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  1. I hope this $6 common makes it into the last of the spoilers tomorrow =X
  2. Thanks for the heads up and posts.
  3. I guess my follow up question inevitably has to be has anyone heard whether all Master sets be distributed in this fashion? Source?
  4. Has anyone heard whether this Master set is being sold in the big box stores like Iconic had been?
  5. Sooo I've made a lot of proxies and share them on pintrest. I typically have one copy of a card and proxy them in various decks which incidentally makes it hard for me to track which deck the original is in even though I use alt art for all of the proxies...
  6. Has anyone used Cockatrice as an alternative to MTGO?
  7. I'll throw my hat in for the original Innistrad set as well as Conspiracy for previously mentioned reasons. Set I'm curious about are Invasion/Odyssey/Judgement and Scars of Mirrodin block
  8. I would be down but the only webcam I have is on a tablet that's not exactly easy to set up for a viewing angle of play.
  9. Making plans to see Hardcore Henry next week after my Optician's Licensing Exam, this movie looks siiiick!
  10. Recently went a little nuts on ebay after a good night of commander with my playgroup. Now I've got Karakas, The Abyss and Mana Drain all in Italian coming my way for a cool $300. Tomorrow I'm hoping to trade 2 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy for a Bayou to complete my (1 of each) set of revised dual lands.
  11. There's also one for Avacyn Restored that's still active for the next 16+ hours for some extra flavor drafting =D
  12. So the title kinda says it all. Personally I hope to make something happen with a black blue zombie deck!... Though I wouldn't be so torn up if I pulled a Gitrog Monster and having to muster up a black green zombie werewolf deck!? LOL Have fun tonight folks!!
  13. Favorite card I got to play from last night's free for all commander game goes to Austere Command from my Karador, Ghost Chieftain deck. I opted for destroying all artifacts and creatures with cmc less than 3 in order to get rid of a pesky ensnaring bridge and a growing army of Myr tokens allowing my 38/38 Lord of Extinction to deal lethal damage and take first kill of the game.
  14. KELDON WARLORD!!! MAN! What a blast from the past =D Thanks for the refreshing memories