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  1. I've been sick/had finals these last few weeks, but I'm better now and some friends are in town for winter break, so I expect the turnout will be quite good in the near future. I might be bringing in my pauper cube for people to draft, too! Current plan is to figure out a good date this coming Sunday with everyone in person.
  2. Turns out the answer is: really slow XD Today, we had Angler Delver, BUG Tron (me), Simic Ponza, Izzet Blitz, RDW, Soul Sisters, UB Alchemy, Esper Familiars, and GW Aggro.
  3. I haven't been able to go lately. Planning to be there this week tho! Does anyone know how the meta's been moving these past few weeks?
  4. I like emblems. I don't think it makes sense to talk about them being OP - makes as much sense as saying something like 'creatures are OP'. You have to evaluate them in the context of how much effort they require and how disruptible they are. Changing the fundamental baseline of the game to give yourself an advantage is a pretty interesting mechanic, and adding emblem removal would make that impossible. If your opponent ticks their Lili up to 7, and survives a whole 'nother turn, you don't really deserve to win that game imo. There are about a million ways you can stop the emblem without needing removal for it. In the Gideon case, you're maybe misidentifying the cause of the loss as the Emblem, rather than your opponent controlling a Gideon for the entire game.
  5. I think the playing without a plan is the biggest one. People tap out when they shouldn't tap out, or hold back when they have to be aggressive. Newer players tend to autopilot in my experience, picking one strategy for their deck that more or less 'works' and just going with it blindly. Even with a strong deck, they'll still lose frequently if they can't adapt.
  6. The Dimir Control deck looked more like Angler Delver this week. I didn't see any Mulldrifters or the like - just counters, kill, and 1 mana beaters.
  7. Manamorphose, Oubliette, Chromatic Stars, Snow-Covered Lands, that sort of thing. I expect it would probably be a lot cheaper if you swapped one playset of the expensive cards in between decks, tho. That's a lot of Chainer's Edicts otherwise.
  8. This is what I'm working with right now. I'm thinking it's probably gonna be a more tempo-y deck that uses Prismatic Strands and Emerge Unscathed to win races/nullify removal on your Seekers/Delvers. Also got the usual late game card quality engine thing with Squawk/Gush + Brainstorm. The thing about faeries is that it makes it hard to include enough white creatures to flash back Prismatic Strands reliably.
  9. I didn't play against it. I saw Aether Swooper and Pulse of Murasa, so I'm guessing more of a midrangey tokens sort of deal.
  10. I played Kuldotha Boros this week. The other decks I saw were UR Burn, RDW, Izzet Blitz, UB Alchemy, and I think some sort of UG Energy deck. A lot of regulars this time around, so most of the decks were familiar. Looking forward to next week!
  11. The Seeker of the Way downshift has got me brewing up UW Delver again. I think Seeker + Prismatic Strands is a pretty great looking combo that should serve to give the deck a much better Stompy matchup than other Delver variants. The big question is whether or not it should run the Faerie/Ninja package.
  12. Oh, no, I mean the Mardu player. He took out the Terminates and Anglers and such for Thrabens and Rally the Peasants and such. The pseudo-affinity guy was definitely Jeskai.
  13. I think the dude said it was just Kuldotha Boros this time, but otherwise that looks correct
  14. Not sure what exactly your deck is, but putting a heavy focus on blue can be good with these decks since it lets you treat ponder/preordain/etc. as virtual red sources. That might not be feasible in a straight up burn deck, tho.
  15. Big fan of Grixis, but not in love with that mana base. There aren't enougn blue sources to consistently have your cantrips online turn 1/2, and even with the cantrips, you'd be assembling double U for counterspell some time around turn 7. Especially with Anglers and Ponders, I think quite a few of those basics/RB Gainlands should be fetch lands.