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  1. I put them in a blender then drink them so I can get their overpowered abilities.
  2. Current wants as of 11.9.16 Card Name Quantity Set Cavern of Souls 1 Land $45 Shivan Reef 3 Land $4 for 3 Steam Vents 1 Land $10(cant do much better sadly) 3 Land 4 Land Eldrazi Temple 1 Land $5 MP Foil $5 FOR DD version Eldrazi Mimic 3 Creature Drowner of Hope 3 Creature Eldrazi Displacer 2 Creature $4 Oblivion Sower 2 Creature $1 for both(DD foil version)
  3. Lot of staples for everything from vintage to modern. Let me know what you need, I might have it.
  4. Just throw it in a metalwork colossus deck. boom done.
  5. So the two LGS directly near me are Hillside games and Gamers Haunt. Hillside is where Emma Handy works and it was already pretty toxic since everyone there is a bronze or higher ranked player, now the SJW thing took over there. Gamer's Haunt where I go to is a bunch of younger adults who are try hards and obsess about youtubers, before I could just bring up derium and they'd shut up. We also have a bunch of kids and the people closer to my age are mostly teachers who are super casual and rely off the tubers for info. The store I "work" for is almost an hour away so i cant really get to it often enough to comment about it, but its similar. The entire town is pretty toxic, but most states I play in are. Actual stores are way different than a kitchen table.
  6. See I was smart, I picked them up when everyone said they were bad and they tanked to like $8 after they left standard.
  7. My LGS it's all youtube drama, if you don't side with wedge and TCC on everything you're a zealot.\ It's gotten so bad I haven't show up for fnm in a month. I don't have time for FNM when I'm at the other store because the official owner has me judging since half the people there are brand new to the game and it's already rigged in our favor because of that.
  8. You guys don't know the back end of things it seems. Without the token anti-sjw we just have TCC who's overly liberal who lies out his ass about the community being small and Wedge who's an emotional pussy. Lion doesnt count anymore, seiben is another genre, lubufu whos dying down a little, desolator who is a cancer, HQ who is even bigger cancer. I actually after 20 years of playing and running a store I'm cashing out of MTG anyways. No money in it anymore. Plus frontier is already causing artificial inflation on cards because everyone is saying how cheap it is and then they buy up the stock. It'll crash in a few months though. People bitched about coco in standard and modern, what makes them think it's not being to be a format based around it again? So coco is another reason why people wont want to play it. Either way my store is going to run it shortly just to test the waters on popularity. When we asked the FNM players they all said they didnt want to play it because "seige rhino and coco".
  9. There is no community without Kevin from Derium's. RIP Kevin's mtg channel. My reasons to not play frontier: 1. Seige Rhino
  10. Your bills, because real mtg players don't have the money for such things.
  11. They even fired one of the highest level judges because he left his facebook open and there was a judge group that was sharing the god books for the entire new phyrexia block before the set was announced.
  12. Actually most spoilers are from wizards directly, the pack thing was literally a careless mistake. The leaks of people stealing packs and revealings cards I'm not enthused about, god book leaks I'm not, etc.
  13. I'm never enthused by fuck ups.
  14. Nothings confirmed yet.
  15. Wizards released a press release about it, they were chumped up test images accidentally put on a survey. Atlantis**