th because of the ND fire. You just have to process it for free and the game is yours forever. The game has gained quite a bit of notoriety because it painstakingly scans and recreates authentic real-world environments for you to run around and kill people in, like the cathedral that just burned. The co-op is supposed to be pretty fun as well I will be playing some tonight.
  8. Dammit. I was trying to make a special effort to follow your rules about Lego, I forgot 1 god damn time and here you are.
  9. I don't either. With all its popularity, why not take more time with it?
  10. Now I can buy Lego and Stick it to the MAN at the same time.
  11. Do these happen to fit with regular Lego? Looks fantastic.
  12. Exactly. I haven't seen any old men with disposable income posting and bragging about building their new Lego Dreadnought. Those nerds stick to the old school ships.
  13. He blew up the droid ship in his own pseudo Death Star run! He was 9 with a 14-year-old girlfriend murdering at least 35 people on a droid control ship. Dude was a playa. Do you know why Anakin killed all the younglings? He didn't want Padme to find someone new.