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  1. While Russia has undoubtedly futzed around in US politics, the amount of influence they have is vastly overstated. The Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and others have done far more damage than Putin and his troll army ever will. Russia Scare 2.0
  2. One of the better sets in recent memory. A good mix of nostalgia and new characters, plus legendary-matters in a way that was much better than Kamigawa. "Historic" still does feel weird, granted, since a common short sword is...historic? I like having a legend in every pack, plus the limited format was deep and strong.
  3. The rotation aspect, though, is what likely holds it back... I hear a lot of players think that it is silly to build a casual deck for just a short amount of time... Still, I will keep 1-2 together at any one time, just in case
  4. The appeal? 1. Newer players might not have the older cards 2. Brawl has a much flatter power level. 3. EDH turns can get degenerate and take hours. Brawl games feel much more like our 60-card casual decks...more elegant and more like a 'real' game of Magic. 4. Brawl allows the use of less-powerful cards that EDH players don't touch I think Brawl is an attempt to get Standard/Draft players to keep playing with some of the other cards they don't use.
  5. I used to do writing, (hockey mainly), but got burnt out. Burn-out is something veteran podcasters like you may run into in the future. The hardest part is getting started and sticking with it, especially when nobody knows who you are
  6. Congrats on the nice viewer spike. Hopefully it led to a few more subs.
  7. I deleted mine in late June, and don't miss it. I was using it less and less. Here is what I wrote on my Facebooks: "Deleted my little-used twitter account and feel much better for it. It's a terrible place to have an actual conversation, and all people ever do is whine and cry about meaningless stuff. If the app disappeared off of the face of the planet, almost nothing of value would be lost." "Honest question: How would you make Twitter worth a damn? Anything you can get on twitter you can likely find on Facebook and Reddit. I have a few major hobbies and interests: Comedy, Politics, Hockey, Baseball, and Magic the Gathering…plus some video games and such. Comedy – Twitter is a poor platform for comedy, and most comedians don’t do much with twitter other than promote shows. The most active ones are screeching SJW’s (ala Sarah Silverman), who forgot what comedy is actually about. Nothing is worse than a comedian who becomes preachy and falls into the ‘Clapter’ trap. Sorry, another lazy joke about Donald Trump is not really worth reading (and another reason why The Daily Show and Bill Maher are worthless now). Podcasts are where it is at. Politics – Even worse nowadays. Nuance? Hah… Hockey – Infected by Church of Corsi, and/or shrieking SJW types. Again, hard to have any really good conversations on this platform. Livetweeting games is one of the dumbest, masturbatory things one can do. (I tried it once and….meh). Unfortunately, there really aren’t many places to talk hockey very well… reddit is garbage for conversations, HFBoards was never good, and blogs are pretty much dead or team circlejerks. Baseball – Actually not bad, but reddit has the same content. Magic the Gathering – The worst. The twitter community is vocal, whiny, and is pretty much in constant witch hunt mode. If you judged the playerbase simply by this minority of busybodies, you’d think every Magic player is a purple-haired trans feminist language policer, or that Hasbro/Wotc is evil incarnate. I deleted/muted a bunch of people and then was left with… not much. Facebook has its many flaws, but at least you can have discussions."
  8. Did anybody else attend prereleases over the weekend? If so, how did it go? @Aurian and I went to one. We had to drop after 3 rounds because we were tired and our dog can't be at home more than 5 hours... I ended up with a weird pool and ended up playing blue-black Control, of all things. With THREE of the 3/2 flash guys in black, 3 cancels, an Anticipate, and an Essence Scatter, I had a lot of instant-speed plays. I had no real bombs, but two of the blue 5-drops that recur instants/sorceries. I ended up 1-1-1. (First round...we didn't even make it to game 3). Flyers, tempo, a little removal. A trickier deck to play. Aurian went 2-1, also playing black-blue. She wanted green-blue at first, but I pointed out that her black had good removal to support the blue. She had Tezzeret and two of the 3/5 golems that become 5/5 if you control a blue creature. She also had two of the 1/3s that turn artifacts into 5/5 creatures. Her one loss came in Round 2 to a deck that was absolutely A+ bonkers... removal, bombs, Pelakka Wurm, perfect mana.. .. Her round 3 win cames against me in 3 games I just couldn't deal with the advantage Tezzeret kept generating... poop. The set is OK... Core Sets are fairly straight forward, after all.
  9. As it should have been. Also, we continue to see how Phyrexian mana was a huge development mistake... Any time I watch legacy, it is so many Delver piles playing Deathrite Shaman. the problem with Shaman is that it is far to 'free' of a card to play. Mana ramp? Check? Graveyard hate? Check. Reach? Check
  10. Aunt Jemima!? HERESY!!!
  11. Uruguay!
  12. People actually found Everybody Hates Raymond to be funny? Ok, consider me baffled
  13. I do. I tend to do the mash shuffle with sleeves, but certain Ultra Pro sleeves (with cool art) had hard edges, so you can't mash them together without splitting the cards... I don't know why they switched to that, but it made it annoying. I can't really do the normal riffle shuffle with them,
  14. Germany Out.. Italy didn't make it... Looks like the Axis powers never do well in Russia
  15. Spoilers - I'd say focus on the cards that really interest you. No need to really spoil boring stuff or filler that you aren't interested in.