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  1. I like Guilds quite a bit. While drafting a guild is the most straightforward way to draft the set, splashing is very possible, very powerful and can make for some fun and challenging games. The set also has a high impact on standard and modern and both formats are fairly open and healthy, so I rated Guilds very good.
  2. Many modern jund decks run a land base of: 4 raging ravine 3-4 bloodstained mire 4 verdant catacombs 4 blackcleave cliffs 2 overgrown tomb 1-2 blood crypt 0-1 stomping ground 0-1 twilight mire 2 swamp 1-2 forest For a total of 23-25 lands depending on the curve of the overall cmc of spells
  3. Thragtusk leaves behind a 3/3 to kill your opponent after Worldfire resolves
  4. Depends how many decks I want to build/finish/update. Usually it's a few hundred, sometimes it's a few thousand (this year I replaced some stolen dual lands to rebuild some legacy decks-ouch!).
  5. He sees play in decks built to protect him and buy you time to transform the creature into a planeswalker that can win you the game quickly. The backup plan of the deck is to kill with creatures and direct damage spells, which isn't bad either.
  6. Galaxy S9+ I've been trying to stay on the same model phone my mom uses (as she's not the most tech savvy) in order to help answer questions, fix issues, and save trips to the provider. She wanted to upgrade to the S9, so I switched over from my old i7.
  7. I like a wide variety of cocktails and a decent number of beers, ales, meads, and wines. My usual on-hands are: Jameson Irish Whiskey, Kraken rum, a random bottle of vodka, and some form of light beer or hard cider. On special occasions I'll pick up a scotch such as Laphroaig, Glenmorangie, or Macallan, or a sipping tequila such as Don Julio 1942 or Tres Generaciones Romance.
  8. It also depends a lot on your local meta, and if something budget friendly is LGS capable. Most of the decks I've seen on budget MTG Goldfish videos wouldn't win consistently enough to cash tournaments and therefore be worth investing into. That's purely from a monetary viewpoint, not the fun value you can get doing something cool with friends. If people want to dive into modern without investing up front, we have a few players with extra decks for loan for a night. I myself have 14 complete modern decks to choose from if people give me advance notice, as it's a popular format I enjoy that has plenty of cards worth my investment (IMO). It also gives me an assortment of options to attack the local metagame depending on who is in attendance and what they're playing.
  9. It's not really feasible to print a playable, competitive deck that only requires a few upgrades to be a solid choice. The cheapest decks in modern that are seriously competitive are dredge, ponza, storm, titan shift, and ad nauseam. Those decks are $380-560 USD for near mint cards on most retail sites. The last time WOTC made a modern event deck, it was BW tokens, which retailed for closer to $225, and Wizards charged $69.99 MSRP. The deck still required over $100 to be optimized, and caused the staples of the archetype that saw play in other decks as well to spike, in order to meet the new demand for tuners on a budget. The event/challenger decks seem to just spread the cost to enter the format around, not actually reduce any costs significantly.
  10. This is the new Path to Exile; cheap effective removal that keeps Modern in check and helps keep black a great color to play in non-rotating formats.
  11. Desecrated Tomb was designed to play with Reassembling Skeleton, Bloodghast, dredge creatures, reanimation effects, and so on.
  12. I played in 2 sealed events last weekend and a 2HG draft yesterday for Battlebond. Last Saturday, my partner played UW fliers and I played BR midrange with a lot of removal, Stolen Strategy to use our opponents' decks against them, and the Demon that prevented life gain and dealt extra damage each turn. I also got a Thrilling Encore which helped us win games we were falling behind in by throwing away our board in combat only to have it return along with a couple enemy bombs we traded up for. I believe we ended up in 2nd or 3rd on tiebreakers, losing to a busted deck with 2 pairs of the blue and red partner rares. We were attacked for 192 by the dude that doubles power when you win a coin flip (starts as a 3/3)! Last Sunday, I played BGr midrange splashing for Blaze to end the game out of nowhere and my partner again played UWb fliers. We lost one match to mana flood, even with a fair bit of card draw used to try and keep the game going, hitting more lands and lower impact spells each time. We lost another match to a pair of Warrior tribal decks with a Najeela, the Bladeblossom and a good chunk of removal, ending up in 5th. This Sunday, my partner played GWur splashing for Switcheroo and Blaze. I ran back the BG midrange with an aggressive curve, decent removal and tokens and counters matter themes to go wide and attack with trample and deathtouch fairly quickly. My partner had big fliers, some lifegain and removal to stall, and of course Blaze for the extra reach after ramping. We beat the only undefeated team in the final round after getting paired up, but fell to 3rd on tiebreakers losing to the team that beat us, and the team we had just beaten. :/ The set has some good reprints for commander and casual players, good foil prints for cube enthusiasts, and decent play value for people who like multiplayer Magic. I plan on ordering some of the foils for my cube in a few weeks, after the prices hit rock bottom, but otherwise I'm glad to return to Dominaria drafts on the weekends.
  13. I'll keep a deck or 2 intact until rotation to keep playing standard, but I'm starting to pull apart the decks I haven't played in a while that are mostly rotating to sell or trade in for store credit toward modern cards or tournament entries to not have to pay out of pocket for much of anything. I'll be keeping the fast lands, Aether Hubs, Walking Ballistas, Fatal Pushes, Torrential Gearhulks, a set of Scrap Trawlers, a set of Scrapheap Scroungers, 2-3 The Scarab God, 2-4 Chandra, Torch of Defiance, at least 1-2 Hazoret the Fervent, my foil sets of Glimmer of Genius, Winding Constrictors and Disallows, and a couple vehicles I got in foil just in case they break out in modern, or slot into a random Commander deck down the road, .I'll be looking to acqure a few more Fatal Pushes, Walking Ballistas, Spire of Industry and the fast lands for modern and 1 copy of each Gearhulk masterpiece for my cube.
  14. Hey, it happens