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  1. I will throw in some change this friday. How much im not sure, but itll be at least 10 bucks.
  2. The only issue i have with forums is the content is scattered. Most people anymore want stuff fast. I caved and got twitter a month ago. Im not saying forums suck, as i still enjoy it. Its about going with what the majority is doing. Quiet speculation had started to realize that while i was active on there. Not to many people are digging forums anymore. I understand your reasons, i was just giving my input was all.
  3. I like that a lot hahahaha. So good.
  4. I was thinking instead of a forum if youd consider using a discord chatroom. Use the site for content, and the chatroom for discussion. I like forums, but i personally feel they are out dated. Just my opinions.
  5. If you get time to check mine out let me know! Go ahead and butcher it hahaha, i know im not the best and am still learning curtain techniques.
  6. My real name is Eric, but MancaveMTG is my youtube channel and twitter name. I have always had a love for mtg, and the community that follows. I'm not pro by any stretch, but a very involved enthusiast of the game. I originally started playing about 20 years ago, but didn't get serious until m13 was released. I have been working on getting my own store for the past 3 years, and I think next year will be time for it to happen! I'm always up to bs with people in regards to mtg, so feel free to hit me up at any time! I'm just a dude currently trying to build up a solid community of my own through online social media outlets. So far it has been a success!
  7. I dont know how long this sites been up, but its like starting a youtube channel. Stay positive and it will grow. Surround yourself with positive people and things will happen. I mean i know im not a huge content creator(yet😉), but i never thought i would eclipse 100 let alone 200 subs. Be patient and in time things will happen. I will start plugging the site on my budget videos to try and draw people in.
  8. I wanted to, but with rivals being released so close to it i had to make a choice. So, i chose 2 boxes of rivals. I loved unglued when it came out. I think i was the onky person in my area to buy em. I loved the land cardd peesonally. I know some people think the sucked, but i loved em. Especially back then, because it put a spin on lands for the first time. I wish i had my collection from back then. I had at least 500+ unglued lands. Nobody wanted em so i took em.
  9. You guys are making me wanna go make a pauper list haha. I love the format!
  10. Agreed, i am however working to open my own shop in the near future. So, i will have control over that bs. I will try to make it as awesome as possible for everyone.
  11. Thats the crap that drove me away. I wanted to go back, but that was enough for me to realize i couldnt be around it anymore. Im just not that guy.
  12. The problem with my area is NOBODY believes in just playing the game anymore. If you arent super smart at it, then you are an idiot and they want nothing to do with you. Problem is what are people like that gonna do when people stop playing because of attitudes like that. I mean i cant tell you the last time i have went to my lgs. Last time i was there i went off on a dude for purposely trying to trade rape a younger player. It just blows my mind how its become around my area. Thats why i lean so heavily with online people. I dont have to worry about stuff like that anymore. I keep who i want around me plain and simple.
  13. I believe it started with elves and goblins correct? How suiting to end with it.
  14. I said good, as it didnt blow my mind. But, it did have some sweet cards in it.
  15. My youtube channel is MancaveMTG.i got the name for a couple reasons. One i film about 80% of my videos in my mancave. Secondly, i prefer to talk more about playing cards i would play with my buddies in my mancave. Not to say i wont talk about competitive cards or anything. I just look at things from different angles is all, and just love the game. I just feel everyones so tied up with competitive mtg that we lost what really realed us in.