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  1. Commander is the board game version of magic for sure. Infinitely (tm) customizable and personalizable
  2. We need a map of all the planes please. omg.
  3. Walk the plank can kill fish, leviathan,octopus... lol
  4. Boros needs more commander options. I've been wanting to build a Wheel (and red cards like Faithless Looting) and white reanimate cards to recur powerful red and white creatures. White can also bring back lots of artifacts, so you can get extra value off things like Wurmcoil
  5. pauper

    Is Guardian of the Guildpact still played?
  6. Shock is likely a better pick, keeps you more open. 1 mana 3/2s with flying though, and its my favorite archtype anyways
  7. Delver life Though that shock...
  8. Saving all the GY Stuff for The Night King's deck Also gotta add in all the Tap, doesn't untap on untap step cards to represent the CHILLY WINTER because WINTER. IS. HERE.
  9. For those of you watching this season of GoT, I've been making GoT inspired cards for my commander group. Would love some feedback, mostly on abilities and such, power level comes later. I'll keep updating the album so keep an eye on it.
  10. cube

    Hangerback Walker, Angel of Invention or Lotus Bloom... I'd probably go all in on the Bloom tbh
  11. PUBG, the best horror game of all time.
  12. I really like the new Afflict creatures in HoU, does anyone have a standard decklist with them? I don't play standard really, but wouldn't mind taking a janky afflict deck to FNM.
  13. Also, are those token dice? Where did you get those!?
  14. This sounds amazing, until I remember I have cats.