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  1. Yeah the drafts are going to be wild IMO.
  2. Any plans for post-rotation?
  3. The Hoopoe!
  4. That makes sense, since duals and the others you listed were on the RS. But for most not ABUR cards, if they're white bordered, there's a high chance they aren't on the list for the most part.
  5. Yeah especially with the buyouts going on, who knows when those $.50 commons turn into $20 commons because some dude decided to buy them all out. Also btw, if it's white-bordered, it's not reserved list. Easy way to tell for the older stuff.
  6. I'm more a fan of Thran Foundry for this, tbh. Exiling cards can sometimes backfire, but shuffling them back into the library is much more effective. At least within the local metagame out here.
  7. That is a fantastic haul. You have my congrats. Take a day and really sweep through them with a fine tooth comb and a copy of the Reserved List. You'll be surprised with what you find. I did that with some boxes I have laying around my house, and came out with a nice big stack of reserved list cards.
  8. >Bargain unrestricted YOOOOOOOOOOOO That's awesome.
  9. Legendary Planeswalkers make my soul hurt. Rev up those gideon tribal lists in modern!
  10. Check the show notes for more info:
  11. The sideboard records their first episode without any actual technical difficulties! Oh, and teh_chris complains about the current state of Magic yet again. Sideboard: teh_chris, Dahmpir *Businessposting, including not having enough time to do stuff, like actually post the real episode 3 *Commander 2017 Discussion (First Impressions: Commander 2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waeLGn2QpAk *Talking about Magic is Boring https://tinyurl.com/boringmtg *teh_chris starts making sweeping generalizations about new magic (esp. standard) again, including a choice funpost about Thalia, Heretic Cathar *Wild test prints (Hedron Greaves Misprint image) https://tinyurl.com/hedron-greaves *More Commander discussion *41:57 - Le Chateau Cardtiste *Drunkpost: On the Subject of Special Banlists other than the Official Banlist for Commander. (mtgcommander.net) Ending Song: Xurious - Generation of Revenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K64uSgSEio D'nate to Gam3Escape! https://www.gofundme.com/gam3escape-start-up-fund SUBSCRIBE: http://youtube.com/c/tehchris KTMTG BLOG: https://tinyurl.com/B2CS-KTMTG D'NATIONS: http://paypal.me/dekurizu TWITTER: @dekurizu
  12. Rarity Multi - WUBRG - Artifact - Land in that order
  13. Zuby is absolutely right here.(I went and listened to the segment, lol.) Disclaimer: sweeping generalizations and general telling-it-as-i-see-it ahead: It's why I don't think I'll ever get to the point where I'm at 100% MTG-only content on my main channel, because Magic outside of physically doing it (drafting, deckbuilding, playing, working on a cube etc.) is so boring. I certainly don't care to hear 20 different people give me the exact same opinion that they got from some Star City or Channel Fireball dude on r/MagicTCG about card X or Y or deck A or deck B in format Q. It's flock mentality, and I have better things to read and listen to in the (now) precious free time I have. Twitter is much for fun the way people like TastySnackies or TravisWizard does it than the way that any of the CFB or SC guys do it. Even in my FLGS setting, it gets tiring talking about the same deck 15 different times with 15 different people. That's why I straight-up act like a hype man when I see some off the wall deck that does silly things in the ocean of Temur Energy and Red Deck Wins decks that are in my local meta. I feel like the longer you play, the more jaded you become, and thereby you start seeing past the gleam of fancy releases and hype into the gloom of (what does this mean for my collection/what does this mean for the EDH balance/what does this mean for the older formats that get zero love nowadays). We grumble because we care about the game, and have been burned by changes in the past that we don't want the newer players to have to seemingly suffer through. I am certain the @teh_chris of 5 years ago wouldn't be as critical of the game as the @teh_chris writing this post today.
  14. I rant about Commander products for the umpteenth time. I forget whether I was drinking an adult beverage when I recorded this. :^) Donate to my store!: https://www.gofundme.com/gam3escape-start-up-fund
  15. Hymn to Tourach Chain Lightning Unsummon Vapor Snag