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  1. That could be a kick-ass cube
  2. I wasn't playing at the time but I would love if they went back to a place like Shadowmoor, would be some great reprints to boot
  3. We were never able to buy one cause they all sold out and the ones we found were almost double MSRP. Bummer
  4. For me it's all about the price. My girlfriend and I have a Pauper battlebox full of competitive decks that we share with friends and family if they don't bring cards or just for fun once in a while. The cost of the battlebox, which I think has 6 decks, was probably less than a Modern deck and maybe about as much or a little more than a top tier Standard deck. I guess the card power makes them more enjoyable but having a cheap format with cards that are so easy to get most of the time is great.
  5. The art direction is horrendous.
  6. Congratulations!
  7. It's back up to $100+. I lived vicariously through @AlbyMTG when he pulled the foil Goyf
  8. My girlfriend and I are buying one each, although we're not sure which ones yet.
  9. They help the game. Without them and finance (the boogyman) how many of us would still buy cards? It's not worth being a collector if the cards are worthless.
  10. It's already better than iconic masters
  11. I'm impressed! This is what standard needs
  12. Would make these surveys much more popular if they released the results
  13. Maybe a Burning Tree Emissary? No Lightning bolts?
  14. Other than finding people here I mostly hear about YouTube channels and/or podcasts via word of mouth from friends