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  1. This week I share and old tournament story as a contribution for a monthly project by our friend Mark over at Life Begins at 20. I always had a soft spot for Keeper of the Flame and she actually got me to 2nd place in a legacy 1997. It was an interesting line of play that won me an important game. Also I recap the cousins of the famed Rancor and give my 2 cents on the future of up and coming MTG content creators. (Hint: the secret lies within ) Hope you enjoy the ramble
  2. Hello everyone, My name's John and I've been a Magic-the-Gathering-aholic since 1994 (No, I have no power or duals.) Some of you here on the forum may know me from Twitter as Johnny Slivers @istvanprophet1. My life is such that I don't get to play as much as I used to, but I still want to stay connected to the game. Not long ago i started Prophets of Istvan on Youtube. It is essentially me as a weekly talking head discussing my life in the world of Magic the Gathering and other games from time to time. You will likely find me talking about Pauper....A LOT. I love playing a legacy format that goes past turn 0. While the content I share is nothing that hasn't been done in the past, I have made a very deliberate choice in my production method. Over and over, I hear content creators at all levels preaching that we need more content creators for Magic. I agree. However I feel like there is a mental road block for many would-be creators when they hear this call bigger names in the community. If someone goes in thinking they need to be the next TCC or Mana-Screwed to be legit, that can ground a creator before they even get out of the hangar. It is with this in mind and some inspiration from Planeswalker Project that I'm keeping my production basic and easy to recreate. The equipment and goal is simple: Laptop w. camera, USB Mic, basic movie editing program, free compression program, - Record, Edit, Compress and Upload in 60 minutes or less. Big emphasis on Goal with the 60 minutes part, but I really do want to make that a regular thing. Now if my audience only ever ends up being a few dozen of my online friends I will be fine with that. Lord knows I talk to myself enough as it is. Might as well aim some of that talking at the inter-webs. I sincerely want my channel to serve as one of many base lines for new creators to reference as a starting point. I mean, you don't start climbing a mountain at the peak. No reason to change that logic here. So there I am. Hope it was a good read for you and maybe we'll banter some Magic in the near future. Laters, John
  3. Sounds like Life Begins at 20 needs to make an Un-cube. You know, a proper and eternal home for the best drinking game in the Multiverse. Of course I could just a crazy person talkin' tin-foil hat nonsense