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  1. I'm glad to know that my direct nature, jumping right into the topic was not taken the wrong way. Thanks for clarifying that You are absolutely right that more mulligans will help some Vintage decks that are already borderline. For sure that's true. The question is how much.... that's where the debate is. I think we are on the same page there. Another factoid to throw into the mix... When I playtest Vintage with my friends we DO use the extra Mulligan. The reason is simple, because there's not much benefit in testing bad hands. It happens, sure you can wiggle out from under it sometimes... but for the most part it's just a luck thing that crushes you sometimes. Not much gained by play testing matches and having several games go to luck. So we do pile shuffling and an extra free mulligan. What we want to do is LEARN about the interactions of the decks. We want to see how they unfold in a normal game. If one of us gets stuck on 1-2 lands and dies... you learn nothing. But in a game that has at least a normal start you get to see how the decks interact. Then adjustments can be made to the decks, fine tuning etc. Anyways, with all that testing I can indeed say with experience that fast combo decks don't suddenly go nuclear with an extra mulligan. What happens is they simply become a more consistent threat. You find that they don't have more instances of combo-out crazy starts... no. They just perform more reliably from game to game. THAT is what we see again and again. This is one of the very reasons I argue this position, because most of the time I'm debating people who don't really play the format or those decks much, and are just taking their best educated guess about how broken it could become. To which I would say... try it. You'll see for yourself. The deck your trying to "break" just gets more consistent game to game. That's the real effect. And again... comparing that to the millions of matches being lost due to really bad luck starting hands.... I stand my ground. The rule should change! Thanks for the discussion. Hopefully I'm at least entertaining people here if not possibly expanding some perspectives.
  2. One more note, I want to restate your concern, but in a little bit different way to show how it's not really a threat. Take a Dredge or Charbelcher Vintage player that you know personally. Somebody who's really good at Vintage and knows those decks inside and out... Then ask them this question. "Do you believe if you had at LEAST one more free Mulligan... that you could design your deck to turn 1 kill almost every time?" Now again, I've played those decks so I'm pretty confident in the answer and I believe it's a pretty solid "No." Just one more free hand increases your odds of having that bust out hand yes... but it's still very unlikely or you would be seeing those decks putting up a LOT more wins. But they don't tend to win a lot of Vintage tournaments, they are inconsistent and a bit of glass cannons which is why they get filtered out before top 8. That was the entire point of my video and this reply, to challenge the 20-year unproven fear about Magic being "Broken" with a single additional mulligan. Side note, I hope my replies are not coming off as aggressive. I do mean for these replies to be well received, I hope that's coming across.
  3. Having ran those decks at least some degree, and seeing how little just... one... more free mulligan would help... I'll take the Pepsi challenge on that one. Because remember, with every mulligan you also might end up worse than you currently are. Going from Infinite Free mulligans to Just one more mulligan is not a small step, it's huge. And again, I think you are failing to contrast it to the millions of games lost due to bad starting hands right now. That's happening all around us, all the time and it sucks pretty bad. Even if what you said was true (which I argue it's not...) Would it not be a better trade off to make the entirety of Magic (all formats) improve massively even if it impacted one format (Vintage) needing to apply a couple of restrictions?
  4. Thanks for the link, I left a reply to that post. Absolutely! There are not a lot of us out there whom are still active. The community of old schoolers seems much smaller these days, but we also seem much more tightly knit together.
  5. This is EXACTLY what my entire video was about so I would love to hear your feedback after watching it. Back when the Mulligan rule went to Paris, most people agreed and were afraid that giving one free would lead to broken decks and abuse of the rule. Now it's been 20 years since that rule change and I put it to you... broken decks are not broken BECAUSE of the Mulligan rule, they are broken because of un-expected card combinations. Those are rare, completely un-intended and when they happen they do in fact get banned anyways because they are format warping. The deck I showed was meant to make the point clear, that was why the rule changed and since then decks have not even come close to abusing the mulligan rule. So... the fear... never manifested itself. For... 20... years. Now, what's happened on the flipside? On the flipside, I can think of hundreds of games I've had which were determined by a bad starting draw, forcing a mulligan, then another, then another, then somebody loses. THAT is a broken mechanic in my opinion. And I've experienced it for my entire MTG career. I've seen amazing decks and players get knocked out of Top-8 contention for just this very reason. In fact, I watched a world championship recently and saw this exact scenario play out for the final match. I'm 100% sure that EVERY ONE of you has your own stories to tell also about losing due to a bad draw, then another, then another, and then a loss. So what's the impact of the existing mulligan rule? Millions of games determined by it and it's like a punch in the gut every time. So what are we really comparing here? The fear of a mechanic that *might* be broken, but has not for 20 years... versus something that breaks games on a continual basis every day? This seems like a slam dunk in my eyes. Showing THE DECK which broke mulligan I think makes that point clear. Not only did that deck only exist for 2 months, but if anything even similar to it showed up you can bet your bottom dollar WoTC would pull out the beat stick within weeks. The deck which broke mulligan required a very loose policy on known-broken artifacts, existed when nearly none of the answers existed then which existed today, and it relied on possibly infinite free mulligans. I think after 20 years we can concretely say that one free Mulligan will *NOT* break any formats. But it *WILL* go a long long ways in preventing bad draws from determining matches. Cheers, EDIT: Here's the video of the deck which broke Mulligan in action. Take note of how many broken artifacts are allowed 4-of and think about how many turn 0-1 answers now exist that would shut this down.
  6. Oh cool, can you point me to it? I tried to find the topic with the search but failed to locate it.
  7. Hello Magic Players! KitchenTableMTG Forums on YouTube recommended that I make an account here for more in depth discussions about my YouTube/Instagram channels, for doing 1k Q&A (if and when I arrive at 1k subs) and about deck tech discussions etc. So I'm new here and checking out your forums. Thanks for the invite! This is my YouTube Account: https://www.youtube.com/user/Eandori This is my Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/edwin_the_magic_engineer/ For anyone who does not know me (which is most people at this point ) Here's a few details about me. Yes I'm an actual Hardware and Software Engineer. I worked at Intel for 15 years writing Motherboard BIOS, helping with board design, and eventually working in R&D. I'm now working for Hewlett Packard Enterprise writing server BIOS code. That's my day job. The whole point of my channel is... This is how an actual Engineer does his hobbies. I give insight from my own viewpoint, share best known methods for doing things, and even share things I've created like small projects and magic decks etc. I've played Magic since 1996 and although I'm hugely into Vintage/Legacy/EDH/Pauper/OldSchool... I've never tried to go professional in any way. I would mostly just play with friends, guys at work, and the occasional tournament now and then. I played a LOT in tournaments in college, but since then career/family takes most of my time. I started devoting my YouTube channel to EtME stuff back in June at the advice of Daniel Chang of VintageMagic.com. He's a friend and he thought my insight was good enough such that people would like to hear about it on YouTube. I have a TON of hobbies I get into. I have not even breached half of them on YouTube yet. I do plan to add videos about guitar, home theater, LAN PC gaming, small electronics, and others. The existing topics I have at least touched on are Magic, Finance, RC Cars, Real car racing/modification. I have a few other friends whom are much more famous YouTubers in their own right. We chat over texting, Facebook, Skype and email and we will be doing more collaboration in the future. This includes Openboosters, Rudy of Alpha Investments, and Daniel Chang of Vintage Magic. I'm currently making no money and selling nothing on my channel. That may change in the future, but it's not why I made my YouTube channel. This is just yet another hobby to be a Time Vampire, sucking away the free minutes of my life for fun. Who knows, perhaps someday I'll get laid off and do this full time. Or perhaps it will just remain a hobby. Part of that depends on you guys, whether or not "the internet" likes what I'm creating. If you have the time, please do check out my content and any feedback is welcome, good or bad. Thanks guys! Edwin