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  1. It is a type 1 deck. It's a stopper deck. --------------------------------------------- -Web Developer at Petstreetmall. We sell quality pet products and supplies.
  2. I will try Xmage. Thank you for the recommendation!
  3. Thanks man, I'll check out the Planeswalker deck later. You mentioned Type 2, what edition do they consider as Type 1 cards? Because I still have cards from Tempest, Urza's Saga, Legacy, Mirage, 5th, 6th, until 10th edition.
  4. Thanks man, highly appreciate it, especially when you mentioned the rules that changed during 2010.
  5. Hi Guys! I used to play MTG like 20 years ago. You can say I'm a professional gamer, but I've stopped because of some priorities in life. I want to start playing again. I had decks before like White weenie, Sliver deck, Reanimation, Counter decks and Cheese deck. Can anyone refer to me what Starter deck I should buy? Thank you
  6. Hi, can you help me? I want to play MTG online without paying. Can you give me a site where I can play and used different cards?
  7. Hi guys, I want to create my new Deck and my reference would be the cards that I used before during the Tempest up to Urza's Legacy edition. Let me know if there are cards that are the same with the cards I used before. Here are the cards that I used before: 1. Mind Over Matter 2. Curiosity 3. Prodigal Sorcerer 4. Armageddon 5. Counter spell 6. Birds of Paradise 7. Prosperity 8. Frantic Search 9. Horn of Greed 10. Accumulated knowledge 11. Dream Tides 12. Wrath of God 13. Collective restraint 14. Horseshoe Crab 15. Propaganda 16. Elixir of Immortality 17. Feldon's cane
  8. Hi guys! I'm a player before during Tempest until 10th edition, I want to play again MTG. Can anyone recommend me which edition should I start so that I will become familiar again playing the MTG. I used to join the MTG World Competition if I'm not mistaken I was in the same batch with Jon Finkel (The champion that year).
  9. Hi guys! I really want to join this forum because I've been playing MTG since the era of Tempest until 10th edition. Well it's been a long time but I've built a deck before which is kinda unique. I want to share my experiences and strategies