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  1. I am one for a good pre-release and some other forms of 60 cards, but with EDH and having to completely destroy your brain finding more than 3 or more infinite combos or something to destroy and win in 7 turns or less is a lot of fun. my play group already is buying the infinite combos for standard and it's just rude. seeing 2-4 cards repeat throughout the deck is not as skillful as having 100 individual cards that flow to make a winning deck. What are the thoughts on having the singleton 100 deck compared to the copies of standard is that what you all feel the issue is or what about it makes it difficult for your play group to get interested? @khunkao @Lasraik
  2. @InherentComboPlayer Sounds like a cool concept the new soi is going to change a lot of combos for EDH and it looks awesome. Prossh is always a good competition to fight out, and has a great color base. Did you base it off a deck list you have seen before?
  3. @InherentComboPlayer who is your commander and what is the theme?
  4. I would love to play sometime either skype or google hangouts. I have used octgn and a few other emulators and like you all have said maturity is an issue, and people who run $3,000 dollar cards because they are free. That's why I would prefer the Google or Skype
  5. commander

    Sorry @Lasraik been busy at work and going to sleep early. Don't know if you looked up kingdoms. It's a variant style of EDH for 5 players.
  6. I myself would take the anticipate as well @Lasraik can never go wrong looking into the future
  7. commander

    Commander is my favorite as you have a less chance of comboing out on turn 2. Precons are great to buy and get an idea then add more flavor. There are also all the variants to get people interested like kindgdoms.
  8. Could also exile a scry-esqe card to draw into something fancy too.
  9. I mean with the ban on summer bloom as well cancelling bloom titan, could point a finger at eye. Netting two mana for not just casting but to tutor. It will be interesting to see. Do you all think they may unban a few cards to compesate for all the cards they have banned?
  10. I do not know if anyone has said anything about it yet, but rumor maybe a reprint of lil veil for a core set. Also seeing a lot of activity from Steve Argyle on twitter about her. May want to keep an eye on that (since he is my favorite mtg artist).
  11. Its a little janky but if you can rhystic study or tutor that would be nice. ?
  12. Seeing planewalkers for the first time put me off, and I never wanted to play one. Although when I pulled a Jace Sculptor couldn't resist a good proliferate deck to ruin some people. Hope to see more posts like this and see what other old sets people loved.
  13. Hello all got invited to join last night, and been scouting the site ever since. A lot of awesome stuff here. I started playing when odyssey came out and the starter series, and I was a terrible deck builder. (i thought Stratadon was the best card and every deck had 4). My friends left magic shortly after this set to join the pokemon epdemic so mine found the closet. I went to college and found people who played. I bought into Zendikar and had a playset of stone mystic and spirit dancers. Sold some of them when they price spikes. After that one friend moved to Korea and the other two got jobs. I decided to be dumb and sell some cards. For $5 I sold 4 dark rituals, 2 cabal coffers, 4 lightning bolts, 4 seedborn, and a grim tutor. (I was tin foil hat crazy, but mostly upset no one ever stuck around to play). Well now I am back to playing again. I have 2 modern decks (both terrible budget decks) and 13 EDH decks (also budget friendly). I only play with friends since I don't feel like I would win ofter at a shop. Went once with a river guide control/tribal had 20 merolk by turn 3. People didnt like me killed me before turn 4. So they are decent decks but I feel like my deck building needs to get a little bit better. (I don't like googling decklists to buy for myself) I like to do weird things some people havent thought of doing, like Slivers with a conspiracy.
  14. Elite Arcanist
  15. My first set was Odyssey and the starter series, dropped out maybe after the next series. Picked it up again at Zendikar, dropped out again and picked up again at Gods. Been playing solidly since then but mostly EDH. So anytime I see the old sets with terrible abilities like filthy cur I know i had good cards.