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  1. Zooby and Gooby?
  2. Ravnica is my favourite block of all-time, but even this seems like a little much...that said, bring it on! The video was cringe at its purist form. Why can't they act like normal people and have a conversation? It feels a bit insulting and uncomfortable to watch the forced bad puns and enthusiasm. Just because you are on camera doesn't mean you need to switch on to a mode.
  3. Well, for 2HG, the idea is that they do work together. I don't mind these things in supplemental sets, since they are supposed to be more fun. It's hardly as parasitic as the draft-matters card of Conspiracy, where you can't use those cards in typical casual decks.
  4. This set has gotten very little attention since WOTC wanted Dominaria to have the spotlight. Basically, it's a set designed for two-headed giant play, but can also be played/drafted normally. We had the land spoilers, but here are some cheeky partnering spoilers.
  5. MTG Area? hehehe I think it'll be successful simply because 1. The UI is so much cleaner than MTGO and it is so much easier to use 2 It will have drafting and Standard, the two more popular and easier-to-get-into formats 3. Cheaper $, most likely 4. WOTC will put its full weight behind it, and it's been listening to feedback. 5. Being able to play mobile would be a huge boon
  6. It really depends on the store environment and what your needs are. Just want to have fun? Don't worry about it. Feeling competitive? Maybe stick to draft, since that isn't based on the tierness of the deck. Modern is a format where wacky decks can work in small environments... lots of budget brews.
  7. I love to have sweepers in any white deck, although I don't always have enough to go around. Unless it's pure aggro, having a reset button is already a great ace in the hole. In free-for-all, it's usually board state dependant, but it also depends on what the deck is trying to do. There are situations when doing a wrath for killing 1 creature is correct, albeit sad.
  8. I don't think this potato PC can handle Skype well, and I'd need a webcam and such still, have fun! (Just got back from a 2-week vacation in San Fran)
  9. YARGLE!! Wow, what a great pool Raff is also going to see a good amt of Standard play..
  10. Congrats. Stream more pauper
  11. Who is this? o.O
  12. What porn movie did Zuby get his intro music from?
  13. These kids are going to be so screwed when they hit the real world
  14. 12 boxes? SOMEBODY IS A BIG SPENDER!
  15. Voltaic Servant definitely has potential, at least in normal casual play...not sure if pauper offers the payoff. Divest seems like a good card for black-based decks...and maybe there is a UR wizards build somewhere? Zuby's preview card, Adventurous Impulse, seems like an auto-include in many green-based decks.