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  1. I did it, too. They were asking way too many questions about basically roleplaying as a wizard. As much as MTG is an escapism hobby, I don't go around dressing up in my robe and wizard's hat, pretending to chuck fireballs at people.
  2. A streamer I watch plays Eternal from time-to-time, but I find it hard to watch as I don't know the cards well. I may give it a shot when it's fully released, as it seems similar enough to Magic.
  3. I like the idea, but a few thoughts 1. Dawntreader Elk is kinda slow, and you don't really need the mana ramp. 2. I like the Scythe Tigers. 3. Sedge Scorpion is cool, but maybe also kinda slow? I mean, 1 damage a turn isn't doing much 4. I don't think you want to spend time on mana ramp when your curve is so low. Instead of Cultivate, do you have any Ambuscades?
  4. Ouch, tough start, but glad you got some match wins. Modern is definitely a format you need experience in to succeed... games are decided quickly (even if they run long), and the margin for error is slim.
  5. Moana - I'd give it a solid 7/10. Good bit of humour, fairly predictable, cool setting and I like the Polynesian aspect of it. Good movie for kids, obviously.
  6. We've been buying less cards in the past year, but we haven't really noticed any serious issues, as far as I am aware. I think we do get the same printers as the US does, but we may also be lucky, or just not really paying attention as much.
  7. From when I goldfished a similar list on Cockatrice, the deck just struck me as WAY too inconsistent. Don't be afraid to give up on it... sometimes, decks just don't work out. Aurian and I have had pet decks that we tried to make worrk, and just couldn't The big problem is that you really have only 1 reanimation spell, and there are tools to take care of your big creature. If I was going to build the Exhume deck, I'd rather go for the hexproof 5/5 from Amonkhet.
  8. I *used* to build combo decks and be great at it. Now, I find the combos on other sites, mainly (reddit, Essential Magic, Facebook, etc). I am a Johnny at heart, but I also know that playing against combos gets people upset, especially if I break them out all the time.
  9. Most certainly Mike Tyson
  10. What would Jag like to give to Donald Trump?
  11. Who did Jag have a crush on back in school?
  12. Full decklists are up. Honestly, a lot of disappointing reprints, or lack of great reprints... *shrug*...
  13. Cube is hard to judge because I'd need to know what type of cube it is, and what archetypes would one expect? Whatever happens, the person to your left isn't getting black from pack 1, so that might send a weird signal. Going in blind, I'd be tempted to go for the Duskwatch Recruiter (card advantage and big body) or Displacement Wave (big bounce)...
  14. Agreed. I was just lukewarm to the C17 product until the last 2-3 days when the WIZARDS started getting spoiled... so much tricky goodness, and lots of political FU cards
  15. Lots of spoilers, but these are the ones that interest me the most. I love taking my opponent's things... hehehe... MINE! Holy Rattlenskate, batman! This + Skullclamp = Value I wonder how this can be broken