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  1. I might have to check it out. Bannerlord never going to happen.
  2. Not going to school when I was younger or working for a company for 10 years when I knew they were a loser after 5.
  3. Going back to school for 6 years at age 34 to become a Doctor of Pharmacy.
  4. People punch at the ball all the time. It was clear he wasn't trying to hit the man. His arm was making repeated punching though. I duno if this one is that BS. BS that it is an ejection for sure. But I can see the foul.
  5. The forward progress on Carr was BS. Damn.
  6. Yeah that is unfortunate. Good thing he has millions of dollars saved...you would hope.
  7. They looked like a new team vs the Cowboys. 49'ers are done. Cardinals suck, although they looked better with their fresh new qb. I think the hawks go 2nd. Rams look like superbowl favorites though.
  8. Get your doctor to write a prescription for an emotional support animal and you can have a dog anyplace (almost) like college dorms and restricted apartments. It's become a "thing". You know, because in America you do whatever you want, the rules can go piss theme-selves when your mother told you that you were special and you believe deep in your heart that you are better than other people and entitled to what ever the fk you want.
  9. He still has time. As long as he is doing enough to win, we can wait. This whole offense is new everything, the thing that concerns me most is his deep accuracy which is inconsistent. My expectations will be higher coming out of the bye week.
  10. HAHA. Go Browns. AND BILLS! That was awesome! Somehow the Bears lead their division. NFL is crazy this year!
  11. Really? I thought it was an interesting perspective I had not considered before. The relevant point is that gaming moves so fast that we have followed the exact pattern of art over the past couple thousand years as gaming has over the last 30. So your question about history I thought was directly relevant. Sorry :(. History ALWAYS repeats itself.
  12. I HATE the "youtube personality" way of speaking, so I almost turned this off. However, it draws some very interesting parallels between art history and game history and thus gives us an idea of where we might be heading.
  13. That is just today's financial model for gaming. Make it look good enough to cash in, make paid DLC to get extra cash from a few small things that should have been there to begin with, move on to the next game to cash in again.