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  1. I have been embroiled in some stressful payroll stuff at work, so I haven't had a chance to enjoy the spoilers nearly as much.
  2. Spoilers are trickling in. Not sure what to think of this one. It's definitely a real hard-to-deal with clock. Just keep exiling and sucking. Weird that it's on a green red
  3. The Mana Leek (whose channel I have watched for a long time) put together a pretty good summary of the many Magic controversies in 2019. Give it a watch
  4. There have been comments that they look like Pokemon energy I like them for what they are...will probably try and use them in Theros-themed decks, if possible.
  5. Hmm a lower grade than I thought you'd give it. I would agree it's too easy (and I suck at games). Remember, this is a more 'indy' effort, so not AAA, so keep that in mind in terms of the scope.
  6. Well, we finally get some official Christmas spoilage BUY-A-BOX PROMO PLANESWALKERS RETURN
  7. All very good bans. Copter - not enough good removal in Pioneer, it makes decks too similar, and gives card selection to decks that don't normally get it. Once Upon a Time - Should be banned in every competitive format, to be honest. Field of the Dead - Don't know about this one, but it seems to be too hard to deal with without real land destruction. What would be on a watch list now? Probably Nexus of Fate (unfun?), Nykthos (too rampy/strong?), Oko (because....Oko)
  8. I have to laugh at the amount of physical waste, especially for ONE card and 4 tokens This is a product for whales, and another cash grab. Yes, not for us, and not for LGSs. I get that they don't want to 'short supply', but this is also exploiting the FEAR OF MISSING OUT!
  9. I played it, and loved it. Gave it a 8.75/10. This proves why Fallout: New Vegas was so much better than the others. I played mostly on Normal...I had troubles at first, but with the companions, the battles got mostly pretty easy. I really enjoy the world(s) and setting, and I'd love to see a sequel/more to this franchise. I think they have a winner.
  10. Do you take your cards with ketchup or bbq sauce?
  11. White really needs a Path to Exile. Yes, it is currently the least popular/powerful colour in Pioneer ,and has been underpowered for some time.
  12. Yeah, another WOTC miss
  13. On the downside, some casual cards Aurian and I had an eye on have skyrocketed again :/ On the plus side...yeah, dig into the boxes and find some hidden gems
  14. Can't get enough Magic products? Want new products every 5 minutes? Well, even more Commander/EDH goodies for 2020.
  15. Going to avoid these for as long as possible