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  1. Nice! I love the signed Living Wall, such a groovy card. My first starter was from Revised Edition, and I pulled a Demonic Hordes, which I ended up swapping for a Shivan Dragon. After that, my fate was sealed, collecting all kinds of red decks down through the ages :-) What are you up to these days with your Magic collecting/playing?
  2. Hmmm.... 1) Hurloon Minotaur 2) Labyrinth Minotaur 3) Blood Lust 4) Jump 5) Psychic Venom 6) Didgeridoo 7) Minotaur Explorer 8) Minotaur Illusionist 9) Unstable Mutation 10) Anaba Spirit Crafter I'm seeing a pattern emerge here [chews cud thoughtfully]
  3. What problems do you think you have with deck building? If you were really good at deck building, what do you expect that would be like? The answers to these questions would help us help you :-)
  4. Cheers, I have lost quite a few people who were close to me and you are right, talking to people helps. I was actually talking about the urge to discuss gaming though, in this case. After starting to play again I have been checking out the forums that I used to enjoy. All of my gaming group have had a hell of a time; there is always an empty seat at the kitchen table now.
  5. Sorry, I switched off everything for a while when my best mate died. I'm just getting back into gaming now, with the urge to discuss it following after :-) I already have a blog but I will try to start adding content here as well.
  6. I like sake, most Friday Night Magic sessions at my place start with a shot or two. I have great memories of travelling through Japan with my two best mates in summer. Green tea ice cream and sake always sends me back. One of those mates passed away a few months ago, so that feeling of going back has become more precious. He was an old school MtG player like me; we took a couple of Kamigawa decks and hammed it up a little. Good times :-)
  7. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, mainly thanks to the nostalgia hit. I have a Fallen Empires/3rd Ed. Thallid deck, so pulling Slimefoot in one of my first packs was a joy. All the little nods to those early editions make up for the weird quality of the cards, in my opinion.
  8. ...[sigh] Fallen Empires For my Birthday I re-acquired the two decks I used to have at high school, both are 3rd Edition/Fallen Empires decks. A mono-red burn deck (Goblin Grenades!) and a mono-blue Homarid tribal. Gah! The nostalgia!
  9. I think it's exceedingly strange to have two of the same Planeswalker out at once. They "walk" between Planes, not alternate realities! Anyway, there is no chance that I will ever have to face off against this rule. Everyone I play with started playing before Planeswalkers existed (apart from the actual player themselves), and they aren't about to start now. My wife and I are happy to just have a single Planeswalker in some of our decks for giggles.
  10. I'm glad it's not just me being old and grumpy Last game she asked if we could go through the basics of deck construction and swapped a bunch of cards out for simpler alternatives. The whole shifting of -1/-1 counters around whilst waiting to draw/cast Lilliana was the main annoyance. Then she beat me, after being down 26 to 3 at one stage. I have created a monster...
  11. I love the tribal potential (I am a sucker for minotaurs ). I have even managed to get my wife playing, after 17 years of waiting, thanks to the Egyptian flavour. Does anybody else find the card mechanics a bit... convoluted? I don't rate it very highly as a set for teaching new players.
  12. I'm getting better, I had a severe allergic reaction to some medication and the symptoms are lingering. Let's just say I have picked up a few -1/-1 counters
  13. I always gravitate towards tribal decks. I can't help myself
  14. I used to collect the LOTR TCG back in the day, it was incredibly good to play and very different from MtG. These days, I just can't spread myself that thin, I play too many games as it is!
  15. Staying out of hospital I have had the worst couple of months, it is beyond ridiculous.