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  1. If you're going to add stuff to the forum, might I suggest a card linking system like they have on Reddit, so people don't have to add their own links when talking about individual cards and the like.
  2. This is not the USA, it's the internet. Each country as it's own laws in regards to what can and cannot be said across all media. You don't have Freedom of Speech. The 1st Amendment exists to protect publications such as newspapers from prosecution by the government for printing anything that criticises it or its members. The US Supreme Court extended protection for opinion against the government to most US citizens in the 1970's. No, you can't. There are laws against saying anything that incites hatred, persecution &/or violence against groups of individuals. You cannot say anything that endangers public safety (the infamous "can't shout fire in a crowded movie theatre" statement) nor can you say anything that would otherwise cause affray or offence (such as swearing loudly in public). What you are entitled to is having an opinion but everyone else is equally free to criticise that opinion &/or tell you to piss off. XKCD covers it best here: WoTc & Hasbro are corporations, private entities, who are allowed under law to remove or ban any individual who damages their brand (see my early note about the 1st Amendment). They are entitled to the full extend of the law to protect their brand/product if a group or individual is bringing it into ill repute through their behaviour or are using their brand/product as a means to incite violence, hatred, bigotry, et cetera against an individual or group. The 1st Amendment doesn't product groups or individuals against business enforcing their legal rights. It only applies to the government.
  3. Finally finished this deck. Not entirely happy with it in terms of reflecting themes and characters of the play but seems to work well for the most part as a deck. I went with clones and infect as the main themes because they reflect the themes of the play (pretending not to be something & killing people with poison) with minor themes of angels. Please let us know what you think:
  4. Good for the ban on Jeremy. His descent into the toxic spiral was sickening to watch but not as sickening as his constant attacks on other people in the online community.
  5. Once upon a time, on the internet, there was a meme that people kept spreading about badgers, mushrooms and snakes. Well, that meme now lives on in EDH in the form of this deck! but, serious, was really bored & unbalanced the other day and talking about playing a badger deck in modern when this idea came to me. since there are only 4 badgers in all of Magic, I decided to add Fungus and Snake type creatures to the list and the theme was born. I went for Jund because [[Rock Badger]] is Red and I could also powerful removal spells like [[Star of Extinction]]. [[Vial Smasher the Fierce]] was chosen as the partner for her chaotic damage ability. I think I synergised the deck well, using [[Conspiracy]] to add tribal buffs and [[Cryptolithic Rites]] for mana dork tokens. Please let us know what you think.
  6. Been trying to make this video for ages & now finally done. My popular deck based upon the film Mad Max Fury Road. The video is rough as guts but am still proud of it. Feedback is very much appreciated.
  7. Hamlet - Halfdane (Esper). Mechanics: poison/infect, shapeshifting/copying permanents, graveyard recursion, angels & madness spells. This deck is pretty much all over the shop in terms of themes & mechanics; mixing in the poisons that Claudius uses to kill his brother & eventually Hamlet, the Play Within A Play narrative trick, Hamlet pretending to be mad & hiding his intentions behind other persona & ideas of ambition leading to destruction (hence the Esper colours). There will also be angels & zombies. _____________________________________________________________________________________ The Merchant of Venice - Circu, Dimir Lobotomist. Mechanics: sacrifice, wages/bets, demons, old Anti-Semitic stereotypes, stealing abilities, taking permanents, spending life for advantage. You might be screaming "WTF with the anti-Semitic stuff?!" but the reason for it is that the play is either an enforcement of these ideas or a scornful commentary on them. So, it isn't about nose size or petty things but rather that Jews were demonic in belief who did horrid things. In response to these constant slanders, Shylock vows revenge on the "good Christians" but is forced to convert in the end under the pain of death. I also didn't want the standard Dimir mill deck, so went with preventing plays and forcing opponents to sacrifice permanents as I use life for card advantage. _____________________________________________________________________________________ King John - Gahiji, Honored One (Naya) Mechanics: encouraging opponents to fight each other, Goad, pillow forting, politics. King John really isn't a well known play & often considered one of Shakespeare's lesser works. The basic idea is to try to get your opponents to fight whilst you pillow fort it up, then play politics by backing up a single opponent to beat others but never backstabbing them at any point. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Richard II - Brago, King Eternal (Azorius) Machanics: pillow fort, blinking, angels, board wipes and protection spells. Richard the 2nd was a useless king obsessed with ideas of divine rights & that God & his Angels would protect the chosen king. Went with an Azorius commander because R2 was so convinced of the righteousness of his rule that he ignored warning signs of trouble, so the blue of knowledge is used ironically (plus haven't really built an Azorius commander before). _____________________________________________________________________________________ Henry IV Part 1 - Rafiq of the Many (Bant) Mechanics: Exalt, single glory, redemption/protection, crusades, tokens Instead of focusing on such characters as Hal (Prince Henry nay Henry V) and Falstaff, I decided to look at Henry IV as a character seeking atonement against God by mounting a crusade but is drawn back to England due to rebellions within his lands. It also looks at the idea of single glory that Hotspur seeks & is denied, so Exalt plays a major part in this deck. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Henry IV Part 2 - Grenzo, Dungeon Warden (Falstaff) (Rakdos) Machanics: greed, trickery, tokens, army building, ETB triggers, life costs for advantage. Falstaff is one of my favourite Shakespearean characters, so naturally had to build a deck around him and Grenzo was the perfect Commander to depict Falstaff's greed and desire. The basic idea is to ensure things go to the bottom of the deck, return Grenzo to hand and then use his ETB to drop things onto field. At the same time, using life payment effects for card draw and extra mana to keep the game aggressive and fast. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Henry V - Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper (Jund) Mechanics: sacrifice, aggro, tokens, archers. Most people think Henry V is about English goodness & righteousness but rather is propaganda about English dominance & revenge on the continent for taking away English power and possession. It's also about how Henry, now king, is will to sacrifice and set aside those from his past to satisfy his ruthless ambition. Yet this inspires others, so they rise up to fight for him. So naturally a token and sac mechanic is called for in this deck. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Henry VI Part 1 - Narset, Enlightened Master (Joan of Arc) (Jeskai) Mechanics: wraths, wipes, spell slinging, copying spells, angels The Henry VI trilogy is one of Shakespeare's least popular series of plays, focusing on how Henry the 6th messed up & basically started the Wars of the Roses & the eventual reign of Richard the 3rd. The first play concerns the French taking back the territories that they lost to Henry the 5th and the rise of Joan of Arc as a mythical war figure. I decided to use Narset over any of the war angels -such as Aurelia, the Warleader or Gisela, Blade of Goldnight- because Joan was more a channel for divine powers than a warrior herself, making Narset the perfect engine to spell sling. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Henry VI Part 2 - Ruhan of the Fomori (Jeskai) Mechanics: chaos effects, randomness, coin flips, double damage & extra combat steps. The deck focuses on the chaos that the uselessness of Henry the 6th rule caused, turning noble against noble and splitting the country amongst the Red & White Rose factions. Naturally, the randomness of Ruhan's ability fits the theme, so this is a purely aggro damage dealing deck that doubles attacks, damage and turns with extra coin flip effects put in for good measure for an extra win con & Possibility Storm & other randomisers to really piss people off. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Henry VI Part 3 - Tsabo Tavoc (Margaret) (Rakdos) Mechanics: B/R control, hand kills, creature removal, burn spells. The final part of the trilogy is basically all about murder, chaos & war and this deck focuses on the murderously ambitious Queen Margaret, who tortures & kills her enemies. Tsabo Tavoc is made more powerful now that she can instant kill Planeswalkers and has protection from them too. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Richard III - Tymaret, the Murder King (Rakdos) Mechanics: sacrifice, graveyard recursion, creature removal and boardwipes. Like the play, this deck is just a murderfest, out and out aggro with recursion and buffs for Tymaret to win through commander damage. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Romeo & Juliet - Ravos, Soultender & Tana, The Bloodsower (BWGR) Mechanics: buffs, curses, plague effects, Tibalt, double damage, sacrifice, infect. This deck is basically the only place where Tibalt, the Fiend-blooded fits because of the character Tybalt in the play. Other than that, this deck is a bit of a confused mess. The lack of viable colour perfect Partner creatures meant had to swap what colours the characters should be, with Romeo being more Boros for his passion and loyalty & Juliet Green for her family cares and black is for the ambitions of both families. I thought curses and plague effects fitted best because of Mercutio's curse "A plague on both your houses" and he fact that Star-Crossed Lovers isn't about passion but about people who are going to be fucked over hardcore by the gods and Fate. _____________________________________________________________________________________ MacBeth - Sedris, the Traitor King (Grixis) Mechanics: Unearth, Dethrone, witches, sacrifice, removal, black treefolk, monarch Wanted to play this a little different from your standard wizard & zombie decks but still wanted some of the advantages that Grixis commanders bring (like recursion and the like), so added Marchesa, the Black Rose to represent Lady MacBeth to get her Dethrone ability. Also added witches & sacrifice outlets to take advantage of Dethrone & Unearth, eventually leaving Sedris alone on the field to try to win. _____________________________________________________________________________________ The Tempest - Roon of the Hidden Realm (Bant) Mechanics: flickering, shenanigans, copying, countering, ETB, Evolve, group hug. This deck is basically a silly fun deck that does the some of usual Roon stuff of flickering and ETB triggers but with added shenanigans to match the twisted jovial nature of the play. It'll also use Simic abilities like Evolve to boost up board presence but will focus more on fun group hug things (which I haven't built before) rather than commit to a full Roon flicker deck. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Anthony & Cleopatra - Queen Machesa (Mardu) Mechanics: tokens, Act of Treason effects, Monarch, Prison effects, Goad, Pillow Fort, infect. What's better than casting Act of Treason-esques? using Pirates to cast Act of Treason-esque effects! Seriously, the play is full of pirates; look it up. This deck is fairly straight forward Mardu stuff, with some Pillow Fort effects to give yourself some breathing room so you can Goad your opponents and try to build tokens for the win. Or you can be cheap as fuck as just use infect to win. _____________________________________________________________________________________ King Lear - Nekusar, the Mindrazer (Grixis) Mechanics: draw spells, counters, Madness, tokens, reactive plays, Storm, combo. I didn't want a typical Nekusar mill deck, so decided to go with the whole Madness theme that is so much the core to the play. The aim is to keep above 7 cards in hand at all time and then discarding & casting Madness spells whenever you can. This is all to build up to a big Storm combo and recurring spells from your yard to add Storm count. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Titus Andronicus - Surrak Dragonclaw (Temur) Mechanics: Ferocious, Madness, copy/cloning, flicker, boardwipes, tribal buffs, cascade. Christ on a fucking bike this commander tried me the most. Was so hard to figure out which colours suited the title character the best. Went Temur for rage (red), cunning (blue) & family (green). The plan here is to use buffing creatures and enchantments to easily trigger Ferocious and Formidable abilities. You also want to use mana dorks to trigger off Cascade & hopefully roll into a minor combo or spells or creatures -hopefully into a boardwipe after you've gotten your own creatures protected or flicked. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Othello - Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa & Silas Renn, (Witch-Maw/GWUB) Mechanics; flanking, Artefacts, removal, anti-flying Pillow Fort, self mill, graveyard recursion, wraths Another tough deck to think of, partly because so few black warrior legendaries to choose from. this deck is designed to work with one or both commanders, with Sidar being the brave but wrathful Othello & Silas being the conniving Iago. Am looking to make this deck a challenge to build, balancing the opposing mechanics & abilities of the commanders without losing too much in the way of synergy whilst ensuring things can come back post wrath effect resolving. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Coriolanus - Tajic, Blade of the Legion (Boros) Mechanics: Battalion, token, wrath, Boros control, aggro. Boros Control might seem like an oxymoron but it's just another name for Red & White prison effects and spot removal. It's a very straight forward deck where you give Tajic hexproof and swing as you use prison effects to protect yourself as best you can. the two Odrics help with this strategy as well as the other Boros Battalion creatures. Not much else to say since it's a bloody Boros deck. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Timon of Athens - Zedruu the Greathearted (Jeskai) Mechanics: Pillow Fort, Group Hug, Goad, Politics, Act of Treason effects. Another very straight forward deck. Just your basic Zedruu deck with a few minor tweaks with Goad and taking opponents stuff with Act of Treason effects. Zedruu is very much like the character of Timon, who gave all of his possession and money without care but suffered for it in the end when he discovered how he was being used. So you play this deck in the same way by ensuring your opponents get your stuff but you twist the knife and make them suffer for it. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Cymbeline - The Mimeoplasm (Sultai) Mechanics: copying/cloning, infect, stealing, flicker, tap effects. the mechanics of this deck are a bit all over the shop because the themes are a bit all over the shop. they mainly concern people pretending to be other people, poison that isn't poison but puts people briefly to sleep, attempted rape & good old fashion murder. Minoplasm is the perfect commander for such themes because so many people pretending to be other people as well as each other. Because there is also a strong theme about sleep being mistaken for death, I thought it would be good to go for auras that tap creatures so they can't attack or activate tap abilities. Also have fickering to bring the Mimoplasm in and out to remove troublesome creatures from graveyards.
  8. Here's a video on the Midsummer Night's Dream deck. It sacrifices a lot of power for theme & flavour. The Caesar deck has amazing synergies despite picking the creatures mainly for theme (a few exceptions like the Eldrazi & titans) but have only tested it online. The Immortan Joe deck plays almost like any other mid-range Mardu one but the addition of the vehicles makes it more vicious than it would otherwise be.
  9. I have a series of decks based on Shakespeare's plays (primarily Julius Caesar & A Midsummer Night's Dream) and a decked based upon Immortan Joe & his warboys from Mad Max Fury Road. I also have a mono red chaos deck based on the theme of coin flips & making people play the opponents' decks. I'm currently working on a deck called "Girls Gone Gruul" where the only humanoid creatures in it are female.
  10. The sneak does a surprisingly lot of work, more so when you have a Metallic Mimic or two on field. People so far tend to ignore it but it can make the difference if the game stalls out. Was thinking of dropping down a wayfinder. She's good but not amazing. Branchwalker does similar work, even if it is a point weaker in defence.
  11. Got this deck idea from Dev over at the SBMTG but modified it a bit to suit my needs. The basic idea of the deck is get as many +1 counters on my Merfolk, play all the Heralds of Secret Streams so they're unblockable, drop a bulker Verderous Gearhulk & go for lethal if you can. The deck has an awesome game one, especially when no one knows what to expect but once the sides come in it lacks a lot against control & removal. Am currently testing out Nissa, Steward of Elements as a filter & a way to drop stuff on field for free. Was also thinking of putting in Disallow for the SB to kill anything I don't like happening.
  12. The easiest one to go with is a wired Xbox One controller because the drivers are all there & is fundamentally the default controller for Windows games. Plus being wired you don't have to bother with trying to sync it up & all that bullshit.
  13. No winners, just casual play. If you drop after the first game you still get all of your boosters, so no pressure on anyone to out build or out play others -especially since the majority of people don't keep up with spoilers so it's a lot of blind play. Same with new players trying to understand new & returning mechanics. I prefer the no pressure environment so can get my head around things & have fun. I lack the drive or mentality to bother winning things.
  14. So much gaming of late. Bit the bullet & got Destiny 2 on the PS4 & a PS+ upgrade (The-Shadow298 if you need someone to fireteam with). Hit level 20 & finished it rather quickly but have all the raids & such to do now. My copy of NieR Automata also arrived today. It lacks a dedicated Auto Save function & it's terrifying to realise how much you rely on them in modern games. If you die in the opening mission you have to start from the very beginning again. Same with dying mid-mission (you start the mission & all the cut scenes from the start of the mission). You have ways to quick save & full save but they aren't accessible in mission to me so far. It also blends action RPG with Devil May Cry combat & bullet hell shooters, so you need to be quick on the dodge button. It's also have a sickening level of hyper-sexualisation of characters in the game -to the point you get an Achievement from peaking up B2's dress a certain amount of times, causing her to dodge away from the camera.
  15. Was fun for me. I go to the store that gives you 4 boosters regardless of your placing so no pressure to build a super good deck. I ran Naya Dinos & either got fully aggro or stalled until I or my opponent could slip through for a win. Pull Beckett but then almost everyone there did but couldn't run her. My promo was Kopola & got a Ripjaw Raptor too as well as Vance's Cannon blast (scored a 2nd in my prize booster as a 2nd Beckett too). Am drafting on Friday and think it's a fun limited set apart form the tribal restrictions.