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  1. Listener totals are up so that's what matters! The Star Trek episode was fun
  2. Since they aren't going to abolish the reserve list (anytime soon) Liliana of the Veil Zendikar fetches Filter lands Path to Exile Cavern of Souls
  3. Is there a microphone you would recommend to a new YouTuber/Podcaster to start out with?
  4. Haven't been paying much attention to this set just doesn't float my boat ⛵ so we skipped pre release and played some casual games. Congrats @Rhino on the great day!
  5. Played this deck with my girlfriend and her family it was a lot of fun thankfully they aren't salty
  6. I've never done anything like that
  7. Make any upgrades yet to the Dragon deck? I heard the Mana base needs tweaking
  8. How does Thunderous Wrath work? Totally forgot it's pauper legal
  9. What is your favorite and least favorite part about having a podcast?
  10. Will attempt to make a video
  11. Using some 1/1 mummies from Amonkhet and distributing -1/-1 to them could turn them into 4/4s but getting God-Pharohs Gift out early enough with Refrubfish could be a good time
  12. For the side board maybe some Shocks?
  13. Welcome