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  1. This, pretty much.
  2. Check the show notes for more info:
  3. teh_chris holds an informal sideboard to talk about the most trolltastic deck in Modern. And also includes visuals and like, production values. Sideboard: teh_chris *THREE Episode 4 Drafts?! State of the Podcast *Pro Tour Bilbao (Rivals of Tarkir) and the state of Modern as a format. Decklists: http://mtgtop8.com/event?e=18360&f=MO *25:50 - Le Chateau Cardtiste *Masters 25 Previews! Speculation too. https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/masters-25-packaging-2018-02-02 *FNM non-token promos return! https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/friday-night-magic-nontoken-promo-cards-return-dominaria-2018-02-05 *Thanks for 100 YouTube subscribers! Ending Song: Xurious - Finding Our Way Again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpMxAXy8t64 SUBSCRIBE: http://youtube.com/c/tehchris KTMTG BLOG: https://tinyurl.com/B2CS-KTMTG D'NATIONS: http://paypal.me/dekurizu TWITTER: @dekurizu
  4. What's your take on the current state of Magic? All formats.
  6. I have a friend who swears by 7th edition white bordered land. Nasty stuff.
  7. I feel like basic lands are another way we can customize our decks from a cosmetic point of view. For example, I match the basic lands of each Commander deck I own with whatever set my commander comes from (Merieke Ri Berit for example has a fully kitted out set of foil Snow Covered Basics). For Constructed decks, I only use original Zendikar basics. For Limited, I have a stack of Battle for Zen lands that I use.
  8. I was talking as an LGS owner's perspective in that I know it won't sell out here -- my players are already over it. Me? I'd maybe cube it, and there is a ton of it just sitting around, but then I'd have to buy Unhinged and Unglued stuff too...
  9. Thanks for keeping it 100! My brother and a friend open up Rivals Bundles on Release Weekend and I film it for the 100 subs celebration.
  10. yeah this is truly the only way i could justify blowing money on another case of the stuff it sits on my shelves untouched, as i expect them to be from here on out
  11. I've watched a person kill a table of 6 people in response to dying (literally the lethal amount of damage to him was on the stack). EDH is the best format. :^)
  12. I jumped for joy when I first read the announcement. Too bad Comp REL tournaments are dead out here, otherwise I'd actually get to enforce this policy change.
  13. Yeah, I don't care all that much, since I know I've got appox. like $5 on the old adsense account. I'll just make content when I can, however I can.
  14. This is good plan. :^)
  15. Hi!