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    Started Playing Magic back when I was in high school. at the end of the Invasion block starting into Odessey. I played through Legions and took a break to focus on work. I actually started playing again with my friend Eric while at work, he actually reignited my passion for 7 draw. Through the past few months I have joined pucatrade, deckbox and made my collection bigger than what I have ever thought it would be.

    I play casual with my Fiance who I taught how to play a few months ago. But starting to get into commander EDH and Standard, hoping to take her to a few tournaments and see how she does. She literally took all my cards and in 4 hours built a deck that I have not been able to take down.

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  1. Hello Everyone!!! ThatoneMFer has asked me to post this on here to see if anyone can help our friend @lyly.tcg.and.arts make some income to pay her rent please see the image attached and follow on IG if you can help donate anything to her. Elyse makes custom playmats and token cards for the MTG community and she really needs our help. if anyone can donate I highly Urge you to lend a helping hand. anything helps!!! thanks again DarioMTG
  2. Heres my decklist for my standard eldrazi deck - i have made changes to this so its not really updated but heres what i started out with 1 Blighted Gorge 1 Crumbling Vestige 1 Holdout Settlement 1 Mirrorpool 2 Shrine of the Forsaken Gods 1 Skyline Cascade 2 Swiftwater Cliffs 2 Unknown Shores 1 Wastes 1 Adverse Conditions 1 Arc Lightning 1 Bane of Bala Ged 1 Benthic Infiltrator 1 Cancel 1 Clutch of Currents 1 Conduit of Ruin 1 Crumble to Dust 2 Cultivator Drone 1 Desolation Twin 1 Disperse 1 Eldrazi Aggressor 1 Eldrazi Devastator 1 Eldrazi Skyspawner 1 Fiery Impulse 1 Goblin War Paint 1 Hedron Blade 2 Herald of Kozilek 1 Horribly Awry 1 Impact Tremors 1 Incubator Drone 2 Kozilek's Channeler 1 Kozilek's Pathfinder 1 Maw of Kozilek 1 Mirror Mockery 1 Mist Intruder 1 Nettle Drone 1 Orbs of Warding 1 Processor Assault 1 Retreat to Coralhelm 1 Rolling Thunder 1 Ruin Processor 1 Ruination Guide 1 Salvage Drone 1 Scatter to the Winds 1 Seer's Lantern 1 Sigil of Valor 1 Slip Through Space 1 Spell Shrivel 1 Thought-Knot Seer 1 Titan's Presence 1 Ulamog's Despoiler 1 Ulamog's Reclaimer 1 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger 1 Unity of Purpose 1 Void Shatter 1 Warping Wail i also have a sideboard that i also have not updated lol i will update once i get a day off. lol
  3. Hello New Member here! Just saw your post on IG and figured that I have never been part of any forums and I think this website would be a great place for Magic players like myself to get together and trade ideas, opinions, decks, pre-releases with others. I started playing Magic the gathering at the end of the invasion arc, my brother gave me a book and I became entralled! Once I started reading the lore and saw him play one of his friends I was hooked. I stopped playing after legions came out and put my cards away for years. One day at work my friend Eric pulled out his cards and asked if I knew the game. The very next day I brought out my stuff and we began putting together decks and sharing ideas. We played everyday at lunch and my passion for Magic was burning brighter than one of Chandra's fire spells. Thankfully I got back into the game at the right time. I usually play Azban Casual and started building a Rainbow commander deck. I just built a standard Eldrazi deck that I am going to try out at Friday Night Magic and hope it goes well. I love to collect legendary and planewalker cards. Secretly I collect anything with Urza's name on it. I believe him to be first hokage of the magic universe. Hopefully with meeting new people and sharing thoughts and ideas I can finish my commander deck and start playing EDH on a daily basis. My favorite planeswalker is Venser, the Souljourner because he was the first planeswalker I recieved and he reminds me of David Tennant as the 10th Doctor Who. Glad to be part of the site. If I can help in anyway possible Message me with any questions or opinions. I will start posting my Trade pages and collection for everyone to view. thanks again, DarioMTG