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  1. By some billionaire. Yes.
  2. It is affordable, only like 30$ because you have to mount the canvas on the frames yourself. There is a small version takes 6 1/2 feet or so of wall space and the larger one is 9 1/2 feet. I think you could build your own frames for another 20-30 bucks.
  3. Wolph's meme game is in a rut.
  4. Not just the independent, but every single media outlet without exception.
  5. Jazz. Las also owns it.
  6. It is an assassins creed type game set in the LoTR world. It has lots and lots...and lots of gratuitous violence. There is little depth aside from figuring out the best way to kill your target, so far. I am interested to see where the story goes. I think it is a very nice game for the 16.99 I spent for the GOTY version. I am having fun about 3 hours in.
  7. Shadow of Mordor distracting me atm.
  8. In the pro's, they just don't give a crap about development or winning. In youth winning is prioritized over development. Risk taking is discouraged, it is the same situation you explained with your Dutch.
  9. Every single youth prospect in our country is brought up in a terrible for profit club system. Only privileged kids, for the most part, can afford to take part in it. Entitlement is the foundation of US soccer. That is why it fails. At the youth soccer level, winning drives revenue so it is prioritized over development. You might think that one leads to the other, but it does not. Many people more educated than I on the issues have written endlessly about it. A quick google will harvest a lot of commentary on the matter.
  10. Some do. There is enough money here now to keep a lot of our best players playing in the states, however this makes them complacent because winning is not a priority. This is because of some weird points system that doesn't make any sense to me. It hurts the competitive nature of the sport. Isn't MLS a USA/Canadian league like hockey? We both have the same issues.
  11. Designed for a younger generation for sure.
  12. Put this on the wall behind it.
  13. The American soccer system is built around profitizing the product. MLS players are so damn arrogant, no one cares if they win or lose. The clubs make money so there is no drive to change.
  14. What?! No dutch either? Why even bother watching this year?
  15. What a let down. This will set the sport back years in America.