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  1. @JesGolbez is playing this right now. Quite addictive it looks like!
  2. On the flip side this is sad for casual players who are hoping the get cards cheaper when they rotate out of standard 😭
  3. Accounting? 🤔
  4. Try Homelands
  5. I sometimes use them as guinea pigs for baking. I hear no objections.
  6. Possible entry photo. PS the pre release cookies are too good. Almost nobody used them for food tokens because they all got eaten before the first round.
  7. Planeswalker cookies. Now you can bite Jace’s head off! I also have misc cookies for prelease food tokens tonite for my playgroup
  8. I do a lot of baking although more for taste than for looks. (Although my Xmas decorated gingerbread cookies are legendary!). I figure it might be fun to make PW cookies and bring them to share at the pre release for food tokens
  9. is anyone else planning to participate?
  10. Food fight!
  11. Missed opportunity- they will sell less for more money, but I wonder if it is to their benefit, of if they will miss out on sales due to pricing. seems like it’s also targeting casuals and EDH players. i am excited about some cards but a box is out of the question
  12. I am normally A fast player, planning out my turns in advance but I had two games go to time and also be determined by the very last turn on the clock. Ugin was in my pool. Ugin is bae. I drop him and the game is won.
  13. So they killed off Niv Mizzet off camera? Kinda sucks that the prequel novels by Django Wrexler don’t come out until June. These are in addition to the Ravnica Novel coming out on April 23
  14. So..... which one of us is Jar Jar?