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  1. I wanted to star a flat earth discussion with this topic but I never got round to it.
  2. Fat isn't bad for you. By baking and sautéing you retain more nutrients than boiling? If that is how you do it. They are brighter in color as well. They only get browned in the flavor not bathed in grease, after being baked in the oven. The flavor is there, its better. Virtually nothing is lost because nothing is tossed, like water. Animal fats branded as unhealthy is a big fat lie. There is zero correlation between dietary fat and things like cholesterol. That gets made in the liver and the liver uses carbs/sugars to do it. The primary way we prepare most veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and others is to lightly cover them in Italian dressing and bake. Also delicious. Green beans and asparagus get the brussels sprout treatment, although the grill is often used for the latter. The colors are brighter and the nutrients higher than any wet method.
  3. Oh God no. Not a single new character from TLJ was even remotely appealing or interesting. Not even a little. Rated R star wars? I am listening...
  4. Blanka my old friend!
  5. Many moons ago I had a roomate and this cool game called Everquest came out. We all loved it. One of my roomates loved it so much that he lost 3 jobs dropped out of school and never left the apartment. It became a problem for sure. I spent more time than I should have, but never shirked anything really important, I thought, although my wife tells me we almost got divorced over it. I never even realized it was a problem. I am much more careful now, although MMO's are very lackluster without the time to lose yourself completely in them.
  6. This was the beginning of the end for DAOC.
  7. When it comes to food, we use the carrot not the sprout. When I was a kid, I was the recipient of this kind of torture over things like liver and crout. If it is something new or unusual we don't push it. We cut the sprouts in half/quarters then saute them in bacon grease. Chop up a bit of said bacon and mix it all together. There isn't ever any left over. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/sunny-anderson/pan-roasted-brussels-sprouts-with-bacon-recipe-1944571
  8. It doesn't exist in my world, so how can it exist at all?
  9. World Cup? Is that the thing that got cancelled and moved to 2022?
  10. It's a standard meme.
  11. Now we know why he is a bit on the "fruity" side.
  12. Fallout survival minecraft with private servers? Umm...yes interested again.
  13. Once someone is your friend on steam....they see EVERYTHING!
  14. Well...now I want to go see it. haha