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  1. Have only been playing standard lately so..... 5. The Scarab God 4. Rampaging Ferocedon 3. Gonti, Lord of Luxury 2. Settle the Wreckage 1. Gonti, Lord of Luxury ~ Seriously. I HATE playing against this card. Death touch sucks. Stealing my cards suckes even more. Being able to cast those cards is redonkulous. Not being able to know what card you stole frome me until you cast it? That's just a whole new level of evil.
  2. Thanks for all of the info guys! This is something I am shooting to have up and running for Unstable. I had a gaming store jump on as a sponsor, so I am looking to have a draft in a somewhat controlled environment where I won't be fighting a lot of noise. I really like the gooseneck mount. I'm thinking that using one of those will work great for my card pool, then a secondary on a tripod for the table itself. As for GoPro style cameras, I'm going to see if I can borrow one instead of buying one and try that as well. Probably can't hurt to have multiple angles of the same shots.
  3. Fellow YouTubers. I am looking to expand my video selection to include drafts at my lgs. I was thinking of using my laptop and the webcam I shoot my videos with (Logitech C922x Pro) to be mounted next to me to capture my viewpoint of the draft. I was also thinking of using a Go Pro style camera to do the same thing while my regular camera captures an overall shot of the draft. Has anyone done this before? What equipment did you use? What issues did you run into?
  4. From my younger years, Weatherlight. From more recent years, Scars would be my go-to
  5. I have a true addiction. I crack at least a case of every set, plus at least one bundle and all the pre release events I can handle. I then make a list of anything I don't have a playset of and pick those up as I go. I can stop any time I want...
  6. After taking a good long break from magic, I came back to play around Worldwake. When I left the game, the rules were a little booklet that came in decks. Suddenly, it was a 95 page pdf document. I attempted to read it (which I do not recommend) to no avail. There was a new lgs in my town and that was their suggestion. By the end of that league, I was a better player than I had ever been.
  7. Just be careful of ring damage. If the pages aren't in proper place when the binder is closed, it can leave divots in that cards.
  8. I First sort to which binder it will go. I have a white binder that is older than time and falling apart and a blue binder for standard rares, which is gold/wubrg, A Garruk binder that has mostly junk and specs that, at one time was wubrg but has devolved into chaos, and it likes that. A foil binder that is gold/wubrg, a personal binder of stuff that I collect that goes lands/staples in no color order/promos/planeswalkers/UNcards/KTK-DTK-FRF promos/Alters-Autographs. Last is my trade binder which is Land/gold/wubrg
  9. I bought a collection a few years back that came with this cool little treasure chest thing. I them in there until it fills up, then I transfer them to a cardboard box and start over again
  10. I REALLY like Metallic Mimic in this!!
  11. 1. I second the Pre-cons 2. If your LGS has a League, JOIN IT! This is about as casual as you can get while still adhering to the proper structure of a match 3. Don't be afraid to be the "new guy". Most LGS employees will trip over themselves trying to get to you the second you mention "I heard about this MTG game. How do I start?" 4. Losing is Just a learning experience. 5 Find a deck and stick with it. You don't have to commit to it for life, but only playing a deck once or twice won't really give you a real feel of how to pilot the deck. Play it for a while. Then if you still don't like it, move on.
  12. Hey! Been lurking in the shadows here for a bit and figured it was time to actually join in the fun. I'm a content creator from the US, more specifically the Mitten state. I do booster box openings every week along with deck techs and few other random mtg things thrown in. Mainly doing this to share my love of cracking packs and to spread good and fun decks around the globe. A bit about me, I'm a father of 4 that works from home. My oldest planeswalker is 15 and my youngest is 3. Both the 15 y/o and 3 y/o have DCI numbers, so MTG is a family affair. I've been playing MTG since 1994 with a few breaks here and there, but I always come back.I own a deck for every format, but only competitively (and poorly) play standard and a little sealed. You can find our YouTube channel here ~ And find me on Twitter here ~ And Facebook ~ And last but not least, Instagram ~
  13. I'd love to be on this! And I'm back to the regular schedule, so there's that