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  1. Oceans 8 is like a the ghost busters remake..same thing just chicks. meh. Al lot of the other ones look fun. Infinity wars has a good chance to be the ESB of the Marvel series. Bad guys gona win.
  2. $$$$$$$$$$$
  3. I get all that, and we all have "bubbles". As individuals typically they seem to be decent folk. Islam as a nation though, doesn't seem to be. Those people you talked about, they assimilated, they were excited to have a fresh start. I can get behind that. What if it was 40 families, and say 4 of them caused a lot of problems in your community. Overnight there were enough families that they did not need to integrate, they brought their own social circles with them, and they are very different than you. How would your community respond to that? This is the issue I think a lot of immigrants and the communities they move to face. Say 90% just want a better life, however the 10% make things very tough on them, because they all get grouped together. Just like all conservatives are racist and all liberals are communists. It would be great to deal with people as individuals, but when dealing with large groups, there always seems to be a portion that ruins everything with extremism.
  4. It's a MOBA and one of the most popular games out there. I was not very attracted to it at first but once you get past the learning curve there is a lot of deep strategy and pvp excitement. There are a lot of flaws, but it always draws me back in.
  5. I want to make a TGA team. Do we have enough players around to put a team together?
  6. It is bait, but only to get a discussion going, I know its slanted and not the whole story, but it IS still a problem. One that liberals want to overlook. Most of the time it is less of a money issue and more of a cultural one. When you shelter refugees or large quantities of immigrants there is a massive system drain of resources. That is ok in the name of charity and good-will. It is better than OK it IS the right thing to do. The problem comes down the line. When they remain a drain on the system. There is no assimilation into the culture or workforce or education system. They want to retain the same lifestyle and religion and expectations that screwed up their country in the 1st place. There are lots of reasons these people don't work. Education is certainly one of them, but when is it time for them to start contributing to the country that sheltered them in their time of need? They might not outright refuse to work, but the flow into the workforce is way too slow. Why? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrians_in_Saudi_Arabia Wiki does not agree with your position on this Saudi-Syrian refugees. The far left and the far right are both crazy. However, almost always there is a small seed of truth that has been taken and twisted. I only posted this one because you live there. Have you seen it? Are these kids in your schools? What is the general consensus in your bubble about the refugees in your country?
  7. Just picture him as transgender. It helps. Kinda.
  8. The article states that a lot of the refugees are very uneducated, so the jobs they could do are not very appealing. I have used government assistance when I lost the job and went back to school for the doctorate, I get it, and had the thought that hard times in America aren't really that hard. Is life way better now? Yes, but I also get paid well. Working full time in order to be just a little better off than I was then, for pride? Screw that. I think the system is as much if not more to blame than the refugees. I truly believe there is a way out of poverty for 99% of people who make the choice to change their stars. It's hard not to judge them for lack of action when I can see the path they could walk, but choose not to. They make a conscious choice to be content with feeding off society, because the alternative is not attractive.
  9. Some 90% of refuges after 2 years don't seek full time employment. Entitlement levels are sufficient to support their style of life, so why work? It happens all the time in the US and it is a very polarizing issue. What do you guys think about this kind of thing? https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/04/almost-90-of-refugees-are-still-unemployed-after-living-for-2-5-years-in-the-netherlands/
  10. I ditched the wireless and went back to corded. However before that and for all our console controllers rechargeable batteries are the way to go.
  11. Some story lines are really interesting, like realizing who the man in black was, and figuring out what was and wasn't a flashback. Theory crafting was what made it fun for me. These days toss some nudity and gratuitous violence and you got yourself a smash hit show. It doesn't take much. For some reason I have been watching hells kitchen. I think mostly because Gordon Ramsey gets to do and say whatever he feels and everyone just takes it. I am envious.
  12. I recently upgraded to a Razer Naga Trinity. I love my mouse buttons when I mmo, but the ability to modify the mouse is awesome! It is smooth as silk and I can set my custom 1350 dpi. I really like it.
  13. The frantic part is short lived, and its slowing down quite a bit as I play it more. The building is the most challenging part.
  14. I play on PC OFC, but it is also available for console since I know most of your interests lie there.
  15. Got a 1st place last night in duo's. It is HARD, but it was pretty exciting. This is actually the 1st pvp game I have played that gives a bit of the old DAOC stealth feeling. Here is why. It is a battle royal game like PUBG, its a 3rd person shooter where 100 players are dropped into a pretty large map. Over time there is a storm circle that closes in forcing players to congregate. You drop in, loot then hunt other players. Sometimes trying not to be seen, sometimes jumping into a frantic fight, and so on. You can stalk other players, avoid if necessary, build forts and siege. No skills just preferred weapon types. I am terrible at fps stuff, so I avoid confrontation, unless I have the advantage, whenever possible. It is a ton of drop in fun though. No PTW features, RND looting can be frustrating trying to get your preferred weapons. I hate the jumping. HATE THE JUMP FPS CRAP. Super fun when played with friends. If you die..meh start another match without hardly any wait time. Every loss is a lesson. Its like chess FPS, which is why it feels a bit like DAOC. It is also FTP which is a nice feature. I need to add wolph, what is your user name? I am Disconinjas.