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  1. post roto we get the new frontier seige and lightning strike, we lose big chandra, incediary flow, sin prodder, and collective defiance. So I guess you re-up on hasty good stuff and hope it's enough to recoup all the loses.
  2. there ya go
  3. so this deck has been weird, I am able to win with it especially against midrange decks but it has a very rough time against U/W control, how do you side board in this type of deck to beat that?
  4. I am a fledgeling youtuber who plays all formats as rougey as possible, I play all styles but am most at home with base black control decks. follow my channel for budget standard and modern along with no limits of the rail commander. also hit me up if you want to play commander with me for my channel as I am verry intrested in getting a playgroup together.