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  1. Our LGS had an Unstable Draft on Saturday (we voted and it barely beat out Masters 2017. Few people wanted Masters 25), our third time drafting it. Once again, I end up in Red/black with some contraptions. I can’t help it when I am passed a Summon the Pack and all of the Extremely Slow Zombies I could want :p. Seriously, nobody else ever seems to draft them… who wouldn’t want a 3/3 for 2 mana? I ended up 3-0 and tied for first (4 round event, but we stopped after 3 rounds). I also splashed for Ol' Buzzbark, and ended up rolling 12 dice from 12 inches off of the table... yup, dice flying everywhere!!! Aurian went 1-1-1 with a green-blue-red Augment deck. Honestly, that is the archetype I wouldn’t ever touch, given the potential 2-for-1 blowouts and the difficulty getting good augments. It’s probably good if you get it all, but if you don’t… Unstable is a fun set to draft, but I think 3 times is enough (though I’d do it once again). Some lucky bastard pulled a foil full-art plains
  2. Amazon's model is, by its very nature, parasitic. Why bother with crowds and travelling when you can just order with clicks of the mouse? Amazon also has a marketplace, which people and vendors can use. I prefer B&M for many things, but also hate shopping in crowds. Of course, I am old, and remember when Malls were destinations in and of themselves.
  3. I think WOTC was right to stretch it out another weak, and let Masters 25 (barf) have its time in the sun. I mean, those of us who are waiting can handle another week
  4. I am a pure (casual) player, no finance, although I do trading and it does affect the decks we can build
  5. Do they really have that many listeners? We have a few Clearchannel/IHeart stations here...they play the same 20-30 crappy songs EVERY.GOD.DAMN.DAY!! Good Riddance
  6. I was too poor to ever go to a Toys R Us as a kid, so I don't have quite the same nostalgia. Amazon is popular, and @Aurian uses it a lot, but it is going to hurt a lot of B&M businesses, and they treat their employees like crud...
  7. Yes, you do (I would have guessed 35 or so based on what you've said, etc)
  8. Hordeling Outburst is a great token maker, and with Frenzied Goblin, maybe we see a good gobbo deck pop up? Pillage, obviously, is amazing sideboard tech vs. tron and other greedy decks.
  9. MTG is a market-based game, and it's simply demand (especially Modern) vs Supply (WOTC). Re-sellers are simply a tool for people to get cards in a different manner, and make the market more efficient.
  10. Well official spoilers being today. First off...sagas... WOT? and more from the Mothership about the leakage
  11. I see actual sunshine outside! Of course, that means casual Magic tomorrow night
  12. Yeah, but you have to click that link, so that would be your fault
  13. To take heat off of Masters 25?
  14. Conspiracy 1 and 2, Unstable, original Modern Masters, and Khans of Tarkir are easily my top 4. Least favourite: Ixalan, by far
  15. No spoilers ahead in my post. Sad news as it seems that the Chinese release notes got leaked, which included many cards. Again, WOTC just can't control their IP, and the translators have been busy spoiling the cards all over the interwebs Sigh.. This is WOTC acknowledging the leaks, but not giving any leaked info (yet)