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  1. casual

    Yeah, be an asshole by combining this with Teferi. (either Mage of Zhalfir or the 3-mana PW). Opponents will still get lands, but they would be unable to play the spells off of this
  2. Welp, here we go
  3. I loved Lorwyn, so I am excited for this Grimm-Camelot plane. Chulane seems 'staple a bunch of value' together card
  4. Yup, best to build a card that sees play in no other real strategy. Hogaak can still be stronk, but this should take away the most degenerate combos.
  5. I got addicted to Bloodstained, and then replayed Castlevania Symphony of the Night for the 10th time
  6. For a core set, this set has a LOT of really cool cards for casual decks, and a bit of $ in the Leylines. How about a new 5-colour commander that helps with mana fixing? The ability is expensive, but 3 'free' cards? You can play a land, too. Mass bounce that allows you to put something back, if you meet the price. A land that makes zombies? Well, if your mana base is diverse
  7. Full spoiler is up: I wish this set wasn't so expensive, because it's so fun!
  8. Yawgmoth has a card, and it is amazeballs
  9. Well, nobody else? Aurian went 3-1 and I went 2-2... very grindy games (two of mine went to time and the very last turn)... seems you need to get bombs or you luck out...not my favourite limited set
  10. Anybody else going to this? This seems like the wackiest limited format in years (not counting Battlebond, Unstable, etc)
  11. Having breaks is always important, but not as important as deleting Twitter. Seriously, life is so much better getting rid of that garbage. "Separation makes the heart grow fonder"
  12. Kefnet is absurd. Now, Niv Mizzet is reborn and ...damn...that's a lot of text!
  13. This set's power level is off the charts!
  14. The new Chandra. Card advantage AND she hurts you if you hit her... oof
  15. "We're gonna need a bigger boat" "OK, what about this?"