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  1. Marrying @JesGolbez Buying a condo together in a new part of town 3 years ago, one that expressedly allowed pets. It was also newer and better built than our old place where our upstairs neighbours sounded like tap dancing elephants every night. It really feels like home.
  2. My dog needs an emotional support dog given how jittery he is....
  3. I’m blinded by fabulousness. Looks like he should be on a Las Vegas stage.
  4. 100%ed Octopath TrAveller for the Switch, including hidden final boss. Played the Valkyria Chronicals 4 demo to the finish, will pick up the game when it releases. Playing Banner Saga 2 on the Switch now.
  5. Limited supply means they will all get snapped up, and turned around to sell at twice the price.
  6. Had to pick one dragon and since no one dragon shows up a lot, I picked a thematic one. You’ll be tired of Lathliss soon
  7. In no particular order: 1) Momentary Blink - dodge removal, abuse come into play abilities, and recast from graveyard 2) Counterspell 3) Mystic Snake - Counterspell + Body + Blink target 4) Sakura Tribe Elder - why rampant growth when you can block and sac? 5) Search for tomorrow - I prefer to land ramp vs ramp via mana dorks or rocks. Pulls them out of my library and can cast on turn one. 6) Wrath of God -don’t attack me 7) Kitchen Finks - gain 2 life, hear @JesGolbez groan. 8) Lathliss the Dragon Queen - cause I am the dragon queen with half a dozen (or more) dragon theme decks... 9) Path to Exile - I got mana untapped. Something bad will happen if you attack me... 10) Sunblast Angel - one sided wrath and wonderful blink target.
  8. It’s also fun when you are asthmatic and your body starts wondering if breathing can be optional. sun on a bright sunny morning... no it’s after sunrise...
  9. I love FFX too. We have good taste.
  10. I once played some guy who had a big jiggly anime boobs play mat. 1) isn’t that a bit immature? 2) how are you not embarrassed to play a woman with that in front of you? 3)... and lose?
  11. I dunno why sometimes apple juice is called cider, but yeah @JesGolbez and I both love hard Apple cider, although we skew sweet except for Strongbow. i love sweet girly drinks like pina colada. i love late harvest wines. Used to be big on ice wine but I seem to matured enough that I like the slightly less sweet late harvest instead.
  12. 1) doesn’t shower / wear clean clothes (sorry but there is always THAT person or two) 2) cheaters 3) those who belittle others (especially new players) to feel better about themselves
  13. I want 1) Whiptongue Hydra - windstorm on a stick that fits into one of my two Hydra tribal decks? Yes please! 2) Nesting Dragon- clog up the ground while my dragon flies to attack, and nice fast Wrath recovery? Nice! 3) I have a Vela deck built around creatures leaving play so this elemental evokes my interest! 4) did I mention my Vela deck also runs Ninja??
  14. I like the recent activity widget; without it, it would be difficult to find new posts. I skip over posts with videos though- can’t watch at work and can’t hear them anyways. Those posts also just seem to be a link to a video and no invite for a conversation on these boards. seems like all the new posts have a video lately though