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  1. Yeah, that would suck
  2. Legions-it's all creatures
  3. If someone who prints their own deck beats another player with a legit, foiled out copy of a tier 1 legacy deck, would it feel right that both players paid the same entry to the tournament?
  4. One thing I haven't seen yet in detail: don't give your opponents too many outs. When playing against a control deck, don't think "they probably have a counter/removal spell, so I won't bother doing X". Make them have it, punish them if they don't. Don't overcommit and get Wrathed out of the game, but know when to use that lethal burn spell or combat trick, learn how to spread your combat damage out over 2-3 turns to create inevitability without opening yourself up to lethal backswings.
  5. If I want the rare for constructed, I'll pick it as I usually have a couple picks to spare for grabbing playables and sometimes it removes an almost unbeatable card from the draft as well. If I don't need the rare for something and it's not splashable for draft, I'll let the off color/theme rares go.
  6. Piledriver if I feel like playing aggro, Hydra for midrange, Fumigate for control
  7. With Lightning Strike back in the format, if there's another good burn spell and another prowess creature or two printed, you can use Baral to play a pretty mean UR tempo deck. Creatures aren't as good in control decks, as the main goal is to create dead draws of removal spells from most opponents for extra card advantage, at least in game one. Post board, you can bring in some creatures as they board out some removal to give you extra time to chip damage in with your new threats. The creatures you board in need to be fairly high impact though to give you the best chance to close out the game before your opponent draws any removal they couldn't side out or that hits multiple types of targets. Right now, I don't view Baral as high enough impact to bring in, but if counter-burn becomes good again, he could definitely see more play.
  8. If no one has combos that end the game quickly, or if everyone is playing a lot of counters and removal, the games go super long yeah. Also, if you have more than 4 players, the games get stalled pretty hard more often.
  9. Looks like it also relied pretty heavily on Aether Hub for mana fixing
  10. My EDH deck gets targeted with Bojuka Bog, Nihil Spellbomb, Leyline of the Void, Scooze, etc. early and often (it's a BG Necrotic Ooze graveyard combo deck mostly). Shuffling in my graveyard only buys you another turn or 2 until I get another tutor/dredge enabler to start setting up my combos all over. Some cards I consider fairly staple are: Sylvan Library/Tireless Tracker/Chord of Calling/Green Sun's Zenith-green decks need card filter/draw and have some of the most playable selection spells Life from the Loam/Crucible of Worlds/Ramunap Excavator-land destruction is a thing Wasteland/Strip Mine-land destruction needs to happen sometimes a Wrath of some kind in case someone gets ahead of you-one of my personal favorites is Sudden Spoiling at least one piece of graveyard hate-delve creatures and spells, and graveyard combos are real and are real fast in some decks a couple tutors for consistency-you're playing a deck full of singles and there are only so many redundant effects
  11. Atarka Red was a decent standard deck a couple years ago and might be worth revisiting. Siege Rhinos and Crackling Dooms were fun to cast as well, and being able to Torrential Gearhulk a Dig Through Time seems broken as hell.
  12. Boring ole WUBRG, gold, colorless (artifact/eldrazi-if it has colored mana in the CMC, it's in the appropriate color(s) section), lands are in another binder and the green, gold, colorless are often in another binder too
  13. Torrential Gearhulk doesn't have enough instants to target in this build, and will probably become Noxious for removal. The removal and life gain aspects of Noxious are huge tempo swings against the aggro decks and menace helps close out games quickly after using your sweepers to chew up the little blockers. Scarab God eats other recurring threats your opponents will have, and also adds to your board if you need to go wider, or put up a wall that filters your draws and drains your opponent for a bit of reach to finish games. Saheeli overperformed for me in a midrange/control heavy environment, sneaking in under a bit of countermagic in several matches where my opponents were still trying to fix their mana, setting up my draws for the next several turns and giving me access to hasty attackers and an ult that can win the game almost on the spot. I'd recommend adding a second copy of her to your board for sure, possibly a third. Glimmer seems like a suboptimal sideboard card, and is probably for the midrange and control matches, but a great card in the mirror matches is Dispossess. Again, for three mana you get access to a card that can heavily swing matches in your favor by proactively stealing their Gearhulks, Walking Ballista, or Dynavolt Towers. This allows you to save your countermagic for their non-creature threats and removal targeting your threats. Since Hour of Devastation kills all your main deck creatures, you might want to swap those to the board and start the Curators for more cheap, evasive threats. Archfiend seems strictly better than the Granitic Titans also. Oracle's Vault seems too slow and often ends up exiling something out of your means of casting. Chandra, Torch of Defiance will still do this on occasion, but gives you other options to help accelerate your board or remove a pesky creature and her ult kills very quickly. In summary, main deck: -2 Hour of Devastation, -2 Oracle's Vault, -4 Granitic Titan, -2 Disallow, +2 Chandra, Torch of Defiance, +2 Curator of Mysteries, +4 Archfiend of Ifnir, +2 Supreme Will Sideboard: -3 Glimmer of Genius, -2 Torrential Gearhulk, -2 Curator of Mysteries, -2 Archfiend of Ifnir, +2 Noxious Gearhulk, +2 Scarab God, +2 Dispossess, +1 Saheeli Rai, +1 Dispel to help win counter wars and protect your dudes from instant removal The last slot can be a third Archfiend, Glorybringer, Sweltering Suns, or Saheeli, a second Dispel, or a 1-of Chandra Flamecaller which can act as another sweeper, filter, and win condition all in one. Let me know what changes you settle on and how they do for you, as I plan on revisiting a shell similar to this myself. EDIT: Since it seems blue is more of your splash color, I swapped the Archfiend and Curator numbers, and dropped Disallow for Supreme Will. You can still counter anything early on, and Impulse later in the game when the Mana Leak mode is worthless.
  14. And since you're in red already, you can run Goblin Sharpshooter and Basilisk Collar to keep creatures off the board even faster!
  15. Without Ravager, Champion, Galvanic Blast/Shrapnel Blast, Blinkmoth and Inkmoth Nexus, and the other traditional "Affinity" or "Robots" (usually short for Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots) pieces, I would lean toward a title of "Mono-U Artifact Aggro" to differentiate the core strategies.