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  1. Welp, Squadron Vampires is an obvious one, as is Opt. I think Pirate's Cutlass, and Siren's Call(?), if you are making a pirate deck, are great additions. The Cutlass is a pretty good card in limited, from what I've seen.
  2. Oops! I thought it was in the original post
  3. Upheaval + Black Vise is a classic combo... Upheaval is also a spell that makes everybody else hate you...forever.
  4. The real gift would be the abolition of the Reserved List and reprinting of the revised duals and Beta Moxen Being realistic, here is what I’d like to see…one classic, and one newer White – Reveillark (one of my favourite cards of all time) or Wrath of God Blue – Mulldrifter or Ancestral Vision Black – Damnation or Liliana of the Veil (needs a price drop) Red – Lightning Bolt or Stormbreath Dragon Green – Rancor or Kitchen Finks
  5. Yeah, Canada never qualifies and the Dutch have crapped the bed since the last World Cup...seriously can't win versus even mediocre teams (Edit..) Oh, it seems Slovakia makes it, if I am reading this properly. Of course, I cheer for my fatherland Also, I basically cheer against the divers again (Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, etc)
  6. Green has many Hurricane-like effects, hitting flyers. They also have one half of Firespout (the flyers part)
  7. Zuby is wrong, the best sweeper is clearly My real top 5 Wrath of God - The original, and still the best Austere Command - Clear up the problems you need, and allows you to keep stuff you want around. Black Sun's Zenith - If it doesn't kill, it certainly shrinks things down… AND it re-shuffles for more fun All is Dust - SACRIFICE it! DO IT! NOW! Merciless Eviction - Expensive, but it permanently gets rid of big problems and it's awesome Orzhovness
  8. Gonna play casual on Monday (our Thanksgiving) with a friend I haven't seen for almost a year! We used to play most every Friday night, but he had a serious Kidney Stone issue, etc etc
  9. I destroyed @Aurian in a casual game with this deck Fortunately, I milled her Primal Command so she couldn't re-shuffle
  10. This, in a nutshell, is why I really don't like the Planeswalker card type at all. The only 'saving' grace is that many new Planeswalkers aren't as powerful as the older ones... Compare more recent ones to Elspeth (original or remake), JTMS, etc...
  11. Thoughts on Ixalan so far? (Pre-release, draft, flavour, etc)
  12. Chittering Rats is popular/played in the mono-black devotion build, since it helps Gary so much. Are there any commons that punish the opponent for having so few cards in hand? The Rack, and others, I think are usually uncommon and above. I did a quick search, and they usually are uncommon/rare...
  13. Yup, but 2 of the 3 cards are great for us, and I might be able to flip it for more $, if so inclined.
  14. @Aurian went 2-2 and I went 1-3. I had one of the worst pools I've ever opened, with almost no hard removal and a bunch of garbage rares, lack of big beasts, etc... I knew from the start that I wouldn't do well, so I was pretty grumpy all night playing a garbage pool. I kinda stuck it out more for my wife's sake The sealed environment, and the set, just feels...boring.. dinosaurs crashing in to one another...yay... little removal for big things. I still think it's better than Battle for Zendikar, but that isn't saying much. Maybe draft will be better, but I can't see myself enjoying this set/block for the next 3-6 months. Dinosaurs and Pirates just don't do it for me. *grumble* *grumble*
  15. The curse's controller (you) always gets the effect no matter who is attacking the enchanted player, since the trigger condition is "whenever enchanted player is attacked" and doesn't specify by whom.