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  1. Sorry, just getting back to this. Deck is surprisingly strong against other virtual decks in my playgroup. I'm almost ready to assemble in IRL... Here is the current decklist: 4x Ajani's Pridemate 2x Blood Baron of Vizkopa 2x Cathedral Sanctifier 2x Serene Steward 4x Soul Warden 4x Soul's Attendant 2x Vizkopa Guildmage 2x Yawgmoth's Bargain 3x Phyrexian Processor 2x Chaplain's Blessing 2x Inquisition of Kozilek 2x Lingering Souls 2x Congregate 2x. Path to Exile 1x Sorin, Grim Nemesis 4x Caves of Koilos 12x Plains 4x Scoured Barrens 4x Swamp Of course, I'm still debating with Sorin planeswalker is best for this deck. Grim Nemesis, being the newest, is the most exciting to me to play, but Solemn Visitor might ultimately be preferable.
  2. Oh! I hadn't thought of that! That's a nice, evil twist! Love it!!!
  3. I've considered that card, but it kinda starts pulling the deck in another direction. Ideally, the deck will keep you bouncing around between 10-30 life as you spend life on the Phyrexian Processors and Yawgmoth's Bargain.
  4. How can I post pics to make sure that you guys can see them, too? I copied & pasted the link and it automatically displayed the image. Is there a recommended way to post card pictures? Just to clarify, I've abandoned the Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood combination in this deck (I'm planning to create a Vampire-themed deck with this combo as a back-up plan instead) The cards I posted for the new prototype of the deck I'm working on are the "Soul Sisters" (Soul Warden & Soul's Attendant), Chaplain's Blessing, Cathedral Sanctifier, and Congregate as my primary resource's for life. The next cards are the ones that use my life... Yawgmoth's Bargain & Phyrexian Processor. Finally, my supporting cast included: Sorin, Grim Nemesis, Blood Baron of Vizkopa, Ajani's Pridemate, Path to Exile, Inquisition of Kozilek, Serene Steward, and Lingering Souls...
  5. Opponent plays Tail Slash to force my creature to fight his creature, but I play Path to Exile with the idea of exiling his creature before the damage resolves. Does that work the way I think it does? vs
  6. Since you guys seem to like discussing casual deck ideas.... This is a deck idea that I've been working on since the late 90's, combining White's Life-Gain abilities with Suicide Black. I've gone through many incarnations of this deck, the most recent evolved into an infinite combo deck using Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood. Now don't get me wrong, this was a fun deck to play, but it was painfully slow. I could pull the game-winning combo off successfully maybe 1 or 2 times out of 10. So, I'm getting the deck back to its roots. I've removed the infinite combo. I'm now focusing on the "Soul Sisters" + a few other cards taking advantage of life gain + Yawgmoth's Bargain & Phyrexian Processor to put all that extra life to good use. Supporting Cast: Thoughts? Suggestions?
  7. I think the real issue is simply that we've been playing "classic" Magic for almost 20 years, so learning an entirely new format is daunting. I'm tempted to purchase a couple of EDH starter decks just to get us going and see if we like it. Even if we wind up not liking it, it shouldn't really be a huge investment and we can always dismantle those decks to use the cards in other decks.
  8. I like the idea of using Lich, though I'd really need a different supporting cast to make that work. It's a really intriguing idea, I think I'll play around with it!
  9. I know, right?
  10. Those are sweet! I talked to a good friend of mine who is a competitive MTG player, and he gave me some suggestions to go artifact-heavy and use the planeswalkers Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas & Tezzeret the Seeker. The version of the deck I'm now experimenting with uses Elixer of Immortality, Batterskull, Sword of the Meek, Puppet Strings, and Thopter Foundry. Was also suggested that I throw in Lingering Souls to keep low-level blockers in play... I just stated play-testing it to try to figure out the best card combinations. Otherwise, I'm still working the same general principle as above with Esper (W/U/B) using Blue for Control and White for life-gain.
  11. I appreciated the help many of you provided with card advice in my "Esper" thread recently. The Esper thread was actually in regards to a deck I've been toying with based on Shauku, Endbringer. I've been intrigued with the idea of building a deck around Shauku, Endbringer ever since I got her out of a Mirage booster pack oh-so-many years ago. She's a powerful card with an equally powerful penatly. The 5BB casting cost is really prohibitive, though, which is one of the reasons I've simply kept this idea in the back of my mind for so long rather than actively working to build a deck around her. Recently, an idea struck me and I've built a prototype on TappedOut. I've been play-testing it and it works really well against certain decks, but simply isn't consistent enough or fast enough for my liking. 3x Shauku, Endbringer 4x Puppet Strings 3x Chaplain's Blessing 3x Demonic Tutor 3x Boomerang 3x Counterspell 4x Dark Ritual 3x Go For The Throat 3x Mana Leak 4x Tribute to Hunger 3x Unsummon 4x Arcane Sanctum 4x Dismal Backwater 5x Island 4x Shambling Vent 3x Swamp 4x Tranquil Cove I chose "Esper" (W/U/B) to use Blue to disrupt my opponent from getting into a stride before I can get Shauku onto the battlefield and White to gain life to keep me in the game & counter Shauku's penalty. As mentioned above, it works well against certain decks and it works "okay" against many decks, but it gets TROUNCED by good decks. While I realize that this deck is essentially a "gimmick" deck, I really want to find a build so that even if its not winning, its at least competitive against the better decks. I've been considering switching strategies a bit to build the rest of the deck around creating swarms of Eldrazi Spawn and Eldrazi Scion tokens as blockers and mana sources, but I'm still concerned about giving up too much ground before I'm able to get Shauku onto the battlefield. So, what does everyone think? Any ideas or strategies I should consider instead?
  12. Are there any non-creature spells that will allow one to generate Eldrazi Scion tokens? Preferably Esper (W/U/B)... Artifacts or Enchantments, too!
  13. I'm attempting to build a casual deck around "Shauku, Endbringer". I've decided on an Esper (W/U/B) build as I feel that White & Blue offer the best protective and removal spells to keep Shauku in play to do her thing. However, I'm really interested in getting Land cards that can also become elemental creatures to help keep me in the game until I can get Shauku on the board and working. I'm also looking for any additional suggestions on how I might create a viable deck using this idea... So, apart from Shauku, Endbringer, her supporting cast includes: Boomerang & Unsummon to send creatures or permanents back to their owner's hands Counterspell & Mana Leak to eliminate threats before they hit the battlefield, obviously Dark Ritual for the extra mana which I expect will be needed to make this deck work Go for the Throat & Doom Blade to get rid of creature threats Puppet String & Voltaic Key to either slow my opponent down or (ideally) to allow me to activate Shauku's abilities multiple times per turn COP: Black to protect me from Shauku's penalty Myth Realized to give me an additional creature if I need it. THANKS!
  14. I've been playing Magic since 1998 and just recently (last 2 years) got back into playing after about a 10 year hiatus (due to my playing group falling apart). I just recently went to my very first tournament, the SCG "Team Sealed" Grand Prix in Washington, DC. Since getting back into MTG, I've been seeing that Commander/EDH is a very popular format. When I went to the tournament in DC, they had a section of tables reserved strictly for Commander/EDH. What surprised me, though, was that the most I ever saw was 3 tables occupied (there were at least 12+ tables reserved for Commander/EDH). I realize the focus of the tournament was Team Sealed, but it still was a bit surprising that Commander/EDH felt so "under-represented". For the record, I've never played Commander/EDH. While I am intrigued by it, I'm not rushing to get the guys in my group to start playing it.