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  1. We started some hardcore guys for the season 17. I like the seasons, it gives us a small reason to come back for a couple of weeks every few months. Hardcore makes it more exciting for sure.
  2. Those are fun. I played a few with getting the object a to b and/or catapult engineering puzzle type ones. I have not looked at the pure puzzle.
  3. So Destiny 2 going free forever?
  4. Yes! We love Portal 2 and all the hilarious accidental deaths as well as the challenge. It really is a good time.
  5. In multiplayer, is each person building all that stuff or is it shared?
  6. That's the thing, this wasn't a huge step. The defense was already top 10 in 2017. The build up has been steady. Now we just picked up Patterson. The hype was solid last year. This year it's for real. The atmosphere around the team and staff is unreal. That is what gives me confidence more than anything. But put all that aside. Win or lose, these guys are going to be fun to watch. Really excited for this year. Starting the 100th season with Bears-Packers, and then smashing them in front of everyone. Oh. Epic.
  7. Do you build that from the ground up or just modify hook points?
  8. But it's the Browns. They will find a way. 6-10 On paper, 6-10 makes no sense at all, but I believe.
  9. I like it.
  10. I duno Las. Number 1 defense in the NFL looks pretty good. Parkey makes that kick against the Eagles and we roll into the SB. We are better this year. I mean you never know with injuries and all the other crap that can happen, but this is a window
  11. He isn't. That O-line though? When it's healthy it doesn't matter who else is on the team. Stacked unit right there.
  12. Open up! (loud booming voice) This is MI5. (quiet higher pitched voice) And PETA! We want to talk to you about your Midget-Son-Poodle fetish you sick bastard. Pas - Oh no officer...you misunderstand. Its nude midgets ON poodles. Like Doggy style. Nothing underage. <PETA Official faints> MI5 - Yeah...um... you're still coming with me.
  13. Do they all use Amazon Web Service?
  14. Bears and Browns?! What a time to be alive? What about the Bills? LMAO just kidding...they still suck. On a more realistic note. The Bears are a good team, but so are a lot of teams. So much depends on staying healthy and getting a few kicks to not hit the uprights. The kool-aid coming out of Chicago is so strong. And EVERYONE is drinking it up. +1 for Chicago Bears PR.