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  1. @Affinity for MTG You may be able to play paper Arena in the near future. It seems WOTC Is testing out the best-of-1 format drafts in a few stores, and may roll it out to more stores. The idea is that you draft as normal, but play more rounds, all best-of-1. While WOTC claims that best-of-1 won't replace best-of-3 at competitive levels, I could see stores opting to try this faster-paced format. Honestly, I think your store could get away with it if they do it on the down low and report results properly.
  2. Octopath Traveler - @Aurian played it, and it's great retro-style RPG for the Nintendo Switch. I just wish it would move a bit faster (Speech, battles, etc)
  3. Full spoiler is now up: Oh, man, I am so excited for this set. Although I may not make many new decks, there are many toys for existing decks
  4. 1. Mythic Edition - Ugh 2. Woohoo! The first ones were awesome 3. Fblthp's spark ignites?
  5. I want to build a Xantcha (sp?) deck and have that in it How about a new win condition?
  6. This set is making me moist
  7. Gutterbones is such a cool name A few other spoilers Umm... fairly boring mythic... bulky More red off-the-top card advantage. Note that you can play ANY card exiled by this. Domri, bringing the riot squad
  8. First of all, ELF OOZE!! Birthing Pod on a stick is amazing. Teysa with Blood Artist triggers... Rakdos is awesome, and I definitely want a copy for my demons deck a few more spoilers that interest me This plus an overloaded ELECTRICKERY! LOL Wrath everybody else's stuff for cheap Very flexible Wurm.
  9. Spoilers re-start. First, a mythic that is obviously good for casual, though more in the late game. Yes, a Jellyfish Hydra And then Mr. Detention Sphere
  10. I took a break from Magic (thus, this site) over the holidays, although we did play at a friend's house once. @Dunnar damn
  11. @Aurian decided to make a Christmas sacher torte...mmm
  13. New rare removal Torment (B)(B)(R) -Instant- Destroy target artifact, creature or planeswalker.
  14. New Zegana and now the Simic mechanic
  15. Another haunted soul... I love this mechanic
  16. I love mechanics that allow flexibility. This bloodrush-type mechanic does that. Growth Spiral - That art is amazeballs Simic Ascendancy is a cool combo-ish way to win. Just get a bunch of +1/+1 counter adding effects Here is a great hatebear... new Orzhov mechanic spoiled
  17. There has been a lot of buzz around the future of competitive magic and what Magic Arena would bring I am stealing the top reddit post about the TLDR ----------------- Firstly, the removals:Nationals, Pro Points, Pro Club in present form, World Magic Cup(after this one in December) - The Mythic Invitational at PAX East, featuring the 32 members of the new Magic Pro League(MPL), who have not yet been announced. - All former Pro Tours have been rebranded to the tabletop Mythic Championships. They will feature the 32 members of the MPL, as well as qualified challengers(qualification system following Cleveland and London not yet announced). There will now be four of these events instead of the previously mentioned six Pro Tours. - MTG Arena Mythic Championships, which will likely include the 32 members of the MPL, and qualified players(qualification system not yet announced, but will occur through Arena) - Players who participate in "Mythic-level" events will be ranked based on their performances. The MPL will be ranked in one system, and challengers will be ranked separately. - $2.5 million set aside specifically for the Grand Prix events at MagicFests. - Additional partner events which utilize MTG Arena will be announced in the future. Things that seem hinted at: - Some kind of promotion/relegation system yet to be explained. This paragraph: "Players in the MPL will be ranked based on points earned via high finishes in the Mythic-level events. Challenger players who do well in those events will also be ranked based on their finishes, keeping the MPL players on their toes and leaving room for newcomers to take their places at the top. We'll be releasing more details about the MPL seasons and rankings as we get ready to kick off the first season," seems to heavily imply promotion and relegation for challengers and poor-performing members of the MPL. - The slow inevitable heat death of Magic Online. This is more of my conjecture based on the fact that Magic Online literally doesn't factor into any of this. PTQs on Magic Online don't exist if there's no Pro Tours. So unless Magic Online offers qualifiers for the new tabletop Mythic Championships, it doesn't sound like Magic Online has any place in the ecosystem.
  18. This is huge news, and definitely the right path for MTG, but it does feel extremely rush and not fully fleshed out. They had already made changes to the Pro Tour back in November, and one month later.. .BAM!
  19. It's more the death knell for MTGO. Paper Magic will also have a big audience. Sure, competitive paper might see a hit, but lots of us casuals are still out there.
  20. Played Life is Strange. Fun story game. A bit slow, but only took a week. Tried Labyrinth of Refrain, a dungeon crawler... very boring and I gave up after about 10 hours. Now trying Octopath Traveler. @Aurian liked it a lot.
  21. Well 1. Not comfortable with giving my name. 2. How much do you play Magic the gathering? Often Sometimes Rarely Never Don't know You need to define those terms. What is often? every day? once a week?
  22. I got a Theros vibe, myself. If I play side events at GP Vancouver, I'd love to score one of these
  23. Well, nothing too fancy for @Aurian and I. We have a little corner with our gifts and a small plastic tree. Not allowed wood trees here, anyhoo.
  24. I did a bit of writing for a long defunct website (casual Magic focused), but anytime I think about doing a podcast or stream, I realize that my old potato PC can't do much and how much work is involved. Recording is one thing, but editing, uploading, etc? Oh, man....
  25. I agree, and I hate that card with a passion, but too many EDH fanbois seem attached to it: "Blue needs a way to answer permanents!", as if there aren't 10,000 more answers in the other colours they play.