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  1. rainman: Toss up between the Maelstrom Pulse invocation from Amonkhet, or Snapcaster Mage I pulled from a repack. Definitely the most exciting and memorable pulls for me!
  2. Hi everyone! I've lurked on the forum now and then over the past few months, but finally decided to take the plunge and join today! I'm a US-based YouTube content creator, posting daily (or more often!) MTG pack cracking videos since mid-July. I just love to look at the artwork and explore the vast world of MTG. Viewers may notice I have an odd accent for a Midwesterner, which is fun when people can't figure out where I'm from originally. Spoiler: I moved from Australia many years ago, and aside from saying a few words more like Illinois folk, my accent is mostly unchanged. I'm fairly new to MTG, having only started playing back in April 2017. I came across some pack opening videos on YouTube (hi boogie!) while running on the treadmill, and before too long I was hooked! I'm old enough to remember when the game first came out, but aside from glimpsing some co-workers playing it in the late 90s, never got into it before now. I've played in several pre-release events, drafts, and weekly MTG leagues, and frequent my LGS most Friday nights to play some Standard Magic. I've played a few games of Commander and worked on a Modern deck for a time, but keep coming back to Standard. It's tough to find the time to devote to multiple formats, since I work full time and also develop apps and write fiction in my spare time, in addition to the YouTube channel. I've learned a tonne over the last six months, and look forward to exploring more of the game in the years ahead You can check out my YouTube channel here: And I'm also on Twitter: Cheers!