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  1. It's on the list!
  2. It was really fun, this update is in the rotation, but prob not until the end of April.
  3. I'll be there 4 u.
  4. Bannerlord looking so good. March 10th is the date they have set. Closed beta impressions are quite positive. The modding tools are supposedly quite nice.
  5. When I am in sentinal trouble I dig. Then peek and shoot. I am starting to get a bit bored. Every planet is different, but kinda the same now. Time to make a mega base maybe...I duno.
  6. Petition For Medical Marijuana in Ohio
  7. I will use the ship, or a blaze shot or two from a bit of range doesn't trigger a response. The I use the scatter up close. the jet pack upgrades are all a bit small individually. I have 11 I think. There is the jetpack itself, and 4 buildable upgrades, then 3 s mods in inventory, and 3 s mods in the tech slots. It is a significant difference when they are all together. I also use a little trick that changed the game for me. I bound my melee key, Q by default, to a comfortable mouse key. Sprint ( W+shift) then while sprinting hit the melee then space bar. If you activate the jetpack while in a mid punch sprint, you shoot across the landscape. Take care doing this off a hill though. I have almost killed myself a few times falling.
  8. It's a real story from a local news outlet in Ohio.
  9. ripsave - gewl04bdrj941.mp4 It's going to be amazing in VR. I could not figure out how to embed it. Sorry. It's only 25 or so MB
  10. Recreational users are ALWAYS the problem when it comes to marijuana. The problem you stated goes FAR beyond marijuana. It extends to many, many medications and shadey providers.
  11. I have avoided death so far, but the closest I have come was due to a building or afk.
  12. These are NSFW for language and content. No nudity or anything like that just dirty talk. I laughed for days. I love the internet. https://i.imgur.com/tGUJYgp.gifv https://i.imgur.com/IuGPTjm.gifv https://i.imgur.com/U5DFpS9.gifv
  13. My kids are all over this, however, I still prefer Seagulls and It's Not a Moon over this one.
  14. I think after a few days it all grows back. The ancient artifacts are kind of a random lottery. Some sell for a couple hundred thousand and some for MILLIONS. It's some nice seed money. I am running through exo-craft quests now and continually remodeling.
  15. Why build one when you can have two at 3 times the price?
  16. Base is just a huge cluster ATM as I mess with things. Building a power station and running the cables underground was my great accomplishment last night. I have abandoned all future plans for the moment until I finish the base quests and unlock the metal and concrete.
  17. Catching a fish would have been great, but just the 1 on 1 time for a trip like that is a gift in itself. Thailand wasn't that great, but the trip was fantastic.
  18. I made a large mistake and had purchased most of the tech from the nexus already with salvage data. Somehow my personal refiner became clogged with obscene amounts of it. I thought maybe it was from a salvage data quest. How was I supposed to know there is a quest for it? I spent about 5 or 6 hours hunting for a nice fighter, got myself a very nice 34 - 12 slot fighter, so I spent a lot of time tricking it out with the extra nantites I got refining all the slavage data that clogged up my refiner for 30 minutes.
  19. I am about 30 hours in. ATM I am focusing on the base building aspect of the quest lines. I just got some hydroponics up and running. The base is starting to take shape, but I might scrap it to find a spot near some water. I am set up next to a trade center, and now that I can make my own galactic terminal, it's a bit noisy.
  20. Don't worry about the quest, there will be more. We should set up a time for the 3 of us to join up in multiplayer and drop a save point or teleport base on our perspective plants so we can drop in from time to time.
  21. Ugh...see now you have gone and messed up the order. haha. YOUR MISSING THE EASTER EGGS! I am sure you will be fine.
  22. Have you and Finn enjoyed the clone wars and Rebels?
  23. I feel like Jason Garret would lose really well in Clevland.
  24. #3 Was epic. I loved the end.