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  1. What I ended up doing was go g/w with a light splash into blue for flashback momentary blink. With green you can add thragtusk, primeval Titan, wall of blossoms, and renegade rallier. Using the dual type lands as mentioned above it is still relatively easy to get the appropriate number of plains. Canopy vista and prairie stream are great budget options. Also I used a small suite of fetches (flood plain, grasslands, and 1x evolving wild) that help trigger revolt on the rallier and then they can be returned to the battlefield to help power up the emeria. I'm using the o-ring like you, but I think with the mana fixing from fetches and duals, detention sphere would be easy to substitute. Hallowed moonlight may be a good inclusion for your tron match if they're running wurmcoil engine. It also pairs well with any of their creatures that you can flicker out with flickerwhisp. Worst case scenario, it's a cantrip. Also seal of cleansing or seal of primordial would help with artifacts. This can also be returned with the renegade rallier or sun Titan. You could also look into panharmonicon for double the etb triggers.