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  1. Vendilion Clique, Vindicate, Rishadan Port and Ensnaring Bridge spoiled this morning
  2. If you do play reanimator, you'll face a lot of lands decks. For those matchups, I like going for a fast Inkwell and racing the Marit Lage, or Tidespout Tyrant and holding up an instant to bounce any 20/20s. Turn 1 Sire of Insanity on the play also wrecks them pretty hard, since they lose all their ramp pieces and disruption in one go.
  3. For more (unoffical) spoilers as they start rolling in:
  4. Find some fun ways to play the game when you do get the time, like cube, commander, pauper. This will help you keep the fundamentals of the game fresh, while minimizing your investment in winning, which should allow you to have fun playing a bit more often and with less effort.
  5. I hope these go to box stores and not just card shops so the MSRP sticks and these stay affordable and widely available. These will be a huge shot in the arm for the standard players on budgets.
  6. A lot of us are drawn to different art styles and select lands based on what we find most aesthetically pleasing, while others prefer borders that stand out to make fetching easier, especially in decks that search out basics often.
  7. Treetop Village is a cheap creature land that can help you fight off mana flood. Savage Lands gives you access to all your colors, but always comes in tapped. Evolving Wilds can fix your mana while triggering revolt for Fatal Push if you plan on picking those up. Abrupt Decay is $3-4 and can destroy early problem permanents (most GBx decks run 2-3). Inquisition of Kozilek can snatch any early threat or disruption and are down to a few bucks each as well. Hooting Mandrils, Gurmag Angler, and Tasigur the Golden Fang are decent sized threats that won't break the bank and can be cast after a couple Evolving Wilds, or discard/removal spells. Tasigur can even buy back key cards from your graveyard later in the game.
  8. That deck was disgusting to watch. They were some of the fastest feature matches of the pro tour.
  9. I was at work (Fred Meyer-a Kroger grocery store) when it happened and didn't feel anything, though I heard some of the aisles shook slightly and some of my coworkers felt it a bit. I certainly heard all about it within 5 minutes of the shake, and we were on tsunami watch til 3 A.M., though nothing came of it because of how the plates shifted, deflecting the water mostly away from Alaska.
  10. The former Twin player in me wants to take the Exarch and try to nab the rest of the combo, drafting a UR tempo or control shell around it, but the safe picks are Cast Out or Doom Blade for the instant speed removal. Those are my top 3, in order by my preferences. Cast Out also takes the only white card out of the pack for signaling purposes and is logically the top pick IMO.
  11. I've worked graveyard shift for most of the last 13 years, and I take a day or two off on either end of the prereleases to sleep and take care of other responsibilities before and after the weekend. Caffeine, water, good food and maintaining a fun environment all help to keep you going through the long events. I judged the Friday Night Magic tourney from 6-9:30 (a short night, as it was 2HG standard to cut down on rounds by at least an hour so the shop could close, count down tills and reopen for the midnight prerelease). Then, I judged and played in the midnight prerelease. I played GBr midrange, splashing for 2 Raging Regisaur, and went 4-2 for 10th of 59 players (we ended at 7;30 in the morning). I grabbed breakfast with a couple friends, napped 3 hours and went back for the 1 P.M. I played GB again and went 4-2 for 8th of 39 players and helped score keep and assist in judge calls while not in games. I skipped 2HG to get dinner and celebrate a couple birthdays with friends til about 2 A.M., then slept in before Sunday's events. Sunday, I played BW vampires and finished 4-1 for 5th out of 30 players, then played in 2HG at 7. My partner had the vampires this time and I played UG merfolk with a lot of unblockable dudes and few tricks. My partner had a Radiant Destiny, 2 Forerunner of the Legion to fetch a Mavren Fein, and a Legion Lieutenant for a consistent clock of his own, but often just gummed up the board with tokens, put lifelink auras (2 Squire's Devotion and a Mark of the Vampire) on my unblockable fish, and kept the board clear enough to win races. We finished 2nd out of 11 teams (wrapping up at 11 P.M.). Overall, it was a long, fun weekend full of MTG, food, friends, and festivities. I pulled 2 of the elder dinos for promos (sweet trade bait for the EDH/Commander players) and a few standard playables to slot into decks. I also took the time to finish building and sleeving 2 modern decks between rounds and tournaments, played some matches, and even did a couple cube drafts with my legacy cube. Some of my friends also played Commander, drafted a Powered proxy vintage cube and a variant mono blue cube, and played Type 4.
  12. Yeah, that would suck
  13. Legions-it's all creatures
  14. If someone who prints their own deck beats another player with a legit, foiled out copy of a tier 1 legacy deck, would it feel right that both players paid the same entry to the tournament?
  15. One thing I haven't seen yet in detail: don't give your opponents too many outs. When playing against a control deck, don't think "they probably have a counter/removal spell, so I won't bother doing X". Make them have it, punish them if they don't. Don't overcommit and get Wrathed out of the game, but know when to use that lethal burn spell or combat trick, learn how to spread your combat damage out over 2-3 turns to create inevitability without opening yourself up to lethal backswings.