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  1. Missed opportunity- they will sell less for more money, but I wonder if it is to their benefit, of if they will miss out on sales due to pricing. seems like it’s also targeting casuals and EDH players. i am excited about some cards but a box is out of the question
  2. I am normally A fast player, planning out my turns in advance but I had two games go to time and also be determined by the very last turn on the clock. Ugin was in my pool. Ugin is bae. I drop him and the game is won.
  3. So they killed off Niv Mizzet off camera? Kinda sucks that the prequel novels by Django Wrexler don’t come out until June. These are in addition to the Ravnica Novel coming out on April 23
  4. So..... which one of us is Jar Jar?
  5. This plus Slyvian Primodial will be fun. Let’s throw in Hellkite Charger and get extra attack phases too
  6. It’s the R/W Shockland.
  7. Went Orzhov in my ore release and had crap fares with the exception of Etherial Absolution which was a game winner every time I go It out. I also had 3 of each the Grasping Thrulls and the Syndecate Messenger, a bunch of low drops with afterlife and an amazing removal suite of 8+ ways to kill oppenents’ stuff. I steamrolled the whole events and went undefeated due to the amazing number of fliers I pumped out.
  8. Ooze lord
  9. Bitterballen and speculaas
  10. It’s because Aurian panics when it’s Dec 1st and there’s still shopping. And she wraps gifts early because there’s nowhere to hide them around here
  11. It looks like an advanced yet ruined structure, and I want to say Vyrn, maybe something used for channeling magic,...
  12. Marrying @JesGolbez Buying a condo together in a new part of town 3 years ago, one that expressedly allowed pets. It was also newer and better built than our old place where our upstairs neighbours sounded like tap dancing elephants every night. It really feels like home.
  13. My dog needs an emotional support dog given how jittery he is....
  14. I’m blinded by fabulousness. Looks like he should be on a Las Vegas stage.
  15. 100%ed Octopath TrAveller for the Switch, including hidden final boss. Played the Valkyria Chronicals 4 demo to the finish, will pick up the game when it releases. Playing Banner Saga 2 on the Switch now.