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  1. Anybody else going to this? This seems like the wackiest limited format in years (not counting Battlebond, Unstable, etc)
  2. Well, nobody else? Aurian went 3-1 and I went 2-2... very grindy games (two of mine went to time and the very last turn)... seems you need to get bombs or you luck out...not my favourite limited set
  3. Having breaks is always important, but not as important as deleting Twitter. Seriously, life is so much better getting rid of that garbage. "Separation makes the heart grow fonder"
  4. Kefnet is absurd. Now, Niv Mizzet is reborn and ...damn...that's a lot of text!
  5. This set's power level is off the charts!
  6. The new Chandra. Card advantage AND she hurts you if you hit her... oof
  7. "We're gonna need a bigger boat" "OK, what about this?"
  8. My new Magic waifu
  9. I am sure most dogs here in Vancouver could test positive for marijuana just by being alive
  10. This set is seriously bonkers... a few that stand out to me. 1. A blink for ANY type of permanent? Reset planeswalkers, Bojuka Bog's... 2. Card advantage and ramp, and a VERY high starting loyalty. 3. Card advantage and giving flash = powerful 4. New EDH staple? I can imagine every green-based creature deck wanting this. Trade in a land for a big fatty? 5. Rampant Murder
  11. If you want a metagame breakdown, here is one: The price depends really on what you may or may not already have. If you have Tron, Dinrova-Tron is really good. Kuldrotha Boros is also very good, and probably easier to run (Dinrova-Tron relies on a lot of loops and such)
  12. Skynet for Gaming I don't know how well this will really work. Here in Canada, it's not like we always have the greatest of internet speeds at the best of times. Relying purely on my ISP for gaming? Is that how I read it? ummm... That and I don't want to be constantly connected when I play a single-player game. Still, I see a lot of potential for this platform and having people jump in to a specific point you got to?
  13. I got Devil May Cry 5 for my birthday. Never played the first 4. Easy to get into...a campy hack-and-slash game. Pretty fun so far.
  14. Damn, cruddy news for a beloved Canadian icon. Stage 4, with a very low survival rate
  15. Not as good as the first ones, and a lack of shocklands, but still pretty decent, solid value, and competitive out of the box. I can imagine the Arcane Tempo deck is going to sell out quickly.
  16. Damn. Well, you have talked about burnout for awhile now. I kinda of felt the same way when I was writing/blogging about hockey... eventually, the fire goes out and the passion wanes. That said, don't be a total stranger.
  17. Given how much I loathe PW as a card type...ugh That said, I am curious what they will do. Will we get static ability planeswalkers with no +/- abilities? very weak PW? This might make for a very miserable limited environment, but I will still keep an open mind..
  18. I loved seeing pauper on camera, but it also showed that why WOTC wouldn't want it to be on video more often: The matches took for-ev-er. MTGO forces players to click and play fast, especially Dinrova Tron and the like... those paper matches had a lot of moving parts and really did drag.
  19. We had another casual draft at Mind Games in Burnaby. There were 7 of us, including 4 newer players. They were teens, and this was their first ever draft. They knew generally how to play the game, but we had to walk them through a bit of the process of drafting and deckbuilding. My first pick was a Kaya's Wrath (nice!). I took Sharktocrab with my second pick, and I wanted to stay a bit open. With newer drafters, I wasn't sure if signals might be messed up. I did waffle a bit (my bad habit), though I did pick more Simic/blue than Orzhov cards in Pack 1. My opponent on the left accidentally revealed his first pack as the Sunder Shaman, as he didn't know he was supposed to hide his picks. I guess I know what direction he wants. After a few bumps and misordered packs (nothing major), we got things worked out. Pack 2, my first pick was Kaya, herself... *urk*. Should I abandon Simic and switch to Orzhov? I was not seeing much good Orzhov in Pack 1. I picked her for value, but was second-guessing myself. I must have saw something good for Simic in pack 2, because I pretty much abandoned Orzhov soon after that, and ended up with a low-curve tempo deck with lots of tricks. Oh, pack 3's rare was Hallowed Fountain. Took for value Round 1 - Played one of the new kids. He had a Gruul deck, and actually drafted quite well for his first time. He picked on-colour cards, had a good mix of spells, and stayed focus. I did beat him 2-0, in part because his deck was a bit sub-optimal, although he had me down to 2 life in Game 1. After the round, I helped him re-build his deck a bit (he had too many spells, not enough creatures, and didn't include one of his better tricks). He seemed to be better off afterwards. Round 2 - Played against an experienced player with an Orzhovy-Esper control deck. He had the stupid mythic that made illusion blockers, which made it hard for me to get damage through on the ground. I won game 1 thanks to having 2 bounce spells to swing for lethal. He won game 2 because of his removal. Yeah, his deck was like half-removal... we ended up drawing because he kept killing my threats and he couldn't push through enough damage after I countered his mythic Benthic illusion thingy (can't recall the name). I sided in Eyes Everywhere for a slow matchup. Round 3 - Played the other experienced player who had a Simic deck, too. His splashed white and had a multi-colour theme. With the Guildpact artifact, he was drawing a LOT of cards off of his multicoloured spells. He also had 3(!) Pteromanders... I took game 1 thanks to the most aggressive curve my deck could draw into (even after a mull). Game 2 was a loooong affair, and he drew most of his deck. I somehow managed to slog through and wait out his Mystic (since I could play at instant speed a lot). Eventually, my adapters got bigger and just wore out his army. Final Result: 2-0-1. A very casual draft with newer players, so this isn't for bragging rights so much as relaxing and enjoying the draft format. Again, I keep ending up in blue
  20. I am a bit puzzled as to why there are no Modern reprints. Yeah, I get we had Ultimate Masters, but there are many cards that desperately need to be reprinted the hell out of (Manamorphose, Snapcaster, etc). I would love a blend of old, reprints, and new cards. That said, I am excited for new cards for us casual players to have Maybe it'll shake up Modern with a new archetype or two.
  21. Kromide, Do you just play casually with your friends? Or do you want to play in tournaments like Friday Night Magic? If you are just playing casual matches, then any cards are fine.
  22. Well, many countries don't allow MSRP as it amounts to 'price fixing'. We also know that the market usually dictates prices, and MSRP can mean nothing. That said, it'll be weird to hear of a new product and not really get an idea of what the price might be off of the bat.
  23. Hey, we haven't had a Top 5 in awhile. Today's topic? The top 5 cards you wished you owned. ***THAT DON'T INCLUDE THE POWER 9*** Yes, let's make it more interesting than just the powah. For moi: Karakas - Idiot Jes remembers seeing a Legends Karakas in a store glass display case at $15. I wanted the card, but thought "Why would I spend that $ on a casual card?". Of course, it became a Legacy powerhouse and I missed my window. Biogenic Ooze - Yes, from the newest set. I have always wanted an ooze lord, and never managed to crack one Illusionary Mask - One of the most complicated cards of all time, this would pair so well in my Phyrexian Dreadnought deck (one of the older wombo combos). A card on the reserved list and never made it to Revised. I also love the goofy art Nicol Bolas, the Ravager - I never did manage to get Daddy in his latest form. I have played against him, and he is rather mean in multiplayer, so I have to be careful what I wish for. Robot Chicken - Yes, this is a real card! Sorta... it was made for the creators of Robot Chicken, and only in an oversized version. My chicken deck (BAWK) would absolutely want 4 of these.
  24. Well, it's a way to cross-check answers. If you answer inconsistently, the answers aren't as useful. That said, who in the hell answers with "I WANT TO BE A WIZARD!!!"
  25. I switched from Firefox to Chrome back to Firebox at work ,I use Chrome, mostly, but also need IE for certain applications. Not my choice, there, but I don't need much.