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  1. Going through the spoiler, some thoughts come to mind Tajic - Honestly some of the worst Magic art I've seen in some time. Not only is the face out of proportion, WTF is this? Hard to take the Boros seriously. Amazing card that will see play in Modern vs Tron decks... A cool finisher for self-mill decks... a 6/5 that can deal 5-6 to the dome? YES A cool card I might want to try a play-set of in self-mill/surveil decks. Some awesome flavour text Wow, this is powerful if you get it out early. Every blue mill spell mills +2? Yeah, it's a mythic, but that's a lot of value on one creature. So f'in broken, so tempting A cool card and mana sink for lifegain decks. I could see wanting to use this instead of the artfact that you pay 1 to draw when you gain 1 life I dislike big butts, and I cannot lie? Weird spell and art
  2. Dude, they are in the following set They are counting all of the $ we spend on packs
  3. So, the set is spoiled fully now, and quite early: I guess this is due to the LRR having their pre-pre-prerelease today.
  4. We just got back from a week+ of vacation. Kept an eye on spoilers, and love the set so far...other than boring Boros. This card? BROKEN for casual decks... omg... Also, this is cute...
  5. Vraska, the PW deck version
  6. WOTC, what in the hell is this?
  7. Split cards are back (not to be confused with FUSE cards...yikes) Each one will have a hybrid spell on one side and dual-colour spell on the other. I like that, so you can play them in more draft decks.
  8. Well, the first 5 mechanics are officially spoiled. Convoke is the only return one, thus far. WOTC stream said the Guilds are actually a bit more insular right now. Mentor - More attacking-matters in Boros, but easier to trigger than Batallion. Surveil - A scry that is kinda upgraded. Works very well with other mechanics and many of my decks... Jump-Start: goofy name for a flashback mechanic. @AlbyMTG will be thrilled. A name like Jump-Start honestly makes me think of artifact creatures. Undergrowth - Very Golgari, and works well with Surveil.
  9. 1. More cool legendary creatures, which I expect 2. Shocklands...need more reprints 3. Get the Dimir keyword right. Transmute and Cipher both sucked. Transmute is a useful mechanic, but it doesn't really scream GUILD MECHANIC. 4. I expect the guilds will fracture into little groups (pro-Bolas, as mentioned above) and/or morph into something a bit different. Perhaps each guild starts favouring one part of their colour pairing more... Boros becomes much more aggressive (red), Orzhov becomes much more peaceful (White), or death-aligned (black).
  10. They did this once (BW Tokens, IIRC), but Modern is too expensive to make a good deck cheaply that would be widely played. There are some budget brews, but as a mass market product? Just keep reprinting the crud out of modern staples, and bring down the MSRP of the Masters...
  11. Finished Super Mario RPG for the SNES Classic after doing Super Metroid, Super Mario World, and Legend of Zelda. Taking a little break before Dragon Warrior 11 and maybe replay Secret of Mana with @Aurian
  12. iPhone, same as my wife. I don't need too much complicated on my phone, and we can sync up schedules, music, photos, etc. Clean and easy. (Note i hate apple pcs and laptops) I used to have a Samsung Galaxy, but it crashed a lot and lost connection too often
  13. Looks like WOTC is putting out another pick-up-and-play multiplayer product aimed at the casual market. The decks are actually solid, and each one includes a new card you can't get elsewhere. Talk about multiplayer bombs!
  14. Welcome. I am all the way in Vancouver, Canada