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  1. Depends on how much you plan to blink just the rats... its 60 card casual. I can’t afford Atraxa Starts off with plague stingers, plague myrs, the infect knight and Ichor rats. blue is there for Indomitable Tide and Corrupted Conscience, and control spells like bounce. The finisher is a hasted Skytherix (sp?), or swiping my opponent’s best creature, giving it infect and smacking them with it, or hiding behind infect guys, bounce spells and proliferating with the Tide and other proliferate spells.
  2. It gives EVERYONE a poison counter so you need a way to give your opponents extra. i have a goofy u/b infect control deck. Early game quick drops to get some poison in, then it hunkers down and proliferates to kill. Ichor rats are a good way to get poison on without relying on combat damage.
  3. Holy nucking futs. We cracked a foil forest in our box...
  4. Ooooh. You want Illogical Lawyer.
  5. I don think "losing the game due to having Phage is a state based action?
  6. *crack Phage* *dies*
  7. My desserts rank below Magic Brownies? 1) Aurian’s baking experiments - lots of delicious cookies, squares, etc. Lots of willing vic... err taste testers 2) cider 3) water 4) Chips and popcorn 🍿 5) coke/Pepsi
  8. .... who you calling an..... If possible proxy cards so you get an idea of how they will play - it sucks to shell out money and then have to cut the card because it doesn't work as well as you can buy the card once you finalize the deck.
  9. The mountain is better because information cannot be shared between teammates unless it is shared with the whole table. So it prevents the bossy "experienced" player from dominating the game.
  10. *cough* Nissa *cough*
  11. Counter-burn with an infinite combo in it (Niv Mizzet /curiousity combo).
  12. You forgot post-attack.... FLING!
  13. I have a Hellkite Tyrant + Mycosynth Lattice deck. All yer stuff is MINE!
  14. Boss said he's going all out this year on a costume and begs us not to have him be the only one in dress. Putting together a devil costume since @JesGolbez says I am evil anyways. about five years ago, I was the one who was the odd one out at work. I went in full dress as Medusa - green skin, scales, rubber snakes braided into my hair. The next most elaborate costume was like pumpkin earrings... Scared a lot of people tho...