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  1. She thinks the threat is over stated, she has wildfire, and a massive army. She doesn't really believe.
  2. I played a little bit this morning. It is pretty fun, just like I remember the old ones. It is free forever on Uplay until April 25th because of the ND fire. You just have to process it for free and the game is yours forever. The game has gained quite a bit of notoriety because it painstakingly scans and recreates authentic real-world environments for you to run around and kill people in, like the cathedral that just burned. The co-op is supposed to be pretty fun as well I will be playing some tonight.
  3. Dammit. I was trying to make a special effort to follow your rules about Lego, I forgot 1 god damn time and here you are.
  4. I don't either. With all its popularity, why not take more time with it?
  5. Now I can buy Lego and Stick it to the MAN at the same time.
  6. Do these happen to fit with regular Lego? Looks fantastic.
  7. Exactly. I haven't seen any old men with disposable income posting and bragging about building their new Lego Dreadnought. Those nerds stick to the old school ships.
  8. He blew up the droid ship in his own pseudo Death Star run! He was 9 with a 14-year-old girlfriend murdering at least 35 people on a droid control ship. Dude was a playa. Do you know why Anakin killed all the younglings? He didn't want Padme to find someone new.
  9. And he used those skills to pull off a Deathstar run! haha But yeah.
  10. I am not defending, the new movies screwed up everything as far as I am concerned. Eradicating all the old lore...worst thing they did. However, the case can be made, that Rey, was already an accomplished fighter and acrobat before she even knew about the force. Luke was a farmer, Anakin a child. Rey was pushing her limits to survive and we see it from the start. She was using the force even if she did not realize what it was. Rey was a survivor not some pouty kid like Luke/Anakin. Even Kylo was raised with privilege. None of these guys had to fight at all before encountering their teachers. Rey is different in that regard.
  11. I really like the D and D beyond though. I went ahead and got the PHB on that..was only 22 with a coupon code. It makes managing the character very easy. Great for new players to have it all right there on a tablet or small laptop.
  12. So I messed around with a few guys, tried to read all the rules about it, and settled on this. As far as I know, this is not the standard way to make a guy, but the kid (GM) told me everyone is just using 27 points on top of the base 8 to do whatever they want. So I went crazy with the stats. Anyhow, I love the range, so I went from ranger, to fighter, then settled on a Forrest Gump War Cleric. https://www.dndbeyond.com/profile/DiscoNinja/characters/10878237/builder#/home/basic Honestly, I have no clue what I am doing. Level 2 because they started last week.
  13. Yes. For many years.
  14. I don't see it as much of a reach since Rey could do a lot of that before she was a Jedi type. And now we know about Palp, could be Rey was born of the force like Anakin. She has a teacher in Leia and a singular focus well beyond Anakin's. I mean we are talking magic here, so best not get too caught up in what is/isn't feasible. Lukes training before facing Vader was only a few weeks. At the beginning of the Movie in ESB Luka can barely pull his lightsaber to himself, so there is the precedent at least. And then it was only 1 year later for RotJ. WTF - I am such a geek.
  15. It felt very rushed. Like they just needed to move a bunch of pieces and rush plotlines so they could get to the big action sequences. Every one of those reunions was rushed and not given enough time. Tarks have always been incestuous so no biggie there, especially since we have known the truth forever. Cerci is a whore and always has been. This isn't the 1st dirtbag she has slept with. Jaime, Lancel, Taena, Osmund Kettleblack, Osney Kettleblack. There is also an unknown number of people she fucked before GoT started. She even told Sansa that her crotch was just a tool to be used. The problem is that the source material is gone and they are literally just making everything up as they go along. I expect the book to be much better. I fear the drama, scheming, and intrigue is all about played out and season 8 is just season one of GOT: The Walking Dead.
  16. It was the deck of many things. It felt like that's all we were doing. I did not really expect it to be well run, 15-year-old kid doing it for the 1st time, so it was mostly just for him to learn. I think the hardest part of Dm can be managing people and giving them agency, but guiding them at the same time.
  17. Yes. I understood that, but he told me these were the rules they were using. so I duno haha. It was not very fun for me, the kids had fun though. I was looking for story progression and battle. There was this deck of cards that forced people to draw and had random effects, one of the kids just wanted to be an idiot every 5 minutes because it was fun? So I felt like there was a LOT of wasted time, as so much time just spent on this one kid messing around. I duno. I prob won't play with him again with those friends.
  18. Wow! That's crazy. Sounds like an Icelandic pig farmer could make a killing!
  19. This is basically all the Democrats in our country who want open borders.
  20. Sounds like a lot of great memories. How expensive was the food that it would keep you from heading back? How do the locals afford it?
  21. Palpatine's laugh. Got me hyped!