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  1. The And The Geek Shall collective has started a new series that looks at underrated or overrated cards in Magic, but with particular focus on the Commander. this episode focuses on Bontu the Glorified & why she should be played more within the 99. Bonus points if you can hear the point where our narrative starts to develop a chest infection. Enjoy & feedback appreciated on it.
  2. The card: Path to Discovery by now, pretty much everyone has realised how well the Explore mechanic works with Undergrowth & any graveyard shenanigans that any Golgari based deck want. Being able to pitch things to the yard or draw a land to hand just help the game out a fair bit. A sorcery like Enter The Unknown gains extra value. But does Path to Discovery work for a deck where you want to recur a lot of things from the yard to the field? this has been bothering me for a while because I like the card but it feels too slow even if you have ramp/recursion in your deck? Is it better for grindy games or just something to avoid all together? thanks in advance your answers/opinions.
  3. I enjoyed it & am still enjoying building around it. As a Commander player there are so many gems & a few good reprints for me (such as Gilded Lotus). Unlike a lot of people in my local community I enjoy the sagas and want to see more cards like it. Want to see how post rotation goes for the set and which cards will stand out.
  4. Cheers. Am currently writing 3 scripts for more fringe decks, each more out there than the last.
  5. Haven't really been able to use the forum for various reasons or be able to create content but have a new series that my group (And The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth) are launching called "Decks From The Fringe", which is all about decks that go against the meta and tend to hold their own. Here's the first video but if you have any decks you'd like to see talked about, do let us know:
  6. Am now streaming MtG Arena, so here is a quick game of my pre-built Rakdos Pirates deck vs an Orzhov Vampire deck, with a very cheeky win. side note: we might want to add Arena an option for video choices, since it is out of NDA & people are streaming & making videos about it.
  7. My latest video, which is for my modified Hate Bear with anthem effects deck.
  8. Was in a bit of a fit of pique last night, so got obsessed about making a new Commander deck, so came up with this: The point of the deck is to get Yidris & Maelstrom Nexus out and start cascading curses & curse-like auras onto your opponents, recur them back if destroyed and make your opponents attack each other to get the bonuses from the curses. all pretty simple really.
  9. My latest Shakespeare inspired deck, based upon the play Julius Caesar. Please let us know if there are any issues viewing it, since had a copyright dispute put against it over free music.
  10. A hidden commander is when you place another creature (occasionally a non-legendary) within your deck & build the deck around them so people don't know what to expect when you first start to play. A good example of this are what is called "5 Colour Nekusar". Now, you can only play Grixis with Nekusar & the second you put him in the command zone your opponents know what you are going to do. With 5 Colour Nekusar, you play some random 5 colour commander like Cromat but you build the deck around Nekusar's pain-draw abilties.
  12. If you're going to add stuff to the forum, might I suggest a card linking system like they have on Reddit, so people don't have to add their own links when talking about individual cards and the like.
  13. This is not the USA, it's the internet. Each country as it's own laws in regards to what can and cannot be said across all media. You don't have Freedom of Speech. The 1st Amendment exists to protect publications such as newspapers from prosecution by the government for printing anything that criticises it or its members. The US Supreme Court extended protection for opinion against the government to most US citizens in the 1970's. No, you can't. There are laws against saying anything that incites hatred, persecution &/or violence against groups of individuals. You cannot say anything that endangers public safety (the infamous "can't shout fire in a crowded movie theatre" statement) nor can you say anything that would otherwise cause affray or offence (such as swearing loudly in public). What you are entitled to is having an opinion but everyone else is equally free to criticise that opinion &/or tell you to piss off. XKCD covers it best here: WoTc & Hasbro are corporations, private entities, who are allowed under law to remove or ban any individual who damages their brand (see my early note about the 1st Amendment). They are entitled to the full extend of the law to protect their brand/product if a group or individual is bringing it into ill repute through their behaviour or are using their brand/product as a means to incite violence, hatred, bigotry, et cetera against an individual or group. The 1st Amendment doesn't product groups or individuals against business enforcing their legal rights. It only applies to the government.
  14. Finally finished this deck. Not entirely happy with it in terms of reflecting themes and characters of the play but seems to work well for the most part as a deck. I went with clones and infect as the main themes because they reflect the themes of the play (pretending not to be something & killing people with poison) with minor themes of angels. Please let us know what you think: