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  1. Would you like a Expedition?
  2. Yes. Unfortunately, I bought it without looking at my PC's Specs (generally, for the games I play, this isn't a problem). But, my computer can't run it. Fortunately, I was planning on making a desktop soon anyway, and have some money saved up to do that.
  3. Yup.
  4. Artifacts and eldrazi. Lots of 'em. Energy "farms," and LOTS of janky combo decks. I'm looking forward to it. Also, VEHICLES. Lots of them. And the new big 11-drop. Yeah, this guy Anyone else excited for SKY-FREAKIN-WHALES?!!?! I mean, seriously take a look at this AEtherpunk! Magic+Steampunk!
  5. If she wants to really appeal to Bernie and other left-wing supporters, transparency is the only real way to go. Emails, health, anything.
  6. Hint: take a look at a college town. Especially in the LGS's. If you're anywhere near Champaign, IL, take a look at Titan Games.
  7. The situation is well-put by a CSMonitor comic: Not many people like either, but the hate the other, so they vote for the one they hate less. This is just terrible.
  8. Well, at least he said something smart... But still.
  9. By Bernie supporters too,
  10. The Dem leader stepped down b/c of that, yeah?
  11. I live in a college town (Champaign, IL) where everyone at FNM is either in college, high school, or teaching at one of the two. I go to my LGS because it is the only one that lets people llike me (high schoolers) do FNM w/o harassing them. The one other LGS in town is the Armored Gopher. We don't go there. I went there during Theros to get an event deck (didn't know about Titan Games back then) the owner practically kicked me out! Speaking of the thread, I do random jobs and probably earn ~$1500 a year to spend on MTG, going to prereleases, buying singles for Modern/Legacy/EDH, and contributing to cubes for my friends.
  12. EDH: 1. A wincon. 2. 2-3 pieces of ramp/card advantage. 3. A nice, solid manabase 4. Threats. 5. Protection for key parts of my gameplan (Guttural Response, Swiftfoot Boots, etc.
  13. You're not wrong. Top 3 post right now: [Blogatog] Maro considers BFZ '[his] worst personal design in a decade'. Alli Medwin of MTGO on MTGO FOUND: Modern deck from SCG Dallas
  14. Maybe we'll actually get to that 100 members.
  15. My uncle gave me about 2k of Legends/Chronicles/older cards for free. Got Nether Void, Karakas and Eureka, among others.