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  1. @Affinity for MTG You may be able to play paper Arena in the near future. It seems WOTC Is testing out the best-of-1 format drafts in a few stores, and may roll it out to more stores. The idea is that you draft as normal, but play more rounds, all best-of-1. While WOTC claims that best-of-1 won't replace best-of-3 at competitive levels, I could see stores opting to try this faster-paced format. Honestly, I think your store could get away with it if they do it on the down low and report results properly.
  2. Octopath Traveler - @Aurian played it, and it's great retro-style RPG for the Nintendo Switch. I just wish it would move a bit faster (Speech, battles, etc)
  3. Full spoiler is now up: Oh, man, I am so excited for this set. Although I may not make many new decks, there are many toys for existing decks
  4. 1. Mythic Edition - Ugh 2. Woohoo! The first ones were awesome 3. Fblthp's spark ignites?
  5. I want to build a Xantcha (sp?) deck and have that in it How about a new win condition?
  6. This set is making me moist
  7. Gutterbones is such a cool name A few other spoilers Umm... fairly boring mythic... bulky More red off-the-top card advantage. Note that you can play ANY card exiled by this. Domri, bringing the riot squad
  8. First of all, ELF OOZE!! Birthing Pod on a stick is amazing. Teysa with Blood Artist triggers... Rakdos is awesome, and I definitely want a copy for my demons deck a few more spoilers that interest me This plus an overloaded ELECTRICKERY! LOL Wrath everybody else's stuff for cheap Very flexible Wurm.
  9. Spoilers re-start. First, a mythic that is obviously good for casual, though more in the late game. Yes, a Jellyfish Hydra And then Mr. Detention Sphere
  10. I took a break from Magic (thus, this site) over the holidays, although we did play at a friend's house once. @Dunnar damn
  11. @Aurian decided to make a Christmas sacher torte...mmm
  13. New rare removal Torment (B)(B)(R) -Instant- Destroy target artifact, creature or planeswalker.
  14. New Zegana and now the Simic mechanic
  15. Another haunted soul... I love this mechanic