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  1. Full spoiler is up: I wish this set wasn't so expensive, because it's so fun!
  2. Yawgmoth has a card, and it is amazeballs
  3. Well, nobody else? Aurian went 3-1 and I went 2-2... very grindy games (two of mine went to time and the very last turn)... seems you need to get bombs or you luck out...not my favourite limited set
  4. Anybody else going to this? This seems like the wackiest limited format in years (not counting Battlebond, Unstable, etc)
  5. Having breaks is always important, but not as important as deleting Twitter. Seriously, life is so much better getting rid of that garbage. "Separation makes the heart grow fonder"
  6. Kefnet is absurd. Now, Niv Mizzet is reborn and ...damn...that's a lot of text!
  7. This set's power level is off the charts!
  8. The new Chandra. Card advantage AND she hurts you if you hit her... oof
  9. "We're gonna need a bigger boat" "OK, what about this?"
  10. My new Magic waifu
  11. I am sure most dogs here in Vancouver could test positive for marijuana just by being alive
  12. This set is seriously bonkers... a few that stand out to me. 1. A blink for ANY type of permanent? Reset planeswalkers, Bojuka Bog's... 2. Card advantage and ramp, and a VERY high starting loyalty. 3. Card advantage and giving flash = powerful 4. New EDH staple? I can imagine every green-based creature deck wanting this. Trade in a land for a big fatty? 5. Rampant Murder
  13. If you want a metagame breakdown, here is one: The price depends really on what you may or may not already have. If you have Tron, Dinrova-Tron is really good. Kuldrotha Boros is also very good, and probably easier to run (Dinrova-Tron relies on a lot of loops and such)
  14. Skynet for Gaming I don't know how well this will really work. Here in Canada, it's not like we always have the greatest of internet speeds at the best of times. Relying purely on my ISP for gaming? Is that how I read it? ummm... That and I don't want to be constantly connected when I play a single-player game. Still, I see a lot of potential for this platform and having people jump in to a specific point you got to?
  15. I got Devil May Cry 5 for my birthday. Never played the first 4. Easy to get into...a campy hack-and-slash game. Pretty fun so far.