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  1. Yes, to be fair Pas you went to 2 of the most expensive places to go in the US. Orlando is custom built to eat your tourist dollars and New York is just nucking futs. New York. Cost of living rank 12th out of 533 cities in the world. Orlando Cost of living rank 139th out of 533 cities in the world
  2. Adults lose the ability to fill in missing information with imagination. Neither do we have the time or inclination to do so. Life makes us realists. Experience wakes us up and allows us to see what was not visible before. You can never go back and recreate what was only perceived to begin with as we can not see as we once did. Innocence does not re-spawn. You can not relive the beginning, you only have control over the ending. I have found that nostalgia is best experienced as a short moment of reflection and fond memories. Reach any further than that or try and re-create the moment and you destroy it. Also that trying to provide the same experience for our kids is just as often a failure. They see the world differently than we did. Make new moments, don't try and live your glory days through them. Not saying you are, just a short philosophical rant. Sorry to waste some the few precious moments you have left on this earth.
  3. We are underdogs for sure. On paper it looks like we have caught up, but you gotta play the games. It is true that my expectations are high, perhaps even unreasonably high. I have had very low expectations the last few years, however this year I have gone all in. I am VERY excited to see this team play, if for no other reason that we have a lot of new and established talent on offense. It is a new look for the Bears. Most all of this is because we had such a great off season. It has been building and feeding. I might crash hard, but I am going to live it up until that happens.
  4. Bears = 1 in the win ratio. 19 and 0h! Maybe just not in a row...haha Its the preseason bro. We got a legit QB, massive upgrades all over, new young offensive minded coach. High quality D. The hype train has left the station. WHOOOOT WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Realistically I think it will still take some time for things to mesh. My minimum expectation is 9 wins and in contention for a playoff spot this year. And for sure the playoffs next year.
  5. League of Legends
  6. Let me know please. Very interested for the 5 gamers in the family. Any cross platform?
  7. Too many responsibilities to go on a 6 hour raid. Like how did I every have time for that?
  8. It is on sale for 30$, but I don't know, still feels like a hefty price tag for the content.
  9. We saw MI:4 Fallout I haven't been too impressed with the series overall. The 1st one is still my favorite because it has the best twist. The next 2 were just average action flicks. This last one though was an excellent action flick. Maybe one of the best action movies I have ever seen. The twists were predictable, the drama nothing special, but the action was done so well. The movie was intense. A VERY fun experience. I am not even sure how to rate it, because its not a great movie, but it was very fun. I'll give it a 8/10. This one is worth seeing in the theater.
  10. I have been there a few times, I didn't recognize it because I did not see anyone topless. Not really the kid friendliest of beaches haha.
  11. Miami South Beach?
  12. In Helsinki you go to occupation, in Russia occupation come to you.
  13. One small step for man, one giant leap for holly wood.
  14. Now in the latest from Russia. Allegedly, there has been a big problem with counterfeit Viagra being smuggled into the US by Russian agents. According several news outlets, it seems, that Russia has been attempting to meddle in our erections.