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    Kitchen table MTG player, especially EDH.
  1. I really, really love foily Lorwyn lands... the art is ridiculous!
  2. I like your outlook... It is so easy to caught up in wanting to win, that often times I've found myself (as an old dude who should know better) becoming angry at how my match is going. In fact, I no longer play tournament MTG because I get too frustrated and annoyed. I play to have fun, meet people and learn new ways of putting cards and deck together. Keep the attitude you have here, it will serve you well! best of luck! scott
  3. Thanks to everyone for all the great ideas!!! Can't wait to get started deckbuilding!
  4. I LOVE EDH play, BOOM! I've never been a highly skilled Blue Mage but I'm learning. I'd like to build a fun mono-blue EDH deck for casual/kitchen-table play. Does anyone have a suggestion for good Commanders, fun mono-blue themes? Im not a high functioning blue mage, so keep it more to the simple end of the spectrum! Thanks, Scott
  5. Welcome, DM! I'm brand new here too and I LOVE Commander play. I'll check out your channel. scott
  6. I have as many breakfasts as I can find :-)
  7. Hey folks, I'm just a wily old hobbit who loves casual EDH... a kitchen table magician for sure. I can't wait to meet and talk MTG with y'all!! peace and smoke rings...