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  1. Plz no ban
  2. I can understand changes to social medias by the people that run them to weed out material that is toxic and can cause harm to people; however, with twitter's biased history of who they chose to ban and not ban this is an absurd change. The same goes for almost every other social media. The whole idea that everyone needs to feel safe all the time is ridiculous to me, because it goes hand in hand with "being offended" which is an absurdly childish concept to me. Honestly, if it wasn't for the current movements that are going on right now in the sociopolitical world right now, I would not even think of much about the change; unfortunately, in today's day and age this change means something completely different. Hell maybe I am looking too much into it, but I am getting tired of everyone and their dog getting "offended" by everything under the sun.
  3. To me it honestly, and highly, depends on what I want to do with the cards. Let's assume that I want to build a deck, I think buying a booster box is a huge gamble that might end up in a loss. One can argue that you can trade off what you don't need from the box, or even sell it, and finish off your deck that way; but what if all you get are bulk rares? Or nothing worth trading in your local community? I would much rather buy singles, finish my deck, and no hassle or gamble. On the other hand, if I want to draft with friends, build my collection (this being quantity and not quality), or just plainly want to open packs, obviously boxes are the way to go. I think both have their place. Nothing wrong with buying singles to complete decks, improve your trade binder, or for financial "investments", and there is nothing wrong with buying booster boxes for whatever fancy you want to tickle. People that are on either extreme (e.x. NEVER BUY BOXES or NEVER BUY SINGLES) are kind of dumb in my opinion, but to each their own I suppose.
  4. Hello all! Been taking some time off magic, but with rotation and and exciting new Standard environment I am back at it again, and because I am hard headed and I like trying to make sub-optimal things work I am in the process of building a UR control deck. Sure I could go Jeskai, Grixis, or even Esper of UB as they are all better alternatives, but that would include me not banging my head against the wall several times before I give up Here is the link to the deck list on Tappedout: Let me know what you think, any feedback is appreciated.
  5. I just use my PS4 controller, but really any random ass PC controller will work for you unless you need macros/extra buttons but those controllers cost a dumb amount and are not worth it imo. Cheapest solution is just to get a Logitech controller like Wolphard mentioned. Even the wired Xbox is like $40+
  6. It really depends how you play EDH, what your group's play style is, and what deck you build. EDH is also a format that is heavy on politics. Most games with pre-con decks will be long and drawn out as not many can pull off wins out of nowhere and it takes time to set up; but on the polar opposite, if you build a legit "competitive" EDH deck you can easily pull off wins turn 4-6. EDH, in my opinion, is one of the most diverse formats. Yes games will last longer than modern or standard of course, but overall it is much more fun for a group of friends in my opinion. Experiment with different commanders, you will have a blast.
  7. Oh boy I remember these types of decks popping up everywhere when Boros Reckoner was first released. These decks are stupid fun to play, nice build
  8. Good to know!
  9. My friends swear by Rotten Tomatoes, I absolutely hate it. The reviews are rarely on point.
  10. I have been feeling this way for some time now. Movies have been a real let down lately. They are either remakes, sequels, or just bad. Granted most summer movies tend to be horrible period, they are always way too campy, or tend to be a bunch of teenage movies and chick flicks.
  11. I actually picked up one along a few friends this past weekend. The one that I found to be the most common is the WIzard and Dragon decks. The Vampire deck is probably the hardest to find as Teferi's Protection has shot up to like 30$. In my area both Wallmart and Target have had plenty of them overall though.
  12. I thought I remembered Abzan being pretty powerful strategy in Frontier. I remember when Frontier was brought up that people were bitching about Siege Rhino and so on.
  13. I wish I had some fun and interesting way of doing it but I normally do it by colors, with lands coming in last. I typically do colorless, black, blue, red, white, green, multicolor, and lands
  14. The Wizard deck looks absurdly fun so far. Also, Mairsil has absurd potential as a commander.
  15. This one is my pride and joy That was the most fun deck I have played in Standard, wish I could be in that era forever Good points about using it to link to your youtube videos. I was starting to use MTGGoldfish, but TO is a little better imo.