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  1. Hello Everyone! We are Haus of Magic, a YouTube channel starring us, a married Magic the Gathering-playing (addicted?) couple. Our content is geared mostly towards beginners, but we try to keep things interesting for the pros too! We do openings, story talk, informative things, and a lot of opinion pieces. I am Cassie (the "Haus Wife) and will be doing the majority of management on this account. However, I'm working on getting my dear husband, Erik, to get active too.
  2. Or at least.. we think so... and that's because we think we might be the only one. So, hi! We're Cassie and Erik, the hosts of the brand spanking new YouTube Channel, Haus of Magic. Watch us for Pack Openings, Miscellaneous Commentary, Game Play, and some random non-Magic related material. There's a lot of bickering because we're married and stuff, There's a bit of swearing because Cassie lived her childhood in a life where swearing was not allowed and is trying to make up for it. We think we're funny and we hope you do too!! We play mostly Standard and Draft for competitive, and then for Casual it's anything goes!