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  1. Caravan, being closely followed by the freighter
  2. I finaly got around to participate in a booster draft of EMA and I must say, the set works really well in a limited environment. There is lots of synergies between the colours. And alos, with the dual lands in the common slot, you have a chance to streamline your mana flow. I talk a bit about the draft and my card pool in my latest video:
  3. They're called yogapants now...
  4. That's like... your opinion, man... some people like barbarian wizards. Nah, but seriously, if you only look for functionality, the Alliances one works.
  5. I opened one booster so far (you can find it on my YT channel) and managed to 1) avoid getting reprints of cards of which I already own a full playset and 2) pull a decent rare. So far, so good. But the price for these boosters is just ridiculous. If you can draft them, good for you (I probably won't be able to because there is no dedicated game store in my town). If you just need the cards for your legacy deck, you might be better off with buying the singles, even the older cards. At the time of writing this, you can get an Alliances FoW for a cheaper price than the EMA version. I am also no foil hunter, so I won't be buying too heavily into Eternal Masters.
  6. Orcish Artillery would be an old school addition.
  7. legacy

    I have preordered some packs to open on my channel. However, I am a bit hesitant to open too many because I might pull too many cards of which I have full playsets because they were common (or more common) in the past, i.e. Control Magic, Hymn to Tourach.
  8. I think Ice Age was the last set in which non-basic lands which did not produce mana were regularly produced. This was changed later so each land-drop gave you one more mana.
  9. Thanks for the welcome! I picked them up recently via I didn't have any boosters lying around from way back. When I was younger, I ripped them open instantly.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm campaigner. Lasraik invited me over here from MTGSalvation. I'm a casual MTG player who has only recently gotten back into the game via a friend who told me about the Commander format. I originally played from Revised/Fallen Empires up until Mirage came out. I phased back into the game from time to time but missed a lot from the last years. Also, I started a YouTube channel in which I crack open old boosters and talk about the cards. Check it out if like: Kind regards!