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  1. I am no fan of SJWs, nor the fact WOTC loves to cater to a very small clique, but is Jeremy Hambly the hill you want to die on? Let’s face facts, this boils down to the fact that Jeremy Hambly is a piece of shit. Full Stop. He’s a bully. He repeatedly insults other players, creators, and is jealous of anybody else who has more success than he has. He also gets his troll army to continue the assault. Look at what he tried to pull at GP Vegas. He’s a coward. If any of his stuff gets too much heat, he’ll delete, apologize, and claim ‘it’s a prank, bro!’. He can’t even stand up for the views and things he says. Some ‘alpha’. I might have an inkling of respect for him if he simply said “Yeah, this is what I think, deal with it.” He doesn’t bring anything positive to the community. Hell, I used to watch a bit of his content, and it was obvious that he doesn’t even play the game, or know what the cards do. He is a clickbait artist, like Milo Yiannapolis, who jumped on to a product simply to ride the wave. If you want to really support a contrarian who is smart and doesn’t need to resort to petty insults, read Matt Sperling’s content. Of course, it’s easy enough to avoid twitter, reddit, etc and just play the damn game. I can’t recall ever going to an LGS or my playgroup and being beaten over the head with identity politics. It only becomes an issue if you actively look for it. My life is so much better now that I just let the idiots fight amongst themselves.
  2. Wow, more cards have variable texts and abilities... how to keep track? Everythingamajig has 6 variants, some with different casting costs @.@
  3. Bloodsport is a fun 'bad' movie, though probably hasn't aged well at all. Little me loved that movie for what it was.
  4. Spoils from the Planeswalker decks
  5. Wow, a big bombshell this morning when it was revealed that cards have multiple arts...a lot of work for an UN set and VERY CRYPTIC COMMAND? Multiple versions, with different modes!
  6. The same Rosewater that once claimed that 48% of Magic players were women? (That # has inched downward each time he quotes it). I wouldn't trust Rosewater for such metrics, as that is not really his sphere. He seems to quote difference #s all the time, based on varied measurements (ie. everybody who bought a pack vs. people who actually play) The real proof comes from the calls that Hasbro does with its shareholders. Their last calls didn't mention such a huge drop.
  7. EDH is already a bloody goofy format: double the starting life, a free card as a commander, etc etc... why not make it goofier? That said, the EDH committee really screwed up on this one, and they are getting serious backlash. This should be playgroup specific
  8. your DOOM!!!
  9. No, I just didn't really rank the Top 5 very well
  10. Yeah, when Eric Froelich, the saltiest of all pros, wants to form a 'committee' (aka Thought Police Lynch Mob), the alarm bells go off. That said, MTGHeadquarters is clearly well beyond reproach, and his behaviour has affected quite a few people. It's not just his videos and other media, but the fact his army of alt-right trolls brigades these people with abuse. As for Boogie... I used to watch him, and he is a very kind-hearted guy. His problem is that he always takes these tepid positions and refuses to really ever take a side. It’s kind of annoying that he’s so afraid of pissing anybody off that he won’t take a real stand on most any issue, even if it is obvious what side he is on. That said, he doesn’t deserve this brigading. Notice how both the SJWs and Alt-right idiots have a ‘with us or against us’ mentality? The moment you don’t agree with them, they will attack you and harass you. This is the abusive behaviors Jeremy’s army of morons has put Sprankle and others through.
  11. Eating while playing MTG is not usually a good idea When @Aurian and I host Games Days, we usually have a good variety of stuff... One of her homemade goodies, popcorn, veggie platter, and a few other munchies. If I go out on Wednesday Nights, we usually have wings or pub food *BEFORE* we play... Top 5: 1. Magic Brownie (before) - If I am going to play a competitive event, this helps calm me down a LOT. Eaten 1-2 hours prior 2. Booze! Usually a cider 3. Popcorn (well, I love to eat this any time) 4. Aurian's desserts 5. Water - Yes, keep hydrated!
  12. WOTC/Hasbro could very well file motions to YouTube to remove any of his content featuring MTG, or pepper him with enough legal annoyance to affect his wallet. Honestly, this is reason #100+ that I barely use twitter any longer... very little of positive value, and so much hate, whining, bullying, and other nonsense. I appreciate this forum much more.
  13. Full spoiler is up:
  14. You could try playing Doom Blade or Unsummon ;P You'd like my Meekstone/tap-down deck