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    Hey, MTGGoldfish just posted a RB Minotaurs deck a couple of days ago. Maybe you'll find some ideas for your own deck:
  2. What about a Shauku, Endbringer deck based around Lich? I believe Shauku's life loss doesn't trigger the permanent sacrifice of Lich since it isn't damage. I bet there's a fun deck in here...
  3. The idea behind this deck is to empty out both players' hands to take advantage of Asylum Visitor and Blood Scrivener. Sangromancer, Abyssal Nocturnus, and Guul Draaz Specter benefit from enemy discard, and Quest for the Nihil Stone is another win condition. Specter's Shroud works nicely with all the flyers. I'm looking to keep it relatively budget so no Cabal Therapy, Inquisition of Kozilek, or Thoughtseize at present. Happy for any other feedback!
  4. Inspired by yours, but a little less expensive and with a slightly different plan: The idea is to get your opponent below 10 as fast as possible to take advantage of the four different vampire cards that benefit from opponents with low life. I haven't playtested it yet, but it looks fun!
  5. Thank you! It's surprisingly consistent. I actually designed it as purely a kitchen table brew—the fact that it's Modern-legal was an accident. If anything, it's a bit too powerful for my kitchen table meta. I bet with a more expensive land base it would do decently in Modern. The issue with Utopia Sprawl is that it can only enchant Forests, so I'd have to change up the land base. Thank you! It's a blast to play. Feel free to try it out on or cockatrice. Here's a .txt decklist:
  6. I made this chromatic semi-budget homebrew just for fun, and it turned out pretty powerful: Vivids, Birds, and Shaman fill in the mana-fixing holes, but after Pillar, Ziggurat, and City, there's rarely an issue. Bring to Light gives it consistency despite the numerous 1-ofs and allows you to pick the Charm for the situation. Knight of New Alara is the workhorse, of course. Happy for any suggestions!