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  1. This is a mockup of a translated spoiler...and...damn, do I want this!
  2. That is what I do with pauper decks, sometimes, and even casual decks, but I wouldn't say I make 'limited' decks... why limit myself when I have too many damn boxes
  3. Moar! This is one of those cards that can just utterly devastate you. I think it would go well in a go-wide strategy, so your little dudes will get through and get some card advantage. A Sphinx 'lord' with a built in mini Fact-of-Fiction. I guess @Aurian will want one. A four-mana (cheap) Angel that blinks? Sign me up A 4-mana removal spell at rare? Ugh... powerful, sure, but... meh
  4. Solemnity has so much combo potential. Like the priest from Amonkhet that prevents -1/-1 counters, this could be used to have Kitchen Finks, Murderous Redcap, or other such creatures be sacrificed infinite times.
  5. A couple of more spoilers @Aurian forwarded me Crook is a slightly weaker Relic of Progenitus, but still quite nice. This set really hates graveyards, it seems Solemnity... well, it's good anti-infect tech! Too bad it doesn't stop Planeswalkers Oh, Solemnity also combos with DARK DEPTHS bahahaha
  6. Exactly. It'll be worse for many things, but great for others (Elesh Norn, etc) It's a desert that allows you to sac a desert to exile all graveyards. And, the Locust God I honestly did not expect the Locust God to be ... blue red... but this + brainstorm = 3 1/1 flying dudes... I'll take it!
  7. Well, this is interesting...combos with Dark Depths
  8. At least the deserts provide lots of kitteh litter
  9. For those who are fans of cats...
  10. It depends on your meta, but you may need to include cards that help you recover from Wraths and wipes... Dusk/Dawn, Death or Glory, etc..
  11. Are you playing this 1v1 or in multi-player?
  12. I wonder if Mardu "Vehicles" will make a comeback, now that the big bogeyman is now gone.. Not sure what other lower-tier decks might explode onto the scene, but maybe UR Control?
  13. I like the desert theme, but a lot of the Invocation arts look like they were 'extras' that were sitting around, or commissioned for cards never made, and then stuck onto whatever Invocation they needed it for. Sorry, but most of them don't connect well.. Uhhmmm...ok....
  14. Seems she was defeated, after all! --- Chandra's Defeat {R} Instant (Unc) Chandra's Defeat deals 5 damage to target red creature or red planeswalker. If it was a Chandra planeswalker, you may discard a card. If you do, draw a card.