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  1. Jason Bourne, the new one. Great movie, I'd say 9.5/10, and then I'll swing for 2.5 damage with smart ass.
  2. Combos? ...MEMNAAAAAARCH!!!!!!!
  3. Yeah, that'll do it.
  4. That's precisely why I'M not salty. There are plenty of ways to get rid of her. Mycosynth Lattice actually nullifies her completely. Problem is, nobody in my playgroup runs enough removal to deal with her, so when she comes out, if I don't have the Lattice, everybody playing green just concedes. I don't counter her for precisely that reason, even though I'm using mono-blue. It knocks all but me and maybe one other person out of the game XD
  5. commander

    Okay, thanks. Yeah Mizzix is really good. He's one of the best precon decks ever, in my opinion.
  6. My playgroup gets salty too, but we have primarily mono colored decks, so... The card ends the game for either the mono blue peeps or the mono green people. Unless I have Mycosynth Lattice or a Duplicant available... It's gg on turn 7 with his ramp.
  7. commander

    So mizzix of the izmagnus counts, right?
  8. commander

    Mizzix of the is izmagnus is generally one of the top five most powerful generals, in my opinion. He's pretty good straight out of the box, too. A precon deck is one of the premades that they sell, right?
  9. Are we talking about Iona? i don't feel like reading through the entire discussion XD
  10. Boros soldiers are super good in pauper. Cards like Raise the Alarm, Viashino Firstblade, and Skyknight Legionairre are some of the cards I used to use in mine, before I made it artifact-based.
  11. Nobody read the tags XD Freed from the real is op in pauper, it's an infinite combo with so many things...
  12. Oh, thanks! That saves me a lot of time.
  13. ? Yes! I'm gonna do that.
  14. Yeah that was my argument but he wanted "proof." Thanks for clearing that up!
  15. Oh, thank goodness!