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  1. I still like B&M stores though, and will frequent them whenever possible. There are some things I don't want to buy sight unseen (expensive stuff or anything you have to try on). Books is a tough one. Amazon does sell them more cheaply, but I like having bookstores. So I buy my books on Kindle, but anything I want a physical copy of I buy from the bookstore now whenever possible. Figure its worth a few extra $$$ to have the ability to browse. I do still buy random stuff on Amazon that I can't find elsewhere in my local B&Ms.
  2. Then the hype train dies too early and people are like "huh? oh Dom, right? Yeah thought I heard something months ago. Whatever."
  3. Its nice to have a physical store, but I found them expensive for some things and their video game section was lacking.
  4. For the Switch... gotten a wee bit addicted to building stuff....
  5. Sorry having linking issues. This is Diego, Jes_Golbez and my little lab x whippet rescue. His default expression is worried.
  6. 2013 Honda Civic sedan here, same shade of blue! My previous car car was a 2008 that I drove until the repair was more than the car was worth (especially since I had one very bad accident with a distracted driver that warped the frame). The model seems reliable, has a good balance of affordability and mileage. I was eying the Fit as it was smaller and had a more dog-friendly back area, but it was not tall-friendly. Jes_Golbez’ knees were on either side of the steering wheel....
  7. Jes_Golbez and I declined to try the cricket burgers at this year’s fair.
  8. Yeah, its called Mountain Dew.
  9. Whiplash!
  10. My black Elder Dino burps happily.
  11. Depends on how much you plan to blink just the rats... its 60 card casual. I can’t afford Atraxa Starts off with plague stingers, plague myrs, the infect knight and Ichor rats. blue is there for Indomitable Tide and Corrupted Conscience, and control spells like bounce. The finisher is a hasted Skytherix (sp?), or swiping my opponent’s best creature, giving it infect and smacking them with it, or hiding behind infect guys, bounce spells and proliferating with the Tide and other proliferate spells.
  12. It gives EVERYONE a poison counter so you need a way to give your opponents extra. i have a goofy u/b infect control deck. Early game quick drops to get some poison in, then it hunkers down and proliferates to kill. Ichor rats are a good way to get poison on without relying on combat damage.
  13. Holy nucking futs. We cracked a foil forest in our box...
  14. Vraska + pingers =
  15. Ooooh. You want Illogical Lawyer.