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  1. Exactly. He had a long, full life. Like any good Marvel franchise, they can just recycle his cameos
  2. The format is actually diverse and Standard actually seems worth watching now. The Top 8 is a bit skewed by Limited records, as well, but the white weenie deck was a good call. What I like is that, apart from the History of Benalia, the deck is not that expensive to put together. A shame the final game of the finals was decided on a mull to 4
  3. I agree with your choices, but we won't know how the set is built until it is spoiled. There is a small chance the set is chock full of goodies at all rarities, and WOTC didn't focus on drafting too much. With that MSRP, I could see them saying "This set isn't balanced for drafting, but go ahead and do it" 1. The FLGS markup is far too high. the MSRP of the box-topper is over $50, given the price of the blister packs at WalMart and the box at FLGS... If you want people to shop at FLGS, make the MSRP of the full box lower. 2. Fetchlands - I think the number crunch has ruled them out 3. Box-toppers: No whammies... too late, but a few of them are worth very little...imagine getting the Stirring Wildwoods while your friend gets Snapcaster? 4. If you want supply to increase, then the MSRP should be half of what it is... but that won't change
  4. WOTC is obviously going for a WHALE strategy. They know certainly people will pay big prices, and they can bank on them to spend whatever the packs cost. It's a shame, since it becomes purely about grabbing $ than just selling cards for people to play.
  5. jinx!
  6. No, not Uma Thurman (giggity), but … Ultimate Masters!!! (really? Ultimate Masters? Who names these things? 12-year olds?) It seems that Ultimate Masters will be the last premium/Masters for some time. I wonder how they will get cards into eternal formats, otherwise... ------------------------ Release Date: December 7, 2018 254 Cards 24 packs per box 15-card booster packs, one premium foil per pack One Ultimate Box Topper per box MSRP*: $335.76 per box; $34.99 per 3-pack blisterpack (*MSRP applies to United States only) Supplies are limited ------------------------------------------------- Yup. WOTC heard all of the feedback about previous Masters sets being too expensive … and COMPLETLY IGNORED IT! Womp womp. Each box will have one of these amazing full-art/frame foilies, so the rich will get richer (the 'box-topper). Admittedly, they do look beautiful. I really hope they don’t hold back and make the set full of actual value. Not just mythics, but rares, uncommons, and even commons. Draft? Meh, make it worth our damn while. They spoiled Kitchen Finks and Eternal Witness at uncommon, so it’s a start! I might be able to draft this once, but I doubt I’ll be getting much of it.
  7. it's interesting, but I don't do MTGO
  8. Ravnica is my favourite setting. While I wasn't playing when original Ravnica came out, I do love and have many of the cards. Dragon's Maze was one of the worst sets ever, for many reasons, but I enjoyed the first two of that block. Dissension was also rather weak.
  9. Actual conspiracies happen all of the time, and some have been proven (ie. Iran/Contra, Bernie getting shafted by the DNC). As for unproven or not-fully-proven ones... hmm 1. New Coke was simply a market diversion to switch the old recipe from sugar to high-fructose corn syrup, as well as drum up sales. "Oh, we're back to Classic formula" wink-wink 2. OJ did kill Nicole Simpson and Steve Goldman 3. Planned Obsolescence - American car companies, especially, want parts and autos to break down so you buy more new ones. 4. Michael Jordan "retiring" from the NBA due to gambling problems.
  10. Well, they are technically still in Beta. I will give it to WOTC, Arena has come a long way and they have really listened to the feedback received. Unlike MTGO, it looks like they have a good actual development team doing the Arena program, and they have added more and more features as time has gone on. They are much more open about things, too "Yeah, it's not in there, but here is what we want to add" I'd rather then add one thing at a time and get it right, rather than a mess of features that are buggy.
  11. MagicFest is an actual festival in Europe (stage Magic) The name is lame, but the idea makes perfect sense. These conventions are just that, and the GP is just one of the things taking place at them. The marketing will surround the fact that there are artists, dealers, side events, and much more that surrounds the GP. When I went to GP Vancouver years ago, and GP Vegas a couple of years back, I never had any interest in the main events.
  12. Good, not great. Limited is fun, but kinda tilted to Boros/Dimir and you do get pushed into one of 5 decks... There is a lot of depth, though, and few totally dud cards. Thus, more playables = fewer decks that suck. Shallow draft environments are the worst. Mechanics: 1. Surveil is a big win. Finally, they got Dimir right. 2. Convoke again? It fits flavourfully, but...meh.. 3. Undergrowth - I love it, but they really didn't give Golgari much of it, and a few duds... flavour win, function meh 4. Jump-Start: Goofy name, but a thumbs up. 5. Mentor - Boring, but very Boros. The set has fewer legendaries that I figured it would, and it is the THIRD time we go to this world. It doesn't feel as NEW and FRESH as Return to Ravnica did, but more of a Fallout 4
  13. Boy, when I re-found what was left of my old old old collection, all I had were a few Beta swamps. This girl discovers her parents were sitting on a goldmine.
  14. Boy, those decks look grindy as heck!