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  1. What i saw the headline I thought it was trolling. Don't think it's legit, turnout for events is strong
  2. Welcome aboard!
  3. Interested in seeing the response from Wizards, it could set a new precident. Either way someone's going to be pissed
  4. Buying a box to draft with my gf and her family
  5. Im surprised how strong lavamancer is, it never seemed like that great of a card to me. Is this a one off tournament or a regular event?
  6. From what I've heard is that the GP's are the ones you want to attend if you're just going to be spectating and not playing. The PT are more about the pro players and not as many vendors or side events to check out. So if you're not playing I would just watch the stream instead and play some casual games with friends or at your LGS instead. Unless you have friends or plans made I wouldn't bother.
  7. Interesting you being a fan of control decks but not counterspells. Your point about removal makes sense never thought of it that way
  8. What do you eat for breakfast? @Breakfast with Nerds
  9. Welcome aboard
  10. Hello and welcome
  11. Soooo... Are you looking for people to be mods? Or like someone or someone's to be another administrator? When is renewal due? Have a PayPal link or a way I can toss a few $$ other than Amazon affiliate?
  12. One free Mulligan in casual events sounds fine. In legacy or modern it might get ridiculous
  13. Listener totals are up so that's what matters! The Star Trek episode was fun
  14. Since they aren't going to abolish the reserve list (anytime soon) Liliana of the Veil Zendikar fetches Filter lands Path to Exile Cavern of Souls